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Publication numberUS3777968 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 11, 1973
Filing dateDec 27, 1971
Priority dateDec 27, 1971
Publication numberUS 3777968 A, US 3777968A, US-A-3777968, US3777968 A, US3777968A
InventorsLaw W
Original AssigneeLaw W
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Beverage container having a frangible closure
US 3777968 A
A beverage container is disclosed having a cup and a lid in which the lid is scored or otherwise provided with a line of weakness such that the rim of the lid can be pulled loose to break off a minor portion of the lid and provide a drinking aperture.
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iiv nited States Patent Dec. 11, 1973 BEVERAGE CONTAINER HAVING A FRANGIBLE CLOSURE Inventor: William J. H. Law, 271 Madison Ave., Port Chester, N.Y. l00l6 Filed: Dec. 27, 1971 Appl. No.2 212,448

U.S. Cl 229/7 R, 229/43, 220/27 Int. Cl 865d 1/08, B65d 3/00, 865d 5/00 Field of Search 220/27, 54, 906;

References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS Gardner 229/7 R 2,689,664 9/1954 Vingron l. 229/7 R Primary Examiner-George T. Hall Attorneyl-lenry W. Foulds, Jr.

3 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures BEVERAGE CONTAINER HAVING A FRANGIBLE CLOSURE This invention relates to beverage containers and the like and in particular provides a container of the disposable type used in dispensing beverages, such as coffee, on airplanes and trains, at ball parks and at other public vending locations.

In the past few years the use of disposable cups has come into prominence in the public vending and other dispensing of beverages such as coffee, tea, beer and the like at public locations. Lids are usually provided because of the need to carry the beverage in the container from the location at which it is dispensed to the location at which it is to be consumed. When the beverage is to be consumed, however, the lid is removed and disposed of. Since such beverages are frequently consumed either in moving vehicles or at locations where there is considerable physical activity going on, spillage during consumption is a constant problem.

It is, therefore, a principal object of this invention to provide a beverage container of the disposable type which will minimize the danger of spillage during consumption.

In accordance with this invention a beverage container is provided including the usual cup and lid. The lid is constructed of frangible material, typically thin, brittle plastic, and is provided with a line of weakness extending across the lid cutting off a minor arc on the rim of the lid; thus a small portion of the lid can be removed by grasping the rim of the lid along such minor arc and pulling upward to break loose that portion of the lid up to the line of weakness, thereby leaving a portion of the lid remaining on the cup having a rim portion including a more than 180. The rim of the remaining portion of the lid, therefore, remains in sealing engagement with the upper end of the cup. The aperture thus provided is adequate for permitting the user to drink from the cup, and at the same time the remaining portion of the lid substantially reduces the possibility of spillage if the cup is jostled or otherwise moved while still containing the beverage. If the beverage is served with ice, the remaining portion of the lid also serves to restrain the ice from blocking the drinking aperture. An added facet is that such remaining portion of the lid provides a suitable place for inscribing advertising messages and the like, which can be oriented with respect to the aperture, such that the user is constantly reminded of the advertising message during consumption of the beverage.

For a more complete understanding of the practical application of this invention reference is made to the appended drawings in which;

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a cup and lid;

FIG. 2 is a plan view of the lid;

FIG. 3 is a perspective view of the cup and lid in assembled form showing removal of a portion of the lid; and

FIG. 4 illustrates the manner of use of the cup and lid shown in FIG. 3.

Referring to the drawings the reference numeral indicates a cup having a bottom 11 and a frusto-conical sidewall 12, the upper end 13 of which is open providing a circular opening 14. Cup 10 is provided with a removable lid 15 of generally conventional appearance having a U-shaped rim 16 designed to fit over upper end 13 of sidewall 12 to engage such upper end and close cup 10 in sealing fit, such that liquid contents of the cup cannot be readily spilled.

In accordance with this invention lid 15 is constructed of thin, brittle plastic material which is readily frangible when distorted, and a line of weakness 18, preferably in the form of a score, is provided across the flat upper surface 17 of lid 15 extending to the edge of rim 16 at two points 19 and 20 marking offa minor segment of flat top 17 of lid 15. Also in accordance with this invention during the manufacture of lid 15 there is integrally provided a tab 21 extending out from a marginal edge of lid 15 preferably parallel to flat top 17.

In use after cup 10 is filled with the desired beverage, lid 15 is snapped in place with rim l6 firmly grasping and engaging upper end 13 of sidewall 12 to seal cup 10. When it is desired to consume the contained beverage the user grasps tab 21 and pulls upwardly. Such motion places a stress along line of weakness l8 causing lid 15 to fracture with minor segment 22 breaking away from the remainder 23 of lid 15, thus forming an opening 24 in lid 15 between line of weakness 18 and the portion of upper end 13 of sidewall 12 which has been exposed by the removal of segment 22 of lid 15. The remaining portion 23 of lid 15, since it includes more than a of rim 16, remains in sealing engagement with the remainder of upper end 13 of sidewall 12. Consequently the user is able to consume the contents of cup 10 through opening 24, and at the same time sloshing and accidental spillage of the contents of cup 10 is greatly minimized by the remaining portion of lid 15. As indicated at 25 a suitable advertising message can be imprinted on the upper surface of lid 15 in such remaining portion 23 and can be so oriented that it must be observed by the user as the beverage contained in cup 10 is consumed.

I claim:

1. A container for beverages and the like which comprises in combination a cup having a bottom and a sidewall, the upper end of which sidewall defines a generally circular opening, a lid of frangible material including a rim removably and sealingly engaged with said sidewall across said opening, and means defining a line of weakness across said lid intersecting said rim at two points separated by a minor arc on said rim thereby dividing said lid into a minor portion between said are and said line of weakness and a remaining portion on the other side of said line of weakness from said minor portion, whereby when said rim is pulled upward along said minor arc of said rim the minor portion of said lid breaks apart from said remaining portion leaving the rim of the remaining portion of said lid in sealing engagement with the upper end of said sidewall to define an opening between said remaining lid portion and the portion of the end of said sidewall exposed by removal of said minor lid portion.

2. A container according to claim 1 which further includes a tab attached to said rim along said minor arc.

3. A container according to claim 1 in which said means defining a line of weakness is a score on the upper surface of said lid.

} UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE I CERTIFICATE OF CORRECTION Patent No- 3,777,9 8 Dated December 11, 1973v Inventor(s) William J. H. Law

It is certified that error appears in the above-identified patent and that said Letters Patent are hereby corrected as shown below:

Title Page, heading "[76] Inventor: following "William J.H. Law" "271 Madison Ave. Port Chester, N.Y. 10016" should read I ---86 Betsy Brown Read, Port Chester, N-Y. lO573--. I

Signed and sealedthis 9th day of April 197A.

(SEAL) Attest:


Commissioner of Patents Attesting Officer USCOMM-DC 60376-P69 u.s. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE I9" o-aso-su.

F ORM PO-IOSO (10-69)

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