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Publication numberUS378361 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 21, 1888
Publication numberUS 378361 A, US 378361A, US-A-378361, US378361 A, US378361A
InventorsClaeence W. Fox
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US 378361 A
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(No Model.) 7

G. W. FOX.


No. 378,361. Patented Feb. 21, 1888.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent 'No. 378,361, dated February 21, 1888.

Application filed April 536, 1887.

To (LZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, CLARENCE W. Fox, of Saugus, county of Essex, and State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement in Glass Holders, of which the following description, in connection with the accompany ing drawings, is a specification, like letters on the drawings representing like parts.

This invention has for its object to provide for drinking-glasses a holder which will readily conform itself to and firmly-hold glasses of different diameters.

In accordance with this invention a suitable base is provided with upwardly-extended yielding arms which embrace the glass, the base and arms as herein embodied consisting of two strips of metal lying at substantially right angles one upon the other and secured together by rivets or otherwise, the ends of the said strips being bent upwardly substantially at right angles, to thus present four yielding or spring arms rising from abuse, between which arms the glass may be placed. Each of the said arms may have attached to it a curved piece or strip of metal, both ends of which bear upon the glass, holding it firmly in place. The yielding arms are preferably surrounded by a spring-ring, which acts normally to maintain the arms in position to hold a glass of minimum size, the said spring permitting the arms to expand to a glass of the maximum size; but the said spring-ring may be replaced by the solid ring, and a ring of either construction is within my invention.

The holder has a suitable handle by which it may be raised or otherwise moved.

Figure 1 shows in perspective a holder for a drinking-glassconstructed in accordance with this invention, and Fig. 2 a similar view, the metal bearing-plates and the expansible ring being removed and a solid ring substituted.

The holder herein shown consists of two strips of metal, (L a", secured together at c at substantially right angles with relation to each other. Each strip is bent upward, as at a, at substantially right angles, to thus present four upright yielding or spring arms, (2 c c c, rising from a suitable base. The end of each spring-arm, as shown in Fig. 1, has riveted or otherwise attached to it a curved strip of metal, (2, the two ends of which bear against the wall of the glass at two points, thereby securely holding the same in position. A springmetal or expansible ring, f, surrounds the Serial No. 236.165. lh'omodul.)

arms 0 c c 0". One end of this ring is provided with a headed stud, f, which passes through a slot, 7, out in the opposite end of the said ring. The spring or expansible ring f permits the arms 0 c, &c., to move outwardly to adapt the holder to the glass to be held and compels their speedy return to their normal position after the glass has been removed. A handle, h, is secured to one of the arms of the holder. A glass of any desired diameterone being shown by dotted lines-may be pushed downward between the four springarms and be securely held in position by the curved bearing-strips d.

In Fig. 2 the metal bearing-plates d are removed and the extreme or upper ends of the yielding arms are curved or bent to permit the easy insertion of the glasses and to also enable the glass to be firmly held, and to prevent too much displacement of the arms a solid ring, h, incloses them.

A holder such as described will receive any of the many difl'erent kinds of mineral and soda water glasses now in common use.

I do not desire to limit my invention to the exact construction represented for connecting the parts to form the base; and, furthermore, the same may have any desired number of springarms instead of four, as shown, and, if desired, the expansiblc ring may be omitted, the spring-arms in themselves yielding to pro duce the desired result.

I claim- 1. A holder for drinking-glasses, &c., composed of a number of yielding or spring arms, a base integral therewith, and curved bearingstrips (1, attached to said arms at their upper ends, combined with an expausible ring err circling said arms, and a handle connected to one of said arms, substantially as described.

'2. A holder for drinking-glasses, &c., composed of a number of yielding or spring arms and a base from which they rise and which is integral therewith and supports the tumbler when placed therein, a ring encircling the said arms, and a handle connected to one of said arms, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two sub scribing witnesses.

CLAREN E W. FOXj X'Vitnesses:

Brannon J. Norris,

F. L. Earner.

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