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Publication numberUS3784811 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 8, 1974
Filing dateDec 20, 1972
Priority dateDec 20, 1972
Publication numberUS 3784811 A, US 3784811A, US-A-3784811, US3784811 A, US3784811A
InventorsFeder A
Original AssigneeFeder A
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Lamp with indirect and direct lighting fixtures
US 3784811 A
Lamps embodying a shade together with a bulb and a reflector lamp element which provides both indirect lighting through the top of the shade and direct lighting through the bottom of the shade. The lamp is characterized by an especial baffle which directs the indirect lighting upwardly and outwardly of the shade and simultaneously downwardly through the sides of the shade.
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[ Jan. 8, 1974 United States Patent [191 Feder 240/81 R 240/81 R Newman........................... 240/81 R .n i 6 a ht 6 er m mm 026 555 999 Ill UWO m E R I D D N A m Em RR U T m HF G I Wm mm Am LL 4 w [76] Inventor: Abe Hyman Feder, 15 W. 38 St.,

New York 10018 Primary Examiner-Joseph F. Peters, Jr. [22] Filed: De 20, 1972 Assistant ExaminerRichard A. Wintercorn Att D d H. S 211 Appl. No.: 316,782 emmes [5 7] ABSTRACT Lamps embodying a shade together with a bulb and a reflector lamp element which lighting through the top of the ing through the bottom of the acterized by an especial baffl rect lighting upwardly and outwardly of the shade and simultaneously downwardly throu shade.

LH L 5 35 5 WMM M4F R m ,11 unm .l LU aD una' ZR d A 3 m 22 mm a 7 2 D u "R a L "h m .1 MD m m .m h m3 8 2 R m &

C l o/ 8 mMM U IF H Um 5 55 5 UNITED STATES PATENTS l,882,407 l0/l932 Cassidy.............., 240/73 LD 2,125,440 8/1938 240/78 LD 10 Claims, 3 Drawing Figures FIG, 2

1 LAMP WITH INDIRECT AND DIRECT LIGHTING F IXTURES- BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention Indirect and direct lighting lamps. A great deal of earlier attention has been given to lighting fixtures which provide both direct and indirect illumination. Those fixtures for the most part have embodied elaborate electrical fitting and switching elements. Thus, the lamps have been costly to manufacture and of considerable bulk, precluding their portability.

2. Description of the Prior Art FEDER US. Pat. No. 2,369,778

In applicants above-identified patent which issued- Feb. 20, 1945, an especial baffle was provided for the reflector bulb and three electric lamps. The reflector bulb was required to be offset by means of an especial bracket which extended laterally of the lamp. Due to the width of the bulb and lamp assembly, an oversize lamp shade was required. There was no provision in the baffle element for directing the light downwardly,so as to illuminate the lamp shade itself.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION According to the present invention the lamp assembly includes a base having sockets for the support of electric bulb fixtures, together with electrical connections extending between the sockets and a source of power. One or more light bulbs are supported in the base together with a reflector lamp such that the lamp is mounted at an upward, inclined angle adjacent the bulbs. A baffle is supported upon the assembly of light bulbs and reflector lamp, so as todirect light both upwardly as against the ceiling of a room and simultaneously downward through the sides of the lamp shade. The reflector lamp may be provided with a unique side prong assembly which fits into the lamp base.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. I is a side elevation of the assembly mounted within a conventional lamp shade;

FIG. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary vertical section showing positioning of the reflector lamp adjacent one of the electric bulb connections and a baffle supported over both lamps; and

FIG. 3 is a top plan, partially in phantom.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS In FIG. I the floor lamp is illustrated as comprised of upstanding column 10, electrical connecting line 12 and lamp shade 14.

In FIG. 2 the lighting assembly is illustrated as comprised of hub element 16 fitted as by flanges 18 to a truncated circular base element 20 upon which an electric light bulb socket 50 and the reflector lamp arm 62 may be fitted. Both bulb and lamp elements may be wired as at power outlets 24, 26, 28 and 30 which outlets in turn are connected to line 12. The entire hub may be mounted upon an axial support rod 32.

A series of vertical struts 34, 36 and 38 extend upwardly from the base so as to support a circular frame 40 into which the baffle 42 may be fitted. The baffle may include a plurality of slats 46, aligned in parallel with the axis of the reflector lamp assembly 54, as well as an obliquely positioned baffle 48 which directs downwardly a portion of the light through the sides of the lamp shade 14.

One or more bulbs 52 may be fitted in the base so as to extend radially outwardly of the reflector lamp 54 which is positioned upon an axis intersecting at an angle of approximately thirty-five degrees with the vertical axis of base 20 and baffle 42, immediately beneath baffle. The reflector lamp 54 may include a base element 56 having a side prong electrical connector eliminates the necessity for lateral extension of the reflector lamp and oversized shade. Suggested three-way switching may include a first switch to turn on both light bulbs as a low lamp, a second switch to turn on the reflector lamp as a high lamp and a switch to turn on simultaneously both bulbs and reflector lamp.

Manifestly, various types of bulbs, reflector lamps, baffles and support struts may be employed without departing from the spirit of the invention.

I claim: I

l. A lamp comprising:

A. a base including sockets for support of electric bulb fixtures, together with electrical connections between said sockets and a source of electricity;

B. at least one electric light bulb fixture supported in one of said sockets;

C. a reflector lamp supported in another of said sockets adjacent said bulb; and

D. a baffle supported above said base, so as to direct light from said electric bulb and lamp both upwardly and downwardly with respect to said base.

2. A lamp as in claim 1, said baffle further including:

i. a strut member, extending upwardly from said base;

ii. a peripheral frame secured to said strut member;

iii. a plurality of upwardly directed baffles; and

iv. at least one downwardly directed baffle supported in said frame.

3. A lamp as in claim 2, in combination with a lamp shade supported upon said baffle and struts, so as to encircle said base.

4. A lamp as in claim 3, said reflector lamp being positioned so that its axis is at a 35 angle with respect to said base andsaid baffles being aligned in parallel with the axis of said lamp.

5. A lamp as in claim 4, including two bulbs extending radially upwardly and outwardly of said base with said reflector lamp positioned therebetween.

6. A lamp as in claim 6, the axis of said reflector lamp intersecting with the vertical axis of base and baffle adjacent said baffle.

7. A lamp as in claim 6, said reflector lamp including a side prong connector engaging one of said sockets.

8. A lamp as in claim 3, said downwardly directed baffle directing light through the sides of said lamp shade.

9. A lamp as in claim 8, said upwardly directed baffles being aligned in parallel with the axis of said reflector.

10. A lamp as in claim 5, the profile of said bulbs and reflector lamp overlapping both in top plan and vertical elevation.

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