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Publication numberUS3788314 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 29, 1974
Filing dateFeb 11, 1971
Priority dateFeb 11, 1971
Also published asCA964001A, CA964001A1
Publication numberUS 3788314 A, US 3788314A, US-A-3788314, US3788314 A, US3788314A
InventorsNoreen D
Original AssigneeNoreen D
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Combination athletic garment
US 3788314 A
An athletic garment including a pair of stretchable units forming leg portions terminating in a hip portion which terminates in a waist portion together with a releasable closable open ended pouch secured to the garment and adapted to receive a protector cup.
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[45] Jan. 29, 1974 United States Patent [191 Noreen www www mme@ 11.12 |111 b.lft ata 0082 80000 hr O 22. S222 COht 11m N111 .@.P w. m U.m.wmc m T m.m r Shfmr. A e famcm m 0 ICC S n m u e ribs m L mmm d N .mgoho ma P u DmtCr. .l m a & IHUD. F nnm G T aaooa .m.m sn C gmmpe m. mm m Aok A nmodw .w a BBW dkw epee a Stf. fs m uttdc r Zef aa aa- ..1 Sne Ubu CCN Y s CS.ler D e a rra m m nna O 0 KMK GGR .f .l.wwnt 3 ad 4 Z m m1., mae 5 F m0 pm /Z como@ A058 IWW CDmOm.. www Pmmw, Mm mga u 513 G61] m e g aaa 1 .l l dag gnSd Cn.l0 u @MA .mimi @momm m wmf., 034 F366 Wae .mcmtln 7 1 tn hbe @un n n www lfam i, 2,63, 4 .ln n mmf 1.13 PAA Zn, im M Qml Xxwwn m 00 Z/NZ 00211112 n 5 5///// Ml 5 9 128882 f5 5U22 /.222. L .In 12 .1.m 8A ,N l... MMY n w 9 S m 2h m, m 3m www E m I nu mm1 dT m T D m9, M m E r ,1 m5 MV..7 WH S mm w N m8 Esmxn .2 CT. PdD..oa ALHLo mm1 mAmemfm .mk 1 Mw.. m rTvmwhUiO N n .NSPCTOWC O nm b 4 mh e .lm e 1 c RD T T F 1 r E76l589 A T6625l6 m 1. a fm mwwwmmm m N alim U4/uwmww n.. l.. l mw m w snm nu 2 4562 Ch F A Uhm 2%5406 4,6,2,5,O,3, .1] 1J] 1.111.. l 491236 4 6 2 2 OO 6 .12000002 5 7 2 M SM5 5 3,2,3,7,2,4. [l [[rl .l 331213 COMBINATION ATHLETIC GARMENT SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The invention relates to an improvement in an athletic garment for use by hockey and football players. Relative to a hockey players attirement of today the same includes conventional long underwear, stockings, shorts, athletic supporter, protector cup and garter belt for keeping the stockings up. The garment embodying the present invention does away with the need for the aforementioned articles.

The most inconvenient and time consuming task for a hockey player in dressing to play hockey has always been the installation of the present day equipment referred to above. The player must first put on the bottom half of a suit of long underwear and then put on an athletic supporter with a protective cup inside it. Next the player must put on a garter belt for the purpose of holding up hockey stockings, and he then puts on some type of thigh high hockey stockings and attaches the garter belt to the top of the stockings. With the use of the present invention, the hockey player inserts his legs into the foot straps and pulls the garmet to waist height. In this one operation, the player has taken care of all of the items and functions referred to.

In the event it becomes necessary for a player to urinate while in uniform, the advantage of this invention is obvious over present day gear.

Under present conventional hockey dress, garter belts frequently break and hockey stockings come down thereby resulting in a condition that is both unsightly and unsafe, for a slack stocking can catch on a skate or broken stick and cause serious injury. The present invention eliminates slack stockings and broken garter belts and also holds the protective cup in its proper position far more securely than a conventional athletic supporter. The danger of injuries due to the protective cup slipping out of position is also done away with.

In the drawings forming part of this application:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a combination athletic garment embodying the invention and shown in extended condition as on a wearer of the same.

FIG. 2 is a sectional view on the line 2-2 of FIG. 1.

FIG. 3 is a view on the line 2-2 of FIG. 2 with only a fragment of the garment being shown and a portion of the pouch being broken away.

Referring to the drawings in detail, the combination athletic garment A includes the two leg garment body formed of two knit units 11 of stretchable material. The body 10 also includes the left and right leg portions l2 and 14 terminating in the hip portion 16 which terminates in the waist portion 18. The waist portion being stretchable hugs the hips of the user and holds the garment A in proper position. Suspenders, a string tie or a belt may also be used to hold up the garment in proper wearing position.

The body 10 is knit and integrally formed with a narrowing at the desired areas to present a properly proportioned contoured unit which conforms to the normal configuration of the wearer.

The two knit units l1 are joined at the front seam 20 and with the similar rear seam 22. The leg portions 12 and 14 extend down to the ankles of the wearer, and secured to the lower end of the leg portion 12 is the loop strap 24. Similarly secured to the lower end of the leg portion 14 is the loop strap 26. The loop straps engage under the instep of the feet as illustrated in FIG. 1.

The numeral 28 designates a pouch formed of two parts 30 and 32 joined at the rear sewn central seam 34 and the front central sewn seam 36. The pouch parts 30 and 32 converge to a generally pointed lower end. The pouch 28 has a closeable substantially flat upper end which is releasably closed by the conventional engageable gripping strips 38 and 40, the strip 38 secured to the inner surface of the upper portion of the pouch and the strip 40 secured to the inner surface of the upper portion of the pouch. The pouch is secured to the front of the hip portion 16 in the area of the juncture with the leg portions by means of the sewn tack points 42, 44 and 46.

Further provided is the conventional protector cup C of a size and configuration whereby it tits within the pouch 28 when the pouch is closed as described above. The garment A is put on by the user by simply inserting a leg into each of the leg portions and pulling upwardly on the garment until the waist portion is over the hips and at the waist of the user with the loops 26 and 24 in engagement with the arches of the feet. The garment A for the hockey player replaces long underwear, long hockey stockings, a separate protective cup, a conventional athletic supporter, shorts, and a garter belt.

What is claimed is:

1. An athletic garment comprising in combination:

a. a pair of stretchable units forming leg portions extending from b. ankle portions to a juncture thereof terminating in c. a hip portion terminating in d. a waist portion,

e. a protector cup,

f. an open-ended pouch member secured to said garment at the junction of the leg portions and adapted to receive said protector cup, and

g. means for releasably closing said pouch to maintain said protector cup therein h. a loop strap connected to the lower end of each of

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