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Publication numberUS3788581 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 29, 1974
Filing dateJul 5, 1972
Priority dateJul 5, 1972
Publication numberUS 3788581 A, US 3788581A, US-A-3788581, US3788581 A, US3788581A
InventorsRutzick J
Original AssigneeRutzick J
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Machine support base
US 3788581 A
A base for supporting and stabilizing washing machines in domestic or commercial laundries includes a drain system for controlling spills and is vibration-dampening.
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lite States Patent 1 [111 39738531 ntzicik Jan. 29, I974 MACHINE SUPPORT BASE 2,781,651 2/1957 Cutter 248/346.1

[76] Inventor: James L. Rutzick, I540 Goodrick FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 55105 487,534 9/1928 Germany 248/346.l [22] Filed: JulyS, 1972 [21] Appl, N(J,: 269,111 Primary Examiner-William H. Schultz [52] US. Cl. 248/22 [57] ABSTRACT [5]] Int. Cl. Fl6m 13/00 581 Field of Search. 248/21, 22, 346.1, 350, 358 R A base suppmmg and f ,washmg chines in domestic or commerc1al laundnes includes a [56] References Cited drain system for controlling spills and is vibration- UNITED STATES PATENTS dampening- 2,641,426 /1953 Ranscher 248/22 5 Claims, 3 Drawing Figures 1 MACHINE SUPPORT BASE This invention relates to machine supports and has particular reference to supports for washing machines as used in domestic laundries and more especially in commercial laundries orlaundromats having several independently operated units. 8

Modern laundry machines operating on awash, rinse and spin dry cycle generate a considerable amount of vibration, only a portion of which can be compensated for within the machine, so that considerable noise frequently results. Particularlywhen used by many different operators, as in a laundromat, the machines are subject to frequent spills or leaks, due to failure of hose connections, use of excessive'amounts of detergents, or other causes. i

The present invention provides for improved control of vibration and reduction of noise level as well as a convenient overflow or drain system for caring for spills or leaks occurring during use of the machine.

There is provided a supporting base which serves also as a pan or receptacle-for receiving spilled liquids. The base is resilient to absorb vibration but is adequately strong and rugged to support the fully loaded machine under substantially all operating conditions without failure. Collection and drain facilities associated with the base permit the easyv handling of liquids not otherwise disposed of.

In the drawing,

FIG. 1 is a plan view of a presently preferred form of supportingbase,

FIG. 2 is a sectional elevational mately at line 2-2 of FIG. 1, and

FIG. 3 is a view in elevation of an optional central plug member. j

The base has a generally square outline and comprises a thin shell or skinl l, a resilient plastic filler l2, and a drainage tube 13, Theshell 11 has a deep outer view taken approxiwall 14', a shallow inner wall 16, a narrow upper periphtube 13 is of the same polymer and has an inside diameter of three-eighths inch. Blocks of three-eighths inch plywood have been found suitable for use as inserts 20, and the entire structure is filled with resilient plastic 12 which may preferably be a firm polyurethane foam. Suitable core members held in place during application and hardening of the foam composition are subsequently removed to provide the opening 18. The plug 24 may itself be formed of dense polyurethane foam or of other rubbery waterproof material.

The base may be connected to a permanent drain system using suitable pipe fittings filling the opening 18, in which event the tube 13 may be sealed either with a suitable stopper or by filling the offset 21 with a selfhardening waterproof sealing compound. Alternatively, the plug 24 may be sealed within the opening 18 and the outer end of the tube 13 then connected to a suitable drain, e.g. by 'means of flexible tubing.

For use with popular brands of washing machines, the base as above described may have over-all dimensions of 32% X 32% X 4% inches. The edge 15 is 1% inch in width. The circular indents 19 are 4 inches in diameter and are centered at the comers of a square which is 23% inches on aside. They are reinforced with 4 X 4 X 36inch plywood squares. The central opening 18 has a major diameter of 4% inches, and the offset end wall 22 is 4% inches from the center of the opening.

The washing machine fits closely within the raised walls of the base, with its supporting legs on the flat indents 19. The rigid blocks 20 distribute the weight of the machine evenly over a relatively large area and prevent any undue distortion of the supporting resilient fillerQAt the same time,'the:filler absorbs much of the vibration transmitted to it-from the machine, resulting iri-increased smoothness of operation and reduction in noise level. Any. liquid lost from the machine by leakeral edge 15 connecting'the two, and a bottom 17 slopin g gently downwardly from'the lower edge of the inner wall 16 to a central circular opening 18 somewhat above the level of the botto mjedge of the outer wall 14. Circular coplanar flat indents 19 just inside each comer rest on square rigid flat reinforcing inserts 20 as illustrated in cross-section in FlG'. 2. The sloping surface 17 is depressed in one quadrant adjacent the central opening 18 to form a narrow. offset 21 sloping downwardly from the opening toward the adjacent side of the base. A drainage tube 13 extends from the vertical end wall 22 of the offset 21 through the adjacent outer upright wall 14, and at a downward slant as shown in FIG. 2.

j The opening 18 is centrally constricted to a reduced diameter as shown at 23 in FIG. 2, and a plug 24 closely fitting the reduced diameter may be inserted in the opening from beneath, leaving a shallow circular depression connecting with the offset 21. Alternatively, the plug may be omitted and the tube 13 may then be stoppered or sealed off within the offset.

The shell 11 may be formed of metal but more conve- .niently is vacuum drawn from plastic sheeting. Polyviage or spillage collects within the open top of the base and is removed through the drainage system.

What is claimed is as follows:

1. A base for supporting a washing machine, comprising: a thin shell having a generally rectangular periphnyl chloride, polyethylene or polypropylene,.and acrylonjtrile-butadiene-styren'e terpolyrner are useful materials for such purposes, the last-named in thickness of about one-tenth inch being presently preferred. The

cry and including a deep outer wall, a shallow inner wall, a narrow upper peripheral edge connecting said inner and outer walls, a bottom sloping from the lower edge of said inner wall downwardly to a central opening and having coplanar flat indents, one near each corner of said bottom, and a narrow offset sloping from said opening toward the bottom of said outer wall centrally of one side of said base; rigid flat reinforcing panels, one directly beneath each of said indents; a drainage tube extending from said offset downwardly toward and through the adjacent outer wall of said shell; and a resilient filler filling said shell, surrounding said tube, and supporting said panels.

2. Base of claim 1 wherein is included a plug for plugging said central opening below. said offset.

3. Base of claim 1 wherein is included a stopper for stopping said drainage tube.

4; Base of claim 1 wherein said shell is of semirigid plastic film material.

5. Base of claim 1 wherein said filleris polyurethane foam.

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U.S. Classification248/678
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