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Publication numberUS3791 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 12, 1844
Publication numberUS 3791 A, US 3791A, US-A-3791, US3791 A, US3791A
InventorsE. Taylqr
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US 3791 A
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Straw Cutter.

Patented Oct. 12. 1844.

7 ing, which forms a UNITE STATES PATENT OFFICE.



Specification of Letters Patent No. 3,791, dated October 12, 1844.

To all whom it may concern 7 Be it known that I, E. TAYLOR, of Rochester, in the county of Monroe and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement. in. Straw-Cutting Machines; and I do hereby declare that the following .is a full and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawpart of this specification, in which 1 Figure 1 represents a general view as shown in perspective and Fig. 2, a front view of the machine.

The nature of my improvement consists in constructing a straw cutter with a straight knife so as to produce a drawing stroke down across the mouth of the machine the straw being fed in by the action of the machine at proper intervals.

The construction is as follows: On a suitable frame (a) is attached a horizontal trough box (A) in front of which thereis a cast iron piece whichmay be plain or ornamented having an oblong aperture therein extending across the front end of the trough and surrounded by a fla-nch (B) that projects outward and through which the straw is brought to be cut, the outer edge of the flanch above named is madetrue and even and against it the knife (O) plays up and down in front of the mouth or aperture above named with a drawing stroke by means of a lever (D) which has two arms branching from it one of which is attached to the frame and the other to the knife near the middle, the handle of this lever projects out horizontally at (E). On the same side as the handle and opposite to the end where the lever (D) is attached to the frame, there is another lever or arm (F) to which the end of the knife is jointed that by being thus suspended moves up and down obliquely or in the segment of a circle a braceor guard (G) is put over the end of the lever (D) where it joins the knife and is fixed with set screws (6) firmly to the frame or plate (B) these serve to press the knife firmly up against the casting and make it cut smooth.

On the upper arm of the lever (D) there is a small segment rack of beveled teeth (Z) this works into a similar one at right angles to it marked (1 that has two arms (H H) attached to it each of which bears an adjustable pawl (71, h) at its end that work into two ratchet wheels (I) upon the axle of two feed rollers of usual construction inside the boX. The upper roller is held down by being connected with a spring underneath; when the machine is put in motion the straw is fed in at intervals after each cut of the knife which gives a drawing out across the straw after which the feeding rollers act and force forward the straw for another out which is repeated.

From the above description it will be obvious that as the handle of the lever (D) is worked up and down the straw will be fed into the machine and cut to any suitable length.

I am aware thata shaving or sliding out has been given to the knife by attaching each end-to a connecting pendulous arm, in the manner of a parallel ruler, and therefore I wish it to beunderstood that I do not claim this as my invention; but- E. TAYLOR.



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