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Publication numberUS3792462 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 12, 1974
Filing dateSep 8, 1971
Priority dateSep 8, 1971
Also published asCA977460A, CA977460A1, DE2226290A1, DE2226290C2
Publication numberUS 3792462 A, US 3792462A, US-A-3792462, US3792462 A, US3792462A
InventorsR Casey, R Duggan, S Grosky, D Jen, J Serra
Original AssigneeBunker Ramo
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Method and apparatus for controlling a multi-mode segmented display
US 3792462 A
A method and apparatus for controlling a segmented display on a processor read-out device. An addressable memory is provided for storing segments of information which may be displayed. The addresses of the segments presently being displayed are stored and these addresses are utilized to retrieve the information to be displayed in each of the segments.
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United States Patent Casey et a1.


Duggan, Monroe; Stephen A. Grosky, Monroe; Dixon T. Jen, Monroe; John J. Serra, Monroe, all of Conn.

Bunker Ramo Corporation, Oak Brook, 111.

Filed: Sept. 8, 1971 Appl. No.: 178,728


References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 3,609,743 9/1971 Lasoff et al. 340/324 AD Primary ExaminerDavid L. Trafton Attorney, Agent, or Firm-F. M Arbuckle; R. J. Kransdorf [57] ABSTRACT A method and apparatus for controlling a segmented display on a processor read-out device. An addressable memory is provided for storing segments of information which may be displayed. The addresses of the segments presently being displayed are stored and these addresses are utilized to retrieve the information to be displayed in each of the segments.

The segmented display may be presented in a plurality of different modes. A capability is provided for changing the mode being displayed at any given time and for altering the information which is displayed in each of the modes. When there is a change in the mode of display, various functions must be performed. Among these functions may be the positioning of an entry marker, the saving or clearing of a memory segment which may be used for different types of information in different modes, and the chaining together of related segments for the selected mode.

53 Claims, 26 Drawing Figures PAIENIEn FEB 1 21914 sum 05oF 19 N k t

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European ClassificationG09G1/04, G09G1/14, G09G5/08
Legal Events
Jun 15, 1983ASAssignment
Effective date: 19820922