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Publication numberUS3792543 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 19, 1974
Filing dateAug 25, 1971
Priority dateAug 25, 1971
Publication numberUS 3792543 A, US 3792543A, US-A-3792543, US3792543 A, US3792543A
InventorsPowell M
Original AssigneePowell M
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Display for awards to be attached to a uniform
US 3792543 A
A display is disclosed for awards to be attached to a uniform of an order and is disclosed with specific reference to Cub and Webelos Scouts. The display includes a frame and a backer covered with a fabric having a pocket and of a material and color such that the pocket area of a shirt of the uniform of the award-granting order is represented. The pocket is so located as to provide space on both sides for awards that are to be worn on the right and left sleeves.
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United States Patent [1 1 Powell Feb. 19, 1974 [54] DISPLAY FOR AWARDS TO BE ATTACHED 3,193,956 7/1965 Przybysiski 40/1.5

o A UNIFORM 3,419,989 l/l969 Booty; 3,611,604 10/1971 Saltzman Inventor: Maurice Powell, 28 Earle 3,425,147 2/1969 Marx 40/155 Lisbon Falls, Maine 04250 [22] Filed; Aug 25 1971 Primary Examiner-Robert W. Michell Assistant ExaminerWenceslao J Contreras 1211 Appl 174,626 Attorney, Agent, or Firm-Abbot Spear [52] US. Cl. 40/160, 40/126, 206/78 R, 57 ABSTRACT [51] Int Cl A display is disclosed for awards to be attached to a v [58] i 1 5 126 uniform of an order and is disclosed with specific ref- 56 Z erence to Cub and Webelos Scouts. The display includes a frame and a backer covered with a fabric having a pocket and of a material and color such that [56] References cued the pocket area of a shirt of the uniform of the award- UNITED STATES PATENTS granting order is represented. The pocket is so located 890,202 6/1908 Turner 40/152 33 to provide space on both sides for awards that are 2 1 35/56 X to be worn on the right and left sleeves. ar 2,847,773 8/1958 Herrick 40/1.5 8 Claims, 3 Drawing Figures PATENTED FEB I 9 I974 1 DISPLAY FOR AWARDS TO BE ATTACHED TO A UNIFORM BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Many orders grant awards to members and the awards may be either a token of membership or a token that has been earned. When the order has a uniform, usually the awards are attached thereto in designated area, commonly a breast pocket or the sleeves. The term order, as used herein, means any uniformed organization and the term awards, as used herein, includes badges, medals, and insignia as well as earned awards but such terminology is also employed.

There is, however, a need for a permanent display for awards and this need has been variously met. As far as I am aware, no display has provided a background simulating that part of a uniform-to which the awards are to be attached and enabling the awards to be attached thereto in a manner consistent with the appropriate regulations. I am aware, however, that, see US. Pat. No. 1,7 1 3,5 84, a merchandising package has been proposed having a cardboard backing member simulating a shirt front with articles that might be worn with or attached to a shirt, detachably secured to the backing member in appropriate places pre-established by slots.

THE PRESENT INVENTION The present invention has for its objective the provision of a display having a background of the material and color of the uniform and including a feature thereof to which or adjacent to which awards may be attached in prescribed positions. Desirably the feature of the uniform is full size but, without making the display too large, space is provided to which other awards, normally to be attached to some other part of the uniform, may be attached in the prescribed relationship to each other and located so that they may be oriented to their prescribed position on the uniform.

This objective is attained with a display consisting of a frame provided with a backing member'and a transparent cover member. The material including the uniform feature is attached to the backing member and one of the members is so attached to the frame that the material can be exposed to enable an award to be easily secured thereto in its proper. place.

THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT In the accompanying drawings, a preferred embodiment of the invention is shown.

In the drawings:

FIG. 1 is a plan view of the display;

FIG. 2 is a section, on a substantial increase in scale, taken approximately along the indicated lines 22 of FIG. 1; and

FIG. 3 is a view similar to FIG. 1 but with awards attached to the fabric.

The display is shown as consisting of a frame 5 provided with a groove 6 along its inner edges in support of a transparent member 7, desirably a cast acrylic sheet. The inner edge of the frame 5 also has a rabbet 8 dimensioned to accommodate a backing member 9 detachably anchored as by shouldered glazing clips 10 with the backing member 9 substantially inset.

A fabric section I 1 of the same material and color as the shirt of a uniform of an order, Cub Scouts for an example, is secured to the edges of the backing member 9 and is shown as having a pocket 12 of the type closed by a flap 13 secured by a button 14 thereby simulating the shirt of a uniform. The fabric section 11 is also secured to the backing by a line of adhesive on each side of the pocket 12 to ensure its proper lay, such lines of attachment being indicated at 15 in FIG. 1.

From the foregoing, it will be apparent that, as awards or other insignia are received, the backing member may be quickly and easily exposed to enable duplicates to be attached to the fabric section 11. Such orders as the Cub Scouts have publications detailing the location of its awards. For example, some awards are to be worn on, above, orbelow the pocket while others are to be secured to an appropriate one of the sleeves. While the portion of the shirt represented by the fabric covered backing member 9 is, of necessity, too small to include all of its features, its pocket 12 may be full size and there are spaces at both sides of it for the sleeve awards to be attached in that area.

In FIG. 3, Cub Scout awards are shown attached to the fabric in appropriate positions. A Cub Scout, on entry into scouting, receives certain insignia such as the flag 16, the community and state strips 17 and 18,- respectively, the pack member 19, and a den" patch 20. All of these are secured by glue and the flag 16 is attached above the pocket 12. The patch 20 is secured to the right sleeve and the others to the left sleeve. As the display represents the shirt front, the left sleeve area is at the right of the pocket 12 and the right sleeve area is to the left thereof. While the flag patch 16 is worn on the right sleeve by a Cub Scout and is secured over the right pocket by a Webelos, it is shown in a centered position.

The first earned award is the 'Bobcat" pin 21 which is attached to the pocket 12 centrally thereof below its flap 13. The next earned award i's the Wolf" patch 22 which is glued to the right center of the pocket 12 with arrow points 23 similarly secured below it as they are earned. Another type of awards that are early earned are denner bars 24 which sometimes are the first earned and these are glued tothe left sleeve. The next earned award is the Bear patch 25 which must be glued to the left center of the pocket 12 and arrow points 26 are similarly attached below it as they'are earned. At the appropriate age, the scout becomes a Webelos with the Webelos bar 27 and its colors pinned to the right sleeve andvarious awards, such as the award 28 and the fDen number 29, are attached to the appropriate colors as they are earned. These awards are pins. Stars 30, one for'each year of service, are spaced above the pocket 12 and these are of the type having shanks with a keeper threaded thereon. Badges 31 are also awarded to a scout participating in a rally and such are worn on the left sleeve or temporarily on the pocket 12. Before leaving the Webelos age limit, the scout, if he has passed the Boy Scout Tenderfoot requirements, is granted the Webelos award 32 which is glued to the flap of the pocket 12.

It will be apparent that displays in accordance with the invention enable awards to be attractively perserved with a minimum space required to simulate a featured part of a uniform, as seen from the front, with the other awards so oriented adjacent thereto as to represent their prescribed positioning. While the backing member 9 enables awards that are to be glued ,in place to be pressed into position, the Bobcat pin 21 can be easily attached to the pocket 12 while the looseness of the fabric between the glued areas enables the Webe- 105 bar 27 to be pinned in place. The backing member 9 is sufficiently thin to enable it to be pierced to receive the shanks of the service pin 30 and its spacing from the rear of the frame ensure that exposed points thereof cannot scratch any surface on which the display is positioned.

I claim:

1. A display for awards from a uniformed order such as Girl or Boy Scouts that are designed to be attached in prescribed positions to a garment such as a cost or shirt of the official uniform of the order, said display comprising:

a. a frame,

b. a backing member secured to said frame,

c. a section a fabric marginally secured to said backing member,

(1. said section of fabric including a feature of the official uniform such as a pocket, cuff or collar,

e. said feature being of the type to which an award of the order is prescribed to be attached on the official uniform,

f. said feature extending outwardly from said section of fabric thereby forming a three-dementional background,

g. said section of fabric and said feature being of the material, construction and color of the official uniform of the order,

b. said section of fabric having a portion adjacent said feature adapted to have another award of the order secured thereto in relation to said feature as prescribed on the official uniform of the order, and

. at least one award of the 'order, 1. said award being fastened to said feature or to said portion adjacent said feature in the position prescribed for said award.

2. The display of claim 1 and wherein:

a. said section of fabric is secured to said backing member between said feature and said portion adjacent said feature.

3. The display of claim 1 and wherein:

a. said feature is a pocket and b. said section of fabric includes portions on both sides of said pocket adapted to accommodate awards prescribed to be worn on the right and left sleeves of the garment of the official uniform.

4. The display of claim 3 and including:

a. awards prescribed to be worn on the sleeves of the official uniform, and

b. said last mentioned awards being secured to said portions on both sides of said pocket.

5. The display of claim 3 and wherein:

a. said section of fabric is secured to said backing member along lines between said pocket .and said portion on both sides of said pocket.

6. The display of claim 11 and wherein:

a. said pocket includes a flap.

7. The display of claim 3 and including:

a. a portion above and below said pocket adapted to receive awards of the order.

8. The display of claim 1 and including:

a. a transparent cover member being secured to said frame and spaced from said backing member,

b. one of said cover members being so secured to said frame as to permit the display to be opened.

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