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Publication numberUS3794279 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 26, 1974
Filing dateApr 24, 1972
Priority dateApr 24, 1972
Also published asCA994741A, CA994741A1
Publication numberUS 3794279 A, US 3794279A, US-A-3794279, US3794279 A, US3794279A
InventorsKramer H
Original AssigneeHy Kramer Enterprise Inc
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Portable pedestal for lawn umbrellas, stanchions, and the like
US 3794279 A
A portable pedestal for lawn umbrellas, stanchions, and the like, said portable pedestal comprising a hollow, collapsible enclosure, having at least one opening formed therein through which a pole can be inserted and the enclosure can be filled with pourable material, such as sand or water, to provide it with structural strength and rigidity, preventing it from collapsing, and weighting it for stability.
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United States Patent [191 Kramer [111 3,794,279 [451 Feb. 26, 1974 PORTABLE PEDESTAL FOR LAWN UMBRELLAS, STANCHIONS, AND THE LIKE Inventorz, Hyman Kramer, c/o l-ly Kramer Enterprise, Inc., 1457 Bassett Ave., Bronx, NY. 10461 Filed: Apr. 24, 1972 Appl. No.: 246,830

us. Cl. 248/44, 248/160 Int. Cl. Fl6m 13/00 References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,631,227 6/l927 See 248/44 Field of Search..... 248/38, 44,48, 160, 350

"1311, II II II II I! II II I II J 8/1928 Fujan 248/160 I 1,240,376 9/1917 Saucier 248/44 Primary Examiner-William H. Schultz 1 -v Attorney, Agent, or Firm-Stoll and Stoll 57 ABSTRACT A portable pedestal for lawn umbrellas, stanchions,

-'and the like, said portable pedestal comprising a holj' 'low, collapsible enclosure, having at least one opening formed therein through which a pole can be inserted and the enclosure can be filled with pourable material, such as sand or water, to provide it with structural strength and rigidity, preventing it from collapsing,

and weighting it for stability.


STANCI'IIONS, AND THE LIKE 1 BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention Lawn, beach and swimming pool umbrellas, flagpoles, lantern posts, stanchions and the like.

2. Prior Art 7 Pedestals are conventionally used to provide weighted supports for lawn unbrellas, stanchions, etc. In all cases known to applicant these pedestals are rigid structures, e.g., cast iron or concrete bases for traffic or commercial stanchions, and stamped (drawn) steel or spun aluminum bases for lawn unbrellas.

' SUMMARY, OF THE INVENTION The principal object of this invention is to provide a substantially hollow, flexible, collapsible, polesupporting pedestal which can be filled with a pourable material, e.g., sand or water, to provide it with structural strength and rigidity, prevent its collapse and form of the invention is exemplified by portable pedestal which is adapted to support a lawn umbrella 12 (or stanchion, etc.) by holding its pole 14 in upright position. Portable pedestal is of generally conical configuration, more particularly the configuration of a truncated cone (which is conventional for pedestals in common use today). It comprises an upper section 16 and a lower section 18, each of which may be plastic molded, and both sections heat welded or sealed to each other. i

The upper section 16 is of generally conical shape (the shape of a truncated cone) and it has a cylindrical sleeve 20 formed therein, concentrically therewith, the

sleeve projecting downwardly. As shown in the draw ing, conical section 16 is normally situated with its base patio or the like. The apical end of the conical section A hollow, collapsible pedestal as described is made of inexpensive material by inexpensive production procedures. By way of illustration, the pedestal may be made of blow-molded plastics, or partly blow-molded and partly fabricated, as by heat welding or sealing. The result is an inexpensive product suited for the mass market, compact and light when empty and collapsed, for shipping, selling, pick-up or delivery purposes, convenient to use, carry and store.

The present invention is applicable to pedestals for home or private use, as to support lawn and beach umbrellas. It is also applicable to pedestals for commercial, industrial or governmental use, for example, traffairs, temporary warning or danger signal stanchions for emergency situations, and the like.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWING FIG. 1 is a view of a pedestal made in accordance with one preferred form of the invention, showing it supporting a lawn umbrella.

FIG! 1A is an enlarged vertical section showing the construction of said-pedestal and how it supports the umbrella pole.

FIG. 1B is a section on the line 1B.1B of FIG. 1A.

FIG. 2 is a vertical section through a pedestal made in accordance with a second form of the invention.

FIG. 2A is a plan view of the pedestal of FIG. 2.

FIG. 3 is a vertical section through a pedestal made in accordance with a third form of the invention.

DESCRIPTION OF PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS OF THE INVENTION As illustrated inFlG. l of the drawing, one preferred therefore be apparent that the upper section '16 may be placed on the lower section 18 and the two sections may be heat welded or sealedtogether along the entire annular flange as well as in the center the lower closed end 26 of the sleeve to the-center portion of the disc 18. I

The result is a generally conical enclosure which is sealed against water leakage or the like. An opening 28 is formed in said enclosure adjacent its apical end and 7 through said opening the enclosure may be filled with water, sand or other suitable flowable material. After it is filled, opening 28 is closed'by means of a plug 30 or similar closure.

Should it be necessary to clamp the umbrella pole to the pedestal, clamping means are provided for the pur- I pose. It will be seen that a split annular collar 32 is formed at the top'of the pedestal, integral with conical section 16 and Sleeve 20 and that a screw clamp 34 is mounted on said collar. When the screw clamp is tightened on the collar, the collar is tightened on the umbrella pole to hold is securely in place.

Concentric fold lines 36 are provided in conical section 16'of the pedestal and concentric fold lines 38 are formed in sleeve 20 to enable the pedestal to fold, when empty, to compact proportions.

As illustrated iri FIG. 2 of the drawing, portable pedestal 40 comprises a plastic molded enclosure of generally conical configuration and a cylindrical sleeve 42 which fits into said enclosure and is supported thereby in upright position, the longitudinal axes of the conical enclosure and the cylindrical sleeve coinciding with each other. The upper end of the conical enclosure is provided with an annular collar or'neck portion 44 and the base or bottom wall 46 of said conical enclosure has an annular embossment 48 formed thereon in vertical axial alignment with annular collar 44. Annular collar 44 and annular embossment 48 cooperate with the bottom wall 46 to support sleeve 42 in upright position. An opening 50 is formed in the plastic enclosure through which it can be filled with sand or water'or the like, and a closure 52 is provided for said opening Clamping means are provided should it be necessary to clamp the umbrella pole to the pedestal. Encircling annular collar 44 is ascrew clamp 54. Annular collar 44 is split, as is the upper end of sleeve 42, and when the screw clamp is tightened, it compresses the split collar 44 and split upper end of sleeve 42 and clamps them to the umbrella pole.

Concentric fold lines 56 are formed in the pedestal to enable it to fold to compact proportions when empty and the sleeve 42 removed therefrom.

FIG. 3 shows a more simplified form of the invention wherein pedestal 60 is a one-piece plastic molding having an integral sleeve 62 formed at its upper end and a central embossment 64 formed on its bottom wall 66 in vertical alignment with said sleeve. A tubular metal post 68 is inserted into said pedestal through sleeve 62 and it is supported in vertical position in said pedestal by means of said sleeve and central embossment 64. As will be seen, embossment 64 projects into the lower end of the tubular post to center it on bottom wall 66. It will be observed that sleeve 62 is both tapered and threaded to receive a tapered, threaded clamp nut 70. Sleeve 62 is also slit so that it may be compressed under external pressure. When tapered nut 70 is tightened on tapered, slit sleeve 62, said sleeve contracts upon tubular post 68 and locks it in place in relation to the pedestal.

Sleeve 62 also provides an opening (prior to insertion of post 68) for introducing a pourable material such as sand or water .into the pedestal. As is the case with the pedestals of FIGS. 1 and'2, pedestal 60 is a hollow, flexible, collapsible enclosure with concentric fold lines 72 to facilitate folding.

The present invention is not limited to any particular kind of molding material or process. For example, the blow molding, vacuum forming and rotational molding processes are suitable for the present invention. Insofar as materials are concerned, many conventional plastics are. suited for this invention. Illustrative io ethylene.

vinyl acetate which is a very flexible material, easily foldable, and readily molded in a variety of molding methods, e.g., blow molding and thermo-forming. Polyethylene is anothersuitable material, as are propyleneethylene polyallomer formulations. The latter provide excellent folding (hinging) propertieswhich are well suited for collapsible (foldable) structures such as the present pedestal.

The foregoing forms of the invention are purely illustrative of the basic principles of the invention, and it will be understood that the illustratedforms may be modified and other forms provided within the broad scope of the appended claims I claim:

1. A portable pedestal for lawn umbrellas, stanchions and the like, said pedestal comprising:

a. a hollow, flexible, collapsible enclosure,

b. a vertically extending sleeve connected with said j. said hollow, collapsible, plastic-molded enclosure having a plurality of concentric fold lines formed therein coaxially with the longitudinal axis of said enclosure, to enable the enclosure to collapse when empty. 2. A portable pedestal in accordance with claim 1, wherein: I

the hollow, collapsible plastic-molded enclosure is telescopically collapsible when empty, the collapsing axis coinciding with the longitudinal axis of the enclosure. 3. A portable pedestal in accordance with claim 1, wherein:

- the hollow, collapsible, plastic-molded enclosure is collapsible, in accordion fashion, when empty, along an axis which coincides with the longitudinal axis of the enclosure.

4. A portable pedestal in accordance with claim 1,

wherein: i

a. the opening for the pourable material is formed adjacent the'top of the enclosure,

b. a closure being provided in saidopening to confine the pourable material to said enclosure,

c. said closure being removable from saidopening for removal of the contents of the enclosure.

5. A portablepedestal for lawn umbrellas, stanchions and the like, said pedestal comprising:

a. a hollow, flexible, collapsible enclosure,

b. a vertically extending sleeve connected with said enclosure,

c. a vertically extending pole removably mounted on said enclosure, i 1

d. the lower end of said pole projecting through said sleeve, coaxially therewith, into said enclosure,

e. means for detachably. securing said pole in said sleeve, and

f. an opening formed in said enclosure through which the enclosure can be filled with pourable material to prevent it from collapsing and to weight it for stability,

g. said hollow, collapsible enclosure being plastic 1 molded in the general configuration of a truncated cone normally positioned with its longitudinal axis extending vertically, its base disposed downwardly and its truncated apex directed upwardly,

h. the sleeve in said enclosure being disposed concentrically therewith, t

i. said securing means comprising clamping means for clamping the sleeve to the pole,

j. said sleeve being removably mounted in the hollow,

collapsible plastic-molded enclosure,

k. the truncated apex of said enclosure having a central opening and a concentric annular collar 6 and said annular collarto receive said sleeve and, in conjunction with said collar, to support the sleeve with its longitudinal axis extending verticany-

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