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Publication numberUS3800 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 16, 1844
Publication numberUS 3800 A, US 3800A, US-A-3800, US3800 A, US3800A
InventorsDan Gale
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Instrument for uterine injections
US 3800 A
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Unirnn srx'rs rrnnr Enron.




Specication of Letters Patent No. 3,800, dated October 16, 1844.

To all whom t may concern:

Be it lrnown that I, DAN Gann, of Boston, in the county of Suffolk and State of Massachusetts, have invented a new and useful or Improved Surgical Instrument, which may be termed a Uterimeter,7 and that the following description and accompanying drawings, taken together, constitute a full and exact specification of the same.

Figure l of the above mentioned drawings represents an exterior view oi the instru ment and Fig. 2, a longitudinal and central section thereof.

It consists of a tube a (Figs. l, 2) of silver or other suitable metal or material about nine inchesin length, and in many respects resembling the instrument called a cathete1.7 At one end the said tube is closed and formed with a tapering or rounded point, which terminates 1n a small knob or button as seen at o. A series of holes c, o, c, &c., is bored through the said end of the tube, as denoted in the drawings. The tube at its other end and for a distance about one inch terminates in a conical or trumpet shaped hollow frustum d, which is open at c. The tube a may be formed straight or slightly curved according to the views of the surgeon who uses it. The instrument is to be employed in the cure of chlorosis, amenorrhea, menorrhagia difticilis, and in many other uterine diseases; its object being to as sist the surgeon in the introduction into the uterus of such injections as are generallyY used in the cure of such irregularities, or disorders. By means oi' the knob Z9, he is enabled very readily to eect an insertion of the instrument into the alected organ, which being accomplished, he passes the pipe ot' an injecting syringe into the conical mouth e, until the end ot' the former comes to a bearing within `the latter, such as will prevent the escape of the liquid when the piston of the syringe is `forced down. The contents of said syringe, whatever they may be, may then be driven through the tube into the uterus. The conical end d enables the operator to readily adapt the extremity of thl discharge pipe of the syringe to the tu e. i t 1 I do not claim the employment of a. metallic or flexible tube in the operations neces-` sary in uterine aiiections, but

My improved instrument having a knob `b atone end and an expanded mouth piece d at `the other or being constructed Vwithout the said mouth piece, but in other respects

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