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Publication numberUS380309 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 3, 1888
Filing dateSep 5, 1887
Publication numberUS 380309 A, US 380309A, US-A-380309, US380309 A, US380309A
InventorsEmile Berliner
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Bmile berliner
US 380309 A
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(N0 Model.)


N0. 380309. Patented'Apr. 8,1888.



SPECIFICATION' forming part of Letters Patent N0. 380,309, date April 3, 1888.

Applicntiou filed September 5, 1887. Seril N0. 248,891. (N0 model.)

T0 (LZZ wiwm it mag concern:

Be it known that1, EMILE BERLINER-20Mizen of bheUnited States, residing ab Washington, in the District 0f Oolumbia, have invented a eertain new and useful Improvement in Pneumatic Hooks, 0f which the following is a sp'ecification.

This invention refers 110 a detachable hook which 02m be bald to any smooth surface by abmospheric pressure, and ib is virtually an elastic Magdeburg hemisphere 0r air-cup of soft rubber, and provied With an extension forming 0ne piece with t-he air-cupwhich extension serves as a hook for the purpose ofspporbing articles itis desired to suspend along the said smooth surface.

In the drawings, Figure l shows a partlysectional view 0f my pneumatie hook laid 01 held loosely againsb a smooth plate 'of glass,

metal, &c. Fig. 2 shows the Same pressed against the plate anc1 bald there by pneumatie suction.

Furthermore, in Fig. 1, A is a cup cf soft; rubber, lmving 0n its deepesb poinb aishank, B, and button G. Tbis extens'ion bubton and shank, constitnting a hook, I preferably form ab the same tirneas the cup, and it-1's bes made ol'soft rubber; l)ut it may also behard rubberor metal orothermaterial, provided itacan be intimatelyjoined t0 the sofrubber, either dmi0g the process of baking 01' vulcanizing 0r by firmly cementing io 130 tl1e ou'ter surface of lzhe cup. 'Ihe reason why I make the hook and the cup practically in one piece will be obvious when I explain bhe modus operandz 0f my invention. Desiringfor instance, t0 suspencl a wabch 0r a 0r any other small article fron1 tl1e gla'ss of a show-winrlow, I simply press the eup firmly upon the glass, thereby displacing and expellingthegreaterpartoftheairfromwibhin. Upon releasing the pressure the cup is bald tightly to the glass byvirtue of atmosplzeric pressure, and I may now snspend articles 0t considerable weight 011 the hook B 0 wibhout: loosening the hold whicl1 the cup has 011 Ehe glass. 'lhis position is shown in Fig. 2.

Pneumatic h0oks have been made before this, but not in 0ne piece wih the aircup forming parb 0f them, und in those cases ametallic hook was stuck bhrough l)h soft-rubber cup and sometimes riveted; buta be constanb pressure of be atmosphere woulclcause air t0 filter slewl y throu gh Che loose joinb between the rubber hole and tl1e hook and Lhe enp would soon geb loose an(l fall 0ff. Tl1is is impossible in my improvement.

\Vhat I elaim isl. Asa new article of manufactnre, an elas EM [LE BERLINER.

\Vitnessesz M. P. CALLAN, MAX WEYL.

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