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Publication numberUS3803729 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 16, 1974
Filing dateMar 8, 1972
Priority dateMar 8, 1972
Publication numberUS 3803729 A, US 3803729A, US-A-3803729, US3803729 A, US3803729A
InventorsAcerra A
Original AssigneeAcerra A
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Register-type device for use in forming indicia on a layout sheet from an indicia sheet
US 3803729 A
A pin register-type device for forming indicia on a layout sheet from an indicia sheet, for media reproduction purposes, comprising a slide bar to be secured to the layout sheet, a register frame for slidable engagement with the slide bar for guiding the register frame, in a longitudinal direction, along the slide bar, to a predetermined desired position, and complementary means on the register frame and indicia sheet for adjustably positioning the indicia sheet on the register frame in a lateral direction.
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United States Patent 1191 Acerra Apr. 16, 1974 1 1 REGISTER-TYPE DEVICE FOR USE IN 2,558,803 7/1951 Wittgren 156/240 FORMING {NDICIA ON A LAYOUT SHEET 3,608,206 9/1971 Knott 3,690,013 9/1972 Leptrone 33/l84.5

FROM AN INDICIA SHEET Andrew J. Acerra, 104 Park St., West Caldwell, NJ. 07006 Filed: Mar. 8, 1972 Appl. No.: 232,888


US. Cl. 35/26, 33/174 B, 156/230 Int. Cl. G09b 15/06 Field of Search 33/174 B, 184.5; 156/240,

References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 12/1947 Ellis 33/174 B X 5/1972 Albright 33/174 B 4/ 1964 MacKenzie l/l961 Serafin 33/174 B X Primary Examiner-Robert E. Pulfrey Assistant ExaminerR. T. Rader Attorney, Agent, or FirmSommers & Sommers 5 7] ABSTRACT A pin register-type device for forming indicia on a layout sheet from an indicia sheet, for media reproduction purposes, comprising a slide bar to be secured to 2 Claims, 3 Drawing Figures 23 5 EABCDEFG IJKLMNCP CL/ :3 2 l234567890|234567 3 i /9 [9/ ABC @EFG Z 5 1 111 "5252155555 ZABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ 1,, wYxzZ 44 1 5 3i i A; l; i

REGISTER-TYPE DEVICE FOR USE IN FORMING INDICIA ON A LAYOUT SHEET FROM AN INDICIA SHEET BACKGROUND OF INVENTION This invention relates to a device for use by copywriters and layout artists for forming indicia on a layout sheet, as for media reproduction purposes. It had heretofore been difficult for copywriters and layout artists to reproduce indicia onto the layout sheet at precisely the locations desired, in a simple fashion without drawing pencil guidelines on the layout sheet. The invention achieves these objectives by the use of a slide bar to be secured to the layout sheet, a register frame guided for horizontal sliding movement and for vertical adjustment on the slide bar, and an indicia sheet formed with pin receiving apertures adjustably mounted on the pin register frame for movement in a vertical direction. It is thus possible, pursuant to the invention, to position indicia on an indicia sheet at precisely the point of desired reproduction onthe layout sheet without guidelines, and to achieve transfer of the indicia, data and art work by rubbing or pressing on the indicia of the indicia sheet, to precisely the desired locations on the layout sheet, in accurate pin, registered fashion.


shown in the drawings, is designed for reproducing of lettering, designs and other data material shown exemplarily at (FIG. 1) as appearing on indicia sheet 13, onto layout sheet 10. The invention comprising a slide bar 11 which may be secured to any suitable layout sheet 10, by tape or'other means 32; a register frame 12 and the slide bar 11 are provided with complementary, rectilinear interengaging guide means which will enable the register frame to be moved in longitudinal direction on the slide bar in an abscissa plane, for example in a horizontal plane 14 (FIGfl). Said complementary guide means may comprise interengaging complementary ribs 16 and 17 formed on the frame 12 and slide bar 11 which also provide means for adjusting the register frame laterally or vertically on the slide bar.

The indicia sheet and register frame l3, l2 respectively, are provided with apertures 19 and with register pins 18 for registration of the indicia-sheet on the register frame in an ordinate or vertical plane, 15, suitable means such as apertures 19 being formed on the indicia sheet 13 toreceive the register pin 18 on register frame 12. The latter is also provided with a medial opening so that lettering or other indicia or subject matter 20 may be reproduced onto layout sheet 10 through opening area 25 of the register frame intermediate the margins of the indicia sheet 13 to properly locate the particular subject matter 20 to be thus reproduced at precisely the desired point on layout sheet 10 without the use of penciled guide lines.

Indicia 20 provided on one face, 21, of indicia sheet 13 may be so reproduced by providing the obverse face 24 (FIGS. 2 and 3) of the indicia sheet, with transfer pressure or other sensitivity reproduction means on said obverse face 24, in registration with said indicia.

OPERATION OF THE INVENTION In operation of the device of this invention, the slide bar 11 is secured to the layout sheet 10 by any suitable means, such as shown at 32 (FIG. 1) which may be pressure sensitive or heat or water sensitive tapes to secure the tab ends 23 of the slide bar to layout sheet 10;

' thus slide bar may be secured and oriented to a given position on the layout sheet. The register frame 12 is moved either horizontally or vertically or both on the slide bar 11 to the point or desired (abscissa) location or position on layout sheet 10 in plane 14. The indicia sheet 13 is then moved vertically on the register frame 12 to the desired position on the (second) ordinate plane l5. Transfer of the indicia from the the indicia sheet to the layout sheet is achieved by pressing down or rubbing on the indicia tobe so reproduced the obverse face of the sheet 13 being provided with pressure sensitive transfer means. The indicia is so reproduced from the indicia sheet through the central opening 25 in the register frame 12.

The pin register apertures 19 in, the indicia'sheet l3 vary in size from top to bottom to middle. Where a small type is used; such as 10 point, the width of the pin register hole will be 6 point; where larger type faces are used the width of the pin register aperture will be 12 point. The value of using the point system (printers measure) is that it clearly indicates the type size and may be made to fit more precisely in line with the pin register holes. The bottom of the pin register holes of thetransfer sheet will align with the type face. In some forms of type and in lower case letters, the bottom of the pin register hole will be aligned with the body of the type face.

I claim:

1. A device for use in transferring indicia onto a layout sheet from a prepared indicia sheet for media reproduction purposessaid device comprising:

a slide bar adapted to be positioned on the layout sheet in predetermined orientation therewith, said slide bar having an exposed surface provided with a plurality of rectilinear guide means;

aregister frame mounted on said slide bar and having a rear surface provided with rectilinear guide means adapted to cooperate with the rectilinear guide means of said slide bar for guiding said register framefor'adjustment in a longitudinal direction of movement on said slide bar and for adjusting said register frame laterally on said slide bar, said register frame having a front surface provided with a pair of register pins rigid therewith and having a central openingtherethrough; and

an indicia sheet, having a series of spaced apart, register pin receiving apertures therein arranged in alignment, said indicia sheet being adjustably mounted on said register frame with said register pins positioned in a pair of said apertures, the alignment of said register pin receiving apertures extending in a direction normal to the cooperating na] and in a lateral direction over said layout sheet and transferred to a selected location on said layout sheet by applying pressure to the outer face of said indicia sheet over said transferable indicia.

2. A device according to claim 1, in which said register pins are located on opposite sides of' said central opening and said apertures are arranged in parallel alignment in the side edge portions of said indicia sheet.

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