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Publication numberUS3804007 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 16, 1974
Filing dateFeb 10, 1972
Priority dateDec 9, 1968
Publication numberUS 3804007 A, US 3804007A, US-A-3804007, US3804007 A, US3804007A
InventorsG Arciprete, A Brokaw, R Dumais, R Stucchi
Original AssigneeDennison Mfg Co
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Marking system
US 3804007 A
A system for marking both visually interpretable information and non-visually interpretable, but machine readable information on record bearing members, typically control tickets used for merchandise identification, classification and inventory control.
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tates Arciprete et a1.

atet I [111 anew? [451 Apr. 16, 1974 1 MARKING SYSTEM [75] Inventors: Genio R. Arciprete, Lexington;

Adrian 1F. Brokaw, Woburn; Richard L. Dumais, Ashland; Richard F. Stucchi, Hudson, all of Mass.

[73] Assignee: Dennison Manufacturing Company,

Farmingham, Mass.

[22] Filed: Feb. 10, 1972 [21] Appl. No.: 225,346

Related US. Application Data [60] Division of Ser. No. 786,813, Dec. 9, 1968, which is a continuation of Ser. No. 681,765, Nov. 9, 1967,

6/1973 Potter lOl/66 Primary Examiner-Vincehtl". Canney Attorney, Agent, or FirmDonald Brown [57] ABSTRACT A system for marking both visually interpretable information and non-visually interpretable, but machine readable information on record bearing members, typically control tickets used for merchandise identification, classification and inventory control.

As the tickets are fed through the machine, visually interpretable information is imprinted upon each ticket at one marking station and non-visually interpretable, but machine readable information is applied by magnetic recording at another marking station. The recorded information illustratively appears on one side of each ticket, without causing ticket disfiguration; a counterpart of at least a portion of that information is imprinted on the other side of the ticket.

The printing instrumentalities, desirably print wheels,

are collectively settable from the remote location. For that purpose the print wheels are driven, upon command, in one direction of rotation to a re-set position. They are subsequently driven in the opposite direction of rotation to individual positions which are specified from the remote location.

In the case of magnetic recording, electrical interference between regular machine operations and the entry of recorded information on the tickets is reduced bythe use of a timing mechanism. In addition, a linkage mechanism is used for the precise positioning of tickets and for controllably moving a recording unit into position. The correctness of the recorded information is verified at the remote location, and, upon a failure of verification, a reject marking unit is operated at the machine.

illustratively, the recording takes place using serial signals applied in circular tracks to a coating of magnetic material on each ticket. Alternatively, the recording signals may be applied in parallel and linearly positioned on the coating of each ticket, despite non-linear feed, by coordinating the timing of the recording with the movement of the tickets.

Also disclosed is a unit for applying a color mark to the tickets, as prescribed at the remote. location. The completed tickets are received by a collector which is also controllable from the remote location.

Additionally disclosed are various electronic logic networks that are used in the system to facilitate remote control of the machine. One of the networks is a divider which is set with binary code signals from the remote location to specify the number of parts per ticket. Where the number of parts is four or less, the divider takes the form of a gated two-stage register that receives a recurring pulse signal from the machine and produces an output in accordance with the number of parts desired. Another of the networks is a comparator that employs NAND logic for controlling the mechanical position of the color mark unit in accordance with code signals sent from the remote location.

4 Claims, 36 Drawing Figures PATENTEB APR 16 I974 sum 07 or 25 PATENTEDAPR 16 I974 am 10 {1F 25 ACHINE CYCLE CONTROL PULSE ...w fim MUI UPSM PATENTEDAPR 16 m 3804.007

sum '11 0F 25 wmmm 10 I974 31004.00?


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