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Publication numberUS3805299 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 23, 1974
Filing dateApr 26, 1972
Priority dateApr 26, 1972
Publication numberUS 3805299 A, US 3805299A, US-A-3805299, US3805299 A, US3805299A
InventorsSaad Chujfi A
Original AssigneeConfecciones Saad
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Elastic waistband
US 3805299 A
The embodiment of the invention disclosed herein is a self-adjusting elastic waistband which is formed of an elongated reversible elastic strip portion and two elastic flange portions extending therefrom. The elastic strip portion of the waistband is wider than the flange portions. The flange portions are positioned on each side of a reversible garment and fastened thereto by sewing. The garment, when sewn to the reversible elastic strip, can be pleated so that the garment will expand and contract with movement of the elastic waistband.
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111 3,805,299 1 Apr. 23, 1974 8/1915 Lazarus............ 5/1954 ABSTRACT herein is a med of an p portion and two elastherefrom.

d thereto by e vof a reversible garment and fastene m m m w r l t m m nT u n mm m.0 m Hm mm .m m x E W a .m n


Bushnell & Fosse, Ltd.

The embodiment of the invention disclosed self-adjusting elastic waistband which is for elongated reversible elastic stri tic flange portions extending strip portion of the waistband is wider tha portions. The flange sid m m b mwm 6H6 w e rmh e f O S e e m m mm r n wmw w I wwo .m 7. 0 m w K e a hmm m wa-l k tDM n c m e m b m 0 2 go 5552: e Fau o i n a o ,g :EEEE. c CC. l m h 3% 5&5 Tflam 4 s cmm .mfiaw wan a Mwdew wmmm uunm 6 i Z v/ z ek United States Patent [191 Saad-Chujfi 1 ELASTIC WAISTBAND [76] Inventor: Alvaro Saad-Chujfi, c/o

Confecciones Saad, Avenida 30 de Agosto, Calle 36 No. 36-10, Pereira, Colombia [22] Filed: Apr. 26, 1972 [21] Appl. No.: 247,593

[51] Int. Cl. A4lf 9/00 [58] Field of Search 2/237, 221, 76, DIG. 2,

[56] References Cited 7 UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,827,942 10/1931 Guinzburg 2,064,249

12/1936 Ebert............ 2,130,552 9/1938 Kuhn 3,234,564 2/1966 ELASTIC WAISTBAND BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION This invention relates generally to waistbands for garments such as trousers, and more particularly to trousers that can be worn by both sexes and preferably are of the reversible type as disclosed in my U. S. Pat. No. 3,425,062 and 3,234,564.

Reversible trousers have become well known in the past few years especially for use by small children. However, the production of such garments offers certain problems because of the seams, pockets and waistband material, etc. being located on both the inside and outside of the finished garment. This may cause the garment to be excessively thick in certain areas.

Some of these problems have been solved by the above mentioned patents. However, problems related to the waistband, particularly one that must be adaptable to the waist of the user, have not been satisfactorily solved prior to this invention. These problems are particularly important in trousers for children, who, due to the undeveloped shape of their bodies do not have a clearly defined waistline above their hips. Therefore, conventional garments are not easily secured or held in place by a belt or the like.

One apparent solution to the problem would be to provide two elastic waistbands positioned face to face and sewn together. However, this solution is commerciallyinadequate, in the first place because it unnecessarily lengthens the time of manufacture with a proportional increase in costs, and secondly because it would afford a double thickness in the waistband material which is more rigid and may be uncomfortable to young boys and girls. Furthermore, the sewing together of two elastic waistbands would tend to reduce their elasticity because of thread used. Also, by sewing the waistband materials together, the inadvertent possibility of thread breakage would causethe waistbands to part.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is therefore an object of this invention to provide a reversible self-adjusting waistband for reversible trousets such as reversible jeans, or the like.

Another object of this invention is to provide a reversible waistband free of seams, the only seam being that provided by securing the waistband to the garment.

Briefly the self-adjusting waistband of this invention includes an elongated reversible elastic strip portion having elastic thread elements exposed on both sides thereof to be reversible in appearance. A pair of elongated elastic flange portions extend from the strip por tion and are positioned on each side of the edge of the garment and sewn thereto. Preferably, the garment is pleated at spaced intervals so that elasticity of the waistband material will allow movement of a portion of the garment therewith.

Many other objects, features and advantages of this invention will be more fully realized and understood from the following detailed description when taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings wherein like reference numerals throughout the various views of the drawings are intended to designate similar elements or components.

BRIEFDESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE ILLUSTRATED EMBODIMENT Referring now to FIG. 1 there is seen an elastic waistband constructed in accordance with the principles of this invention and designated generally by reference numeral 10. The waistband is formed of an elongated reversible elastic strip portion 11 secured to the top edge 12 of a pair of trousers 14. The waistband is continuous about the waist of the trousers except for the opening 16 in the vicinity of the trouser zipper. While the waistband 10 is shown on a pair of trousers,

it will be understood that it can be used on other garments such as skirts or the like.

FIG. 2 illustrates the waistband 10 as also including a pair of elongated elastic flange portions 18 and 20 extending from the strip portion 11. The flangeportions 18 and 20 are substantially parallel to one another and shown spaced apart to receive the top edge portion 12 of the trouser 14 therein. The width of the upper strip portion 11 is preferably greater than that of the lower flange portions 18 and 20.

The waistband 10 is secured to the top edge 12 of the trouser 14 by stitches 22, FIG. 3, which provide a plurality of spaced apart pleats in the trouser so that as the waistband stretches so also will a portion of the trouser material. FIG. 6 illustrates the thread 22 passing through the flange portions 18 and 20 and through the top edge 12 of the trouser.

FIG. 4 illustrates a sectional view taken along line 4-4 of FIG. 2 and illustrates the elastic thread elements of the waistband extending through both sides thereof. FIG. 5 shows the waistband in a somewhat stretched condition with the elastic thread portions 24 being resiliently shifted apart.

The waistband 10 of this invention free of stitches of non-elastic threads, except for the stitches 22 securing the wiastband to the trouser. The waistband has a smooth rolled over top edge portion 26, FIG. 3, and the waistband has a decorative coloration and configuration on both sides thereof so as to be completely reversible similar to the garment to which it is fastened. By providing a wastband in accordance with this invention, the problem of excessively thick material in the waist region of the trouser is overcome.

While only a single embodiment of the invention is disclosed herein, it will be understood that variations and modifications of this invention may be effected without departing from the spirit and scope of the depending claims.

The invention is claimed as follows:

curing said flange portions to the ouside edges of said waist portion of the garment, said flange portions being fully exposed at each face of the cloth forming the reversible garment, said elastic strip having a plurality of elastic threads passing symmetrically through said strip and being exposed on alternate opposite side of said strip to provide a colorful pattern on both sides of said strip to enhance the general appearance of each face of the reversible garment.

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