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Publication numberUS3807242 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 30, 1974
Filing dateApr 18, 1973
Priority dateApr 18, 1973
Publication numberUS 3807242 A, US 3807242A, US-A-3807242, US3807242 A, US3807242A
InventorsStone H
Original AssigneeStoneco Inc
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Power tool adapter
US 3807242 A
An adapter for converting the rotary drive of a conventional power hand drill to a reciprocal movement utilizing a rotary drive member and a reciprocating driven member in conjunction with continuously engaged cam means therebetween for effecting a positive drive on both the forward and rearward strokes of the reciprocating action.
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

iliiited States Patent [191 Stone A r. '30, 1974 [54] POWER TOQL ADAPTER 2,534,943 12/1950 Bergeson 74/56 2,548,4ll 4 195] V h 408 20 [75] Inventor: Harry Island 3,374,684 3/1968 Gi ve n 74/56 [73] Assignee: Stoneco, Inc., Cape Canaveral, Fla.

Primary Examiner-Samuel Scott 22 Fld: A .18197 1 l e pr 3 Assistant Examiner-Wesley S. Ratlifi, Jr. [21] Appl. No.: 352,463 Attorney, Agent, or FirmDavid Pollack [52] US. Cl 74/56, 144/1 C, 408/20 [57] ABSTRACT [51] Int. CL... Fl6h 25/12 A d t f th t d f 58 Field of Search 408/20; 144/1 c; 74/56, ap er comer l e *9 O a 74/57 ventional power hand (ll'lll to a reciprocal movement utilizing a rotary drive member and a reciprocating [56] References Cited driven member in conjunction with continuously engaged cam means therebetween for effecting a posi- UNITED STATES PATENTS tive drive on both the forward and rearward strokes of 2,477,755 8/1949 Langfeldennu, 408/20 the reciprocating action. 2,323,375 7/1943 Bugg 74/56 1,825,072 9/1931 Keller 74/56 6 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures /0 i 4 46 24 /2 68 l f X I I H H W K I I I ,4 54 26 34 58 35 POWER TOOL ADAPTER The present invention generally relates to hand tools, and is more particularly concerned with a unique conversion unit or adapter which is chuck mounted to a conventional hand drill for a conversion of the rotational drive thereof to a continuous longitudinal reciprocation output for use in the driving of saw blades and the like.

While conversion units of this general type are known in the art, such known devices are normally bulky, utilize complex mechanisms, and produce both substantial noise and vibration in operation. Accordingly, it is a primary intention of the instantinvention to produce a unit which overcomes these deficiencies, providing in effect a positive acting structurally simple mechanism which is both quiet and substantially vibration free in operation.

Other objects of the invention include the provision of an adapter which can be utilized in conjunction with substantially any conventional hand drill or the like provided with a shaft receiving chuck, the adapter being easily hand guided either through a direct grasping of the compact cylindrical body, or through the utilization of a projecting handle selectively mounted thereon.

As will be appreciated, the converter provides, at a minimum cost, for anadaptation of a single power tool, the hand drill, to a variety of tasks of the type requiring a reciprocating movement, including sawing, chipping, chizeling and the like. Basically, the tool or adapter itself includes a compact elongated cylindrical housing mounting a first rotary drive member chuck locked to the hand drill and driven thereby, and a second driven member cam engaged with the drive member so as to reciprocate in response to a rotation of the drive memher, the driven member including means for the locking of the appropriate working member thereto.

These together with other objects and advantages which will become subsequently apparent reside in the details of construction and operation as more fully hereinafter described and claimed, reference being had to the accompanying drawings forming a part hereof,

wherein like numerals refer to like parts throughout,

and in which:

FIG. I is a perspective view of the converter or adapter of the instant invention chuck mounted in operative position on a hand drill;

FIG. 2 is an enlarged longitudinal cross sectional view through the adapter;

FIG. 3 is a cross sectional detail view taken substantially on a plane passing along line 3-3 in FIG. 2; and

FIG. 4 is a transverse cross sectional view taken substantially on a plane passing along line 44 in FIG. 2.

enable convenient access to the interior working components for servicing, replacement, or the like.

The components effecting the actual motion conversion include a drive member 22 and a driven member 24. The drive member 22 includes an elongated cylindrical body 26 having a cylindrical extension 28 extending rearwardly therefrom and rotatably through the rear collar 14. While not illustrated, an appropriate bushing or bearing can be provided about the extension 28 to insure a free rotational movement thereof within the collar 14.

An elongated drive shaft 30 is provided within a coaxial bore extending through the body 26 and extension 28 of the drive member 22, the end of this shaft 30 projecting outwardly beyond the rear collar 14 for a chuck engagement with a conventional hand drill 32 as suggested in FIG. 1. The inner end of the shaft 30 is provided with a polygonal head 34 which is received within and conforms to a polygonal enlarged chamber 36 provided within the internal bore. In this manner, rotation of the shaft 30, effected by the chucked engagement thereof with the hand drill 32, is transferred directly to the drive member 22 for a rotational driving thereof.

The driven member 24 includes a block-like body 38 positioned between the inner end of the drive member 22 and the front collar 16 with the spacing provided being sufficient so as to accommodate the desired reciprocating stroke. A first integral extension on the body 38 of the driven member 24 has a polygonal, normally rectangular, cross section with this extension, designated by reference numeral 40, projecting slidably througfi the front collar 16. Again, while not illustrated, appropriate bearings or bearing surfaces can be pro-' vided so as to insure a proper reciprocal sliding movement of this extension 40. The extension 40 in turn mounts, in any appropriate manner, a mounting tube, chuck or the like 42 for the releasable reception of the saw blade 44 or other appropriate working tool.

The driven member 24 also includes an integral rearwardly extending arcuate extension 46 which ovrlies and generally conforms to the upper portion of the cylindrical body 26 of the drive member 22.

A cam mechanism is provided between the drive member 22 and the driven member 24 so as to effect the desired motion conversion therebetween. This mechanism consists of a continuous outwardly projecting rib 48 about the outer surface of the body 26 of the drive member 22. The rib 48 is generally in the nature of a single closed spiralconvolution or can be considered to lie in a plane inclined from a plane perpendicular to the axis of the member 22. The rear extension 46 of the driven member 24 is in turn provided, along its undersurface or through that portion directed toward and overlying the drive member body 26, with a transverse recess 50. Noting FIG. 3 in particular, the opposed vertical sides of the recess 50 include, in each instance, a central slightly rounded point 52 which slidably engages against the corresponding side of the rib 48 and acts as'a follower to the rib defining cam. Eachof the recess sides, to the opposite sides of the central rib engaging portion 52, diverge outwardly therefrom as at 54 so as to freely accommodate the angled rib 48 and provide for substantially point contact with the opposed sides of the rib 48. The provision of opposed followers or cam rib engaging points 52, as will be appreciated, provides for a positive driving of the driven member during both the outward and inward strokes thereof. This is particularly significant in providing fora substantially noiseless and vibration free operation.

An elongated shaft 56 is provided as a combined stabilization and alignment means between the drive member 22 and the driven member 24. This shaft 56 is rotatably received through, the body 38 of the driven member 24 and extended therefrom into threaded engagment with an enlarged polygonal nut 58 locked within a second enlarged chamber 60 provided in the inner end of the body 26 of the drive member 22 coaxial with the bore receiving the drive shaft 30. In this manner, the inner end of the drive member 22 will be stabilized should such be necessary without affecting the rotational movement thereof. Incidentally, noting the projecting chuck engageable end of the drive shaft 30, an appropriate lock ring 62 or the like will be provided thereon so as to cooperate with the shoulder 64 provided between the drive member body 26 and extension 28 in properly positioning and retaining the drive member 22 as well as the associated shaft 30.

It should be appreciated that in all instances wherein movement is to be provided between the various comprojecting outwardly about said drive member, said rib defining a single closed spiral convolution, and a pair of opposed fixed position rib engaging followers on said driver member slidably-engaged with opposed sides of said rib with a rotation of the drive member and rib thereon effecting a cam induced reciprocating longitudinal shifting of the driven member through the alternate exerting of a camming force on the opposed followers by the continuous rib.

2. The adapter of claim 1 wherein said housing includes first and second mounting collars, said drive member including a cylindrical body with a coaxial cylindrical extension on one end thereof rotatably received through said first collar, said drive shaft projecting coaxially outward from said extension exteriorly of said body, said driven member including a body posiponents, appropriate bearing surfaces, bushings, or the ture can be easily directed hand-held, an appropriate handle 66 canbe releasably mounted thereon, as by threading within an appropriate threaded bore 68 provided as suggested in FIG; 2 of the drawings.

In operation, the drive shaft 30 is chucked into a conventional power hand drill 32 and the drill activated. This will result in a rotational driving of the drive member 22 which, through the rib cam and point cam followers, will effect a positive reciprocating driving of the driven member 24. This driven member 24 in turn has an appropriate workhead or tool mounted therein which, depending upon the nature of the tool, can be applied directly to the work.

What is claimed as new is as follows:

1. An adapter for converting the rotary drive of a power drill into a reciprocal movement for the power driving of a saw blade or the like, said adapter comprising a housing, a drive member mounted in said housing for rotary movement only, a driven member mounted in said housing for longitudinal reciprocating movement only, cam means engaged between said drive member and said driven member for reciprocally driving said driven member in response to a rotary driving of said drive member, a drive shaft fixed to said drive member and projecting therefrom for engagement with a power drill, and a tool mount for a saw blade or the like fixed to and projecting from the driven member, said cam means comprising a continuous rib on and tioned within said housing between the cylindrical body of the drive member and the second collar, the body of the driven member including a first extension projecting therefrom and'being received through said second collar solely for reciprocating longitudinal movement therein,-said driven member including a second extension projecting therefrom into overlying relation to said drive member and the rib thereon, said followers being defined on said second extension.

3. The adapter of claim 2 wherein said second extension has a recess transversely thereacross receiving said rib, said recess including opposed walls to the opposite sides of saidrib, each recess wall having a smooth projecting central portion engaged with said rib and defining one of said followers, each wall, to the opposite sides of the central portion, diverging rearwardly away from the central portion and said rib and providing only point contact between each follower and the rib.

4. The adapter of claim 3 including a stabilizing shaft fixed coaxially to said drive member for rotation therewith and projecting coaxially therefrom into telescopic rotational reception within said driven member for support and alignment of the drive member during the ro tational driving thereof.

5. The adapter of claim 4 wherein said housing includes a cover extending between and fixed to said mounting collars, said cover enclosing the drive and driven members in outwardly spaced surrounding relation thereto between said collars.

6. The adapter of claim 1 wherein said second extension is arcuate and generally conforms to a peripheral recess to the opposite sides of the recess received rib.

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE CE TIFECATE OF CORECTION Patent NO 3 807 242 Dated April 30 1974 Inventor(s) Harry J. Stone It is certified that error appears in the above-identified patent and that said Letters Patent are hereby corrected as shown below:

Claim 6, change "The adapter of claim 1'' to The adapter of claim 2 Signed and sealed this 10th day of September 1974.

(SEAL) Attesc:

MCCOY M. GIBSON, JR. C. MARSHALL DANN Attesting Officer Commissioner of Patents FORM PO-IGSO (10-69) USCOMM-DC 6O376-P69 U.S, GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: 1969 0-366-334,

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