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Publication numberUS3808418 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 30, 1974
Filing dateApr 2, 1973
Priority dateApr 2, 1973
Publication numberUS 3808418 A, US 3808418A, US-A-3808418, US3808418 A, US3808418A
InventorsConard A, Maria P
Original AssigneeConard A, Maria P
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Light flashing apparatus
US 3808418 A
A light flashing apparatus wherein a compression device is associated with a crystal for compressing the latter, and electric circuit means including lamp means and a gap is connected across the crystal for flashing the lamp means upon operation of the compression means.
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United States Patent [191' Conard et a1.

11] 3,808,418 Apr. 30, 1974 LIGHT FLASHING APPARATUS Inventors: Albert C. Conard, 23 Ridge Rd.,

Sellersville, Pa. 18960; Paul N. Maria, 1620 Ridge Rd., Perkasie, Pa. 18944 Filed: Apr. 2, 1973 Appl. No.: 346,856

US. Cl 240/10 G, 240/6.4 R, 3l0/8.7, 315/33, 315/55 Int. Cl. F211 ,l-lOlV 7/00 Field of Search"; 240/6.4 R, 6.42, 10 R, 240/10 F, 10 G; 310/8, 8.3, 8.7; 315/33, 55

References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 10/1954 Heibel 3l0/8.7

Ambash et a1 240/10 G Yamano 315/55 X Rixton 310/8.7.UX

Brisebovre 3l0/8.3 X Kawoda 310/8.3 X

Primary Examiner.loseph F. Peters, Jr.

ABSTRACT A light flashing apparatus wherein a compression device is associated with a crystal for compressing the latter, and electric circuit means including lamp 7 means and a gap is connected across the crystal for flashing the lamp means upon operation of the compression means.

6 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures LIGHT FLASHING APPARATUS BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION While the device of the present invention is capable of many varied applications, say in stroboscopic illumination, signaling means, and other lamp operating functions, the device of the instant invention has been primarily developed and employed for use in toy figures, say in illuminating parts thereof, and will be shown in the drawings and described hereinafter with particular reference thereto for purposes of illustration and demonstration, and without limitation.

While prior toy figures, such as dolls, simulated ani mals, and the like have attempted to employ illumination, as by flashing lights, these prior devices have usually required batteries, and other circuitry involving consumable components, and concomitant deterioration of operation and frequentreplacement.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is an important object of the present invention to provide a light flashing apparatus for use in toy figures and elsewhere which is extremely simple in construction, requiring but a modicum of movement for operation, is extremely durable throughout an uncommonly long useful life without replacement of parts, highly reliable in operation, and effects substantial savings in long run costs over consumable component-type light flashing devices.

Other objects of the present invention will become apparent upon reading the following specification and referring to the accompanying drawings, which for a material part of this disclosure.

The invention accordingly consists in .the features of construction, combinations of elements, and arrangements of parts, whcih will be exemplified in the construction'hereinafter described, and of which the scope will be indicated by the appended claims.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front elevational view showing a figure toy constructed in accordance with the teachings of the present invention.

FIG. 2 is a partial sectional elevational view taken generally along the line 22 of FIG. 1.

FIG. 3 is .an enlarged sectional elevational view simistituted of the suitably shaped covering 12 and approlar to FIG. 2, but with certain operating parts removed and partly in section to further illustrate operation of the instant apparatus. a

FIG. 4 is a schematic representation of the electrical circuitry.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT Referring now more particularly to the drawings, and specifically to FIG. 1 thereof, a toy is there generally designatedlO, and may include an animal FIG. 11, say representing a bear, which may be of generally conventional proportions. The animal figure 11 may, in the conventional manner, include an outer skin, sheath or covering 12, enclosing an inner filling material 13, suitably soft and resiliently compressible so as to occupy and distend the outer covering while affording a soft compressibility to persons handling the figure.

The animal figure 11 may include a lower body part 15, and an upper head part 16, all of which may be conpriate filling material l3. The simulated head 16 may include a pair of eyes 17 exteriorly of the covering material, which eyes may, in fact, be electric lamps or illuminating means, say fluorescent, phosphorescent or neon, preferably the latter. 1

Centrally interiorly of the body 15 there is located a compression apparatus, generally designated 20, which may include a generally rectangular frame or yoke 21, see FIGS. 2 and 3, and an elongate arm or lever 22 having one end mounted or pivotally connected to the frame 21 adjacent to one end of the latter. That is, the elongate lever or arm 22 may have one end connected, as by a pivot 23 to the lower interior region of the open frame 21, so as to connect the lever and frame for swinging movement relative to each other.

As shown in the illustrated embodiment, the generally rectangular frame 21 upstands from the lower region of the animal figure body 15, while the lever 22 extends diagonally upwardly and forwardly from a lower region of the frame, toward the front of the body.

A cam or relatively short arm 25 is carried by the pivot 23 for rotation about the axis thereof together with the arm 22 relative to the frame 21. The relatively short arm 25 is located interiorly of the frame, projecting generally upwardly toward the opposite or upper frame end.

Mounted in the central opening of the frame 22, between the relatively short cam or arm 25 and the upper frame end is a crystal 26, such as a piezoelectric crystal. Interposed between; the crystal 26 and the cam 25 within the central opening of the frame 22 is a pressure block 2,7,.and a wedge,28 is interposed. between the crystal 26and the upper end of the frame 21. These components, say including the pressure block 27 and crystal 26 may be encased in a covering 30 serving to protect and retain the elements in position within the open frame 21. a In the condition described, with the wedge'28 forcibly inserted transversely of the frame 21 into the central frame opening, the operating lever 22 is urged outwardly away from the frame 21, counterclockwise as shown in the illustrated embodiment. However, upon squeezing action to exert a force moving the operating lever 22 toward the frame 21, the cam 25 urges the pressure block 27 upwardly toward the remote end of the frame, to thereby compress the crystal 26.

That is, the compression means 20 is located in the body 15.0f the figure 11 so that compression of the body in the forward and rearward direction serves to swing the frame 21 and operating lever 22 toward each other and effect compression of the crystal 26.

Electric circuit means are generally designated 32 and shown in FIG. 4 as including the aforementioned crystal 26 and lamps 17. A conductor 33 extends from one side of the crystal,.to a pair of conductors 34 connected in parallel with each other and in series with the conductor 33. A lamp or bulb 17 is connected in series in each of the conductors 34, and the latter are in turn connected in series with an additional conductor 35. The latter conductor extends to a gap terminal 36. The gap terminal 36 is properly spaced from the open frame 21, and the latter is electrically connected to the crystal 26, as by contact therewith, remote from the conductor 33.

In the sectional view of FIG. 2, the conductor 33 may be seen extending upwardly for connection to the paring with the latter to define a spark gap. Of course, the

conductors 33 and 35 are insulated, so that the latter extends through the hole 38 without electrical contact, and the strip terminal region 36 thus defines one terminal of the spark gap.

Upon compression of the crystal 26, as by squeezing of the animal figure body 15, the operating lever 22 is swung toward the frame 21, the crystal 26 generating voltage which, upon exceeding a threshold value, jumps the spark gap 40 between terminal 36 and frame 21, whereupon current surges through the circuit and momentarily illuminates the lamps 17. Repeated operation as described above may be continued indefinitely without appreciable deterioration or wear.

Although the present invention has been described in some detail by way of illustration and example for purposes of'clarity of understanding, it is understood that certain changes and modifications may be made within the spirit of the invention.

What is claimed is:

1. Light flashing apparatus comprising compression means, a crystal associated with means for compression thereby, electric circuit means connected across said crystal for receiving voltage therefrom upon compression of the crystal,lamp means connected in 'said'cir'- cuit means, and a spark gap in said circuit for concentrating a surge of current flowing'through said circuit 'upon spark discharge across the gap.

2. Light flashing apparatus according to claim 1, in combination with a toy figure enveloping said compression means, crystal and circuit means, whereby manipulation of said figure operates said compression means lamp means simulating the eyes of said toy figure to flash upon current flow.

4. Lamp flashing apparatus according to claim 1, said compression means comprising a press including a conductive frame electrically connected to one side of said crystal, and said crystal being located in said press for compression thereby, said circuit-means includingan insulated conductor mechanically connected to said frame and electrically insulated therefrom, said conductor having an uninsulated portion adjacent to and spaced from said frame to define said spark gap.

5. Light flashing apparatus according to'claim 4, said lamp means comprising a gas discharge lamp.

6. Apparatus according to claim 4, in combination with a toy figure enveloping said compression means, crystal and circuit, and said lamp means simulating the eyes of said toy figure, whereby manipulation of said figure operates said compression means to pass current through said circuit and flash the simulated eyes.

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