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Publication numberUS3808607 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 7, 1974
Filing dateAug 30, 1971
Priority dateAug 30, 1971
Publication numberUS 3808607 A, US 3808607A, US-A-3808607, US3808607 A, US3808607A
InventorsHarder A
Original AssigneeHarder A
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Multiple purpose apparatus
US 3808607 A
An improvement in apparatus adapted to provide therein means for sustaining the elementary needs of man including an overall housing. A plurality of variegated structural members are secured together to provide an integral unit. The unit may accommodate any number of structural arrangements that provide for the day to day living comfort of man. The unit may be located in a stationary location or may be moved from one location to another.
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United States Patent 1191 Harder May 7, 1974 [54] MULTIPLE PURPOSE APPARATUS 2,141,864 12/1938 Harwood 105/327 1 1 Inventor: Arthur John 609 Pine St, 5333332 251321 5255351221.: 5115583708 New Leno), 60451 3,517,899 6/1970 Vernon 105/327 x 3,633,219 1/1972 Byrd 4/8 X [22] 1971 3,655,235 4/1972 onl 296/23 MC [2l] Appl. N0.: 176,007 3,337,259 8/1967 Henson 296/23 MC OTHER PUBLICATIONS [52] U.S. Cl 4/2, 4/8, 105/327, From the Railroad Gazette, Oct. 24, 1902, Vol. 34, p.

105/328, 296/23 MC 814, The Burlington Cafe Parlor Cars [51] Int. Cl.... A4711 4/00, B6ld 31/00, B6ld 35/00,

B6ld 27/00, B6ld 29/00 Primary Examiner-Wayne A. Morse, Jr. [58] Field of Search 4/2, 4, 5, 8; 105/327, Attorney, Agent, or Firm-James A. Davis [57] ABSTRACT [56] References Cited An improvement in apparatus adapted to provide UNITED STATES PATENTS therein means for sustaining the elementary needs of 229,135 6/1880 Jacques 105/328 including an Overall housing A plurality of varie- 513,47l l/1894 Allen 105/327 gated structural members are secured together to pro- 846,847 3/1907 Harris 105/327 X 'vide an integral unit. The unit may accommodate any 1,320,794 1/1919 Palmer 296/23 MC number of structural arrangements that provide for 1,397,965 11/1921 Juvet 105/328 the day to day living comfort of man. The unit may be gennedy located in a stationary location or may be moved from agan 1,689,900 10/1928 Williams 105/327 one beam to another 2,080,960 5/1937 Dreyfuss 105/327 X 1 Claim, 4 Drawing Figures MULTIPLE PURPOSE APPARATUS BACKGOUND OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an apparatus adaptable for a number of different puposes and more particularly to a self-contained, portable living unit including a bed, kitchen facilities, bathing facilities, sanitary disposal facilities, provisions for heat, light, air condition- In the past many types of units have been designed and manufactured to provide for the various and sundry needs of man. Some of these units have been successful in solving a particular problem such as a tent affording a human being protection from the elements; a stove providing a much improved means of cooking a meal in comparison with the primitive method of cooking over an open fire; a sink or tub equipped with faucets to supply hot and cold running water to .avoid the process of obtaining and transporting water from a well to a wash basin, heating the same and then using the heated water for purposes of bathing; a commode disposed within living quarters and connected to sanitary sewer facilities to receive and dispose of human waste material rather than require the human being to utilize sanitary disposal facilities located outside of and somewhatremotely from living quarters; at central heating unit to avoid having a separate inefficient heating means in each different room; electrical wiring and lights for providing illumination rather than an inefficient oil lamp; and controlled treatment of air to cool a living area rather than merely move or recirculate hot ambient air by means of a fan.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION Accordingly, it is an object of this invention to provide an apparatus that combines in one integral, portable unit all facilities for administering to the needs'of man including provisions for sleeping, eating, bathing, heating, air conditioning, lighting, disposal of waste materials, and the like.

It is a further object of the present invention to provide within a single movable enclosure'means for sustaining every human personal need.

It is an additional object of the present invention to provide a portable self-contained enclosure wherein are contained a plurality of means for tending the personal every day needs of man.

Other objects and advantages of this invention will become apparent when reference is made to the following written description considered in conjunction with the accompanying drawings wherein:

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. I is an overall perspective view of an apparatus containing the structural arrangement comprising the elements of the present invention.

FIG. 2 is a side elevational view illustrating the apparatus overall and showing by dotted lines some of the component parts thereof.

FIG. 3 is an end elevational view illustrating the apparatus in section and showing the internal configuration of a portion of the component parts of the present invention.

FIG. 4 is a back elevational view illustrating additional component parts of the apparatus of the present invention.

DESCRIPTION OF A PREFERRED EMBODIMENT Referring now to thedrawings and more specifically to FIG. 1, the apparatus of the present invention is indicated generally by the reference numeral 10. The apparatus 10 is comprised of a generally rectangular base member 12 (FIG. 3), a first end member 14 disposed vertically at one end of base 12, a second end member 16 disposed vertically and oppositely at the other end of base member 12, back member 18 (FIG. 4), and movable side and top member 20. The end members 14 and 16 are connected to the base by any suitable conventional manner as by transverse channels 22 formed at both ends of the base 12 receiving in contact therewith the bottom ends of the end members l4, l6 and secured to each other in any known manner as by spot welding, bolts 24 and nuts, etc. Similarly, a longitudinal channel 26 may be formed on the posterior edge of the base and the bottom end of back member 18 is secured thereto as by additional bolts 24.

Two vertically disposed channel members 28 are located one at each posterior end of the base member 12 suitably affixed thereto by spot welding, bolts 24 and nuts or other suitable means. Channel members 28 serve to receive and connect together, the back member 18 with both the first and second end members 14 and 16. Base member 12, first and second end members l4 and I6, and back member 18 are all joined together in the aforesaid manner to form a four-sided structure comprising four generally rectangularly shpaed planes oriented in a manner to be normal each to the other.

. In addition to vertical channels 28, vertically disposed posts 30 are located and secured one each to base 12 substantially intermediate the distance between the front and back thereof and also respectively to first and second end members 14 and 16. The side and top member 20 is mounted on a plurality of channels 28 and posts 30 and is adaptable to provide for apparatus 10 a mounting arrangement for a telescopically disposed canopy member 32. The canopy member 32 has pivotally affixed thereto roller bearings 34 received in curved rails 36 and by virtue thereof is effective to be at times partially'hidden, completely hidden within the side and top member 20, and at other times fully extended along the rails 36 to form a six-sided structure comprising five generally rectangularly shaped planes oriented in a manner to be normal each to the other.

Referring now to the inerior structure of apparatus 10, a framework generally indicated by the reference numeral 38 is secured to the base 12 in any suitable manner as by spot welding at preselected locations the underside of framework 38. It will be understood that framework 38 as hereinafter explained is adaptable to support in a minimum space a plurality of life sustaining functions, such as provisions for eating, sleeping, maintaining comfort conditioning temperatures, disposal of waste materials, and the like. Illustrative of these provisions is a refrigerator 40, a stove 42, a folding table.44, a bed or lounge 46, a heating and cooling apparatus 48, and sanitary disposal facilities 50.

In addition to the aforesaid life sustaining functions, modern man demands provisions for material comforts beyond the minimum. Accordingly, there is provided lighting means 52,'plumbing means 54, storage areas 56, mirrors 58 adaptable to slide along tracks affixed to the underside of canopy member 32. It will be understood that lighting means 52, plumbing means 54, storage areas 56 and mirrors 58 are only illustrative of the extra sophisticated comforts that may be incorporated into apparatus and should not be construed as limiting the applicability of further, additional comforts to be included in the apparatus of the present invention.

The apparatus 10 including table 44 is supported on casters 60 or other suitable means to effect transportability so that the apparatus may be moved from one location to another with a minimum amount of effort.

The bed 46 is secured to framework 38 by pivotal hinged means 62 so that the entire bed can be folded up and back to rest against back member 18. In this manner,an upper side 64 of framework 38, formerly a support for bed 46, becomes exposed and available as a bench and sitting area for receiving and entertaining visitors. Such an arrangement avoids the inconvenience of using an unmade bed as a sitting and lounging area to receive guests that may arrive unexpectedly.

It will be understood that the apparatus of the present invention has application for and may be adaptable to a number of pruposes. For instance, the apparatus might be placed on a patio and used as a central area for dispensing beverages and for serving food buffet style. In addition, the unit can be used on a patio or other area for sleeping out and thereby enable the user to enjoy the benefits of fresh air and still be protected from possible adverse climatical elements, such as rain, wind and the like that might come into being during the period of sleeping out."

The range of application for the apparatus of the present invention could extend to a ladies boudoir affording privacy to a female person for the purposes of applying make-up, arranging a coiffure and the like. Further, the present apparatus could be easily adapted for use in all types of ligher-than-air craft including modern day jet aeroplanes. In such environment, the apparatus could be utilized for private compartments for sleeping purposes, entertainment and the like.

Also, the apparatus could be adaptable for use as an isolation chamber wherein a person suffering from a communicable disease could be observed, treated and cured. The apparatus could be used for this purpose either in a hospital or in a patients home.

Referring again to the drawings, it should be noted that a curtain arrangement 66 is secured to an outer extending portion of canopy 32 in a manner that permits the curtain 66 to at times be extended to depend downwardly from canopy 32 to close off the frontal portion of the apparatus. Further, it should be noted that canopy member 32 is so constructed as hereinbefore described to be adaptable to extend downwardly to near a surface of earth so as to provide a substantially closed six-sided apparatus.

In the drawings and specification there has been disclosed a preferred embodiment of the invention, and although specific terms are employed, they are used in a generic and descriptive sense only, and not for purposes of limitation, the scope of the invention being set forth in the appended claims.

What I claim is:

l. A movable apparatus to provide therein means for ministering to the human being the life sustaining needs of man within a self-contained portable living unit, the combination comprising, a base member formed in the shape of a rectangular plane and oriented substantially horizontal and parallel to a surface of earth, a first side member secured vertically and normally to one end of said base member and formed generally in the shape of a rectangular plane with an upper end describing a semi-spherical configuration, a second side member secured vertically and normal to the other end of said base member and formed generally in the shape of a rectangular plane with an upper end describing a semispherical configuration, a back member secured to said base member and said side members and formed in the shape of a rectangular plane and being normal to said base member and said side members, a telescoping canopy member formed to provide a plane semi-spherical in shape secured to a respective top portion of said back member and said side members, said canopy member being effective to at times form a semispherically shaped plane that encloses completely said apparatus and at other times provides an access opening into said apparatus further comprising a structure formed by five rectangularly shaped planes oriented normal each to the other, electrical lighting means disposed within said structure providing illumination therein, a stove disposed within said structure providing means for cooking of food thereon, plumbing means disposed within said structure effective to provide therein running water, sanitary disposal facilities effective to receive waste water from said plumbing means and also effective to receive alimentary wastes from a person utilizing said disposal facilities within the privacy of said structure, curved rail structue supporting said canopy member, said curved rail structure comprising spaced apart parallel rail members formed in a substantially semi-spherically shaped plane, and a plurality of bearing members secured to said canopy member, said bearing members movable within the confines of said rails and effective to cause said canopy member to move within said apparatus to provide said access opening into the apparatus, reclining means pivotally secured to a framework affixed to said base member, said reclining means oriented to be at times substantially horizontal tosaid surface of earth, said framework comprising an upper side effective for use as a bench after said reclining means has been pivoted to a position substantially vertical to said surface of earth, and said canopy member comprises track means secured therein longitudinally thereof, mirror means movable along said track means said mirror means and said canopy member being movable to a plurality of positions so that images of objects outside of said apparatus are received and reflected to a plurality of locations within the apparatus.

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