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Publication numberUS3808608 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 7, 1974
Filing dateJun 27, 1972
Priority dateJun 27, 1972
Publication numberUS 3808608 A, US 3808608A, US-A-3808608, US3808608 A, US3808608A
InventorsD Caplan
Original AssigneeD Caplan
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Portable bidet
US 3808608 A
A portable nozzle is secured to the edge of a toilet bowl with a spring-clamp. Water is supplied to the nozzle from a self-contained, portable pump and reservoir device, powered by an electric motor. The portable bidet is made ready for use by filling the aforementioned reservoir with water at the preferred temperature, plugging the motor into any convenient electric outlet, clamping the nozzle to the toilet bowl and starting the pump by actuating the electrical on-off switch provided therewith.
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United States Patent [1 1 Caplan [111 3,808,608 [451 May 7,1974

[ PORTABLE BIDET [76] Inventor: David Caplan, 37 Banbury Rd.,

Rockville Center, NY. 11570 [22] Filed: June 27, 1972 [21] App]. No.1 266,710

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,504,257 4/1950 Dunn 4/7 2,705,495 4/1955 Vrana et a1 128/229 3,195,148 7/1965 Markal, Jr. 4/7 2,826,761 3/1958 Lazarus et a1. 4/7 3,288,140 11/1966 MCCarthym, 128/248 3,310,813 3/1967 Jonsson 4/7 3,377,629 4/1968 Pasquale 4/6 3,462,766 8/1969 Merkel, Jr... 4/7 3,662,407 5/1972 Colucci 4/7 FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS 562,934 10/1932 Germany 4/7 596,344 4/1934 Germany 632,596 7/1936 Germany 879,079 6/1953 Germany 418,997 2/1967 Switzerland 4/7 Primary Examiner-Henry K. Artis Attorney, Agent, or Firm-Lilling & Siege] 5 7] ABSTRACT 7 starting the pump by actuating the electrical on-off switch provided therewith.

10 Claims, 5 Drawing Figures 1 PORTABLE BIDET BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The invention relates to devices commonly utilized to wash the lower trunk of a person by means of a jet of water directed generally upward from a basin, or bowl, provided with a drain.

The invention relates, more particularly, to such of these devices as may be employed in conjunction with the bowl of a water closet and, specifically, to a portable device of this nature.

Such devices are generally referred to as bidets and are employed for hygienic purposes; they are of considerable benefit to persons suffering from haemorrhoids and other ailments of the anal-genital area.

There are many designs for bidets, and similar hygienic appliances, in the prior art, adapted to employment with a water closet. In general, they are cumber- .some mechanisms requiring considerable alterations in the plumbing and arrangement of the closet bowl and are not portable in nature. Because of their cost and complexity such devices havenot found a wide com- -which is portable in nature.

It is yet another objective of the invention to provide a hygienic cleansing device, bidet-like in nature, which is low in cost and adapted to wide-spread commercial distribution.

SUMMARY The above objectives of the invention are accomplished by the provision of a two-part mechanism. The first of these parts consists of a nozzle at the-end of a tubular stem; the stem being provided with a springclamp by means of which it may be secured to the edge of a toilet bowl. The stem is so shaped as to bring the nozzle to the centerline of the bowl. The nozzle may have a single orifice or multiple orifices, and it may be provided with features to vary the angle andintensity of the projected jet of water.

The second part of the device consists of a reservoir and an hydraulic pump; the latter powered by an electric motor. The intake of the pump communicates with the reservoir and the discharge is led, by way of a flexible conduit, to the nozzle-stem. The pump motor has an on-off switch and a cord which may be plugged into any convenient source of electric current. The watersupply assembly may be located on top of the cistern tank of the toilet, set on the floor, or otherwise mounted in the vicinity of the toilet.

The reservoir is designed to hold a sufficient quantity of water for at least one rinsing operation; it is filled from any available tap, and the user may select the water temperature most comfortable for him by suitable intermixing of cold and hot water supplies, generally available in the bathrooms in which the device is to be used.


The preferred embodiment of the invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a toilet bowl with the portable bidet on the invention mounted thereon;

FIG. 2 is a frontal section through the water-supply component of the invention, taken along section-line 22 of FIG. 1;

FIG. 3 is another frontal section through FIG. 1, taken along line 33, showing the nozzle-assembly of the portable bidet and the manner in which it is clamped to the toilet bowl; and

FIGS. 4 and 5 are sectional views of the dispensing nozzle of the bidet, indicating alternative positions for emitting high-volume/low-velocity and lowvolume/high-velocity streams of water, respectively.


In FIG. 1 a toilet bowl 10 is shown, with a nozzleassembly 1 clamped to its edge. A flexible conduit 29 interconnects the nozzle-assembly l with a pump housing 22, the latter serving as base for a reservoir 20. A pump 24 is located within the housing 22 and transfers water, under pressure, from the reservoir 20 to the discharge orifice of the nozzle-assembly 1 inside the toilet bowl.

The sectional view of FIG. 2 shows the constructional details of the water-supply section of the portable bidet. The pump 24 is driven by an electric motor 23 and receives water via a conduit 27 and discharges into the flexible conduit 29, which, in turn, delivers it into the nozzle-assembly. The electric motor 23 receives its motive power, from a wall-outlet 8, via power-lead 25 and is governed by means of switch 26. The switch 26 and the motor 23 are interconnected by means of a controlleg 25a.

The motor 23 is mounted on a base 21 which also serves as the support for the housing 22 and the reservoir 20 set thereupon; A self-sealing valve 28 is also shown; its two components, including a poppet 28a and a co-operating socket 28b, are secured to the base of the reservoir and the top of the housing 22, respective'ly. The self-sealing valve 28 permits the removal of the reservoir 20 from the upper surface of the housing 22 for filling and emptying, by sealing the communicating passage between the reservoir and the conduit 27 as soon as the former is lifted a short distance from its rest position.

In an alternative embodiment of the invention the valve 28 may be dispensed with and the reservoir 20 made an integral part of the water-supply assembly; filling being accomplished by a suitable auxiliary vessel or filling hose.

The nozzle-assembly l is detailed on FIG. 3, which is a sectional view of the embodiment of FIG. 1, taken along section-line 3-3 of the latter illustration.

A spring-clamp 31 is shown, adapted to fit over, and

frictionally engage, the rim ll of a standard ceramic toilet bowl. Welded to the clamp 31, or secured by .means of a high-strength glue joint, a stem 30 supports a nozzle 33 at its inboard end, substantially aligned with the centerline of the bowl. The stem 30 comprises two horizontal tubular segments, 30a and 300, spaced by a cranked portion 30b. The segments of the nozzle-stem 30 are fabricated from a single length of metallic tubing by means of bending. The outboard end of the stem 30 receives the end of flexible conduit 29; water supplied by the pump flows through the stem and enters the nozzle 33 by means of an orifice 36 machined into nozzle support 35, which is an enlarged portion of stem-end 300.

The noule 33 is a capped tubular member, adapted to rotate about its joint axis with the nozzle support 351' such a manner that-alternative orifices 32 and 42 may be aligned with the supply orifice 36. This feature is particularly illustrated in FIG. 4, which is a sectional view taken along line 44 of FIG. 3, and the similar view of FIG. 5. In FIG. 4 the multiple orifice 32 is aligned with the water channel and produces a diffuse, low-velocity spray pattern; the alternative single orifice 42 is shown in the operating position in FIG. 5, it produces a much more energetic, high-velocity stream. The user of the bidet has the option of making this adjustment, depending on the particular manner in which he wishes to utilize the device.

Further control over the intensity of the washing stream produced by the portable bidet is available by adjustmentof a valve 30 in the conduit 29.

The nozzle-assembly l is generally mounted in a position biased toward the rear of the toilet bowl it is readily repositioned, the exact alignment depending on the proportions and preferences of the user. The nozzleassembly is also easily removed from the toilet bowl; the connection between it and the conduit 29 is readily broken, thereby permitting the cleaning and washing of the nozzle, should it become soiled during use.

The portability of the device is evident; the disengagement of the clamp 31 frees the nozzle-assembly; the removal of the motor connector from outlet 8 accomplishes the same for the water-supply assembly. After draining the reservoir of any remaining liquid,

the portable bidet may be readily packed in a small space and tra'nsportedto another location. Portability may be further enhanced by utilizing low-density materials, molded plastics for example, in the construction of the bulkier components, such as the motor housing and the reservoir.

What is claimed is:

1. Portable bidet for use in conjunction with a toilet,


a portable reservoir for holding a charge of water;

pump means, having inlet and outlet means, the pump means being structurally associated with the reservoir and the pump inlet being in fluid connection with the reservoir;

conduit means, in fluid flow connection with the outlet from-the pump;

nozzle means, for directing a stream of water in a substantially upward direction, the nozzle means being in fluid flow connection with the conduit means;

clamp means for engaging the rim of a toilet bowl;

a support affixed to said clamp means, and retaining the nozzle means, for suspending and locating said nozzle means within a toilet bowl; and

control means, for governing the operation of the pump; whereby the intensity and volume of a stream of water driven by the pump through the conduit means and upwardly from the nozzle means can be controlled by a user, while seated upon the toilet, to direct a stream of water onto his lower torso and thereby cleanse himself.

2. The bidet defined in claim 1, wherein said clamp means include spring-loaded jaws for frictionally engaging the rim of the toilet seat.

3. The bidet defined in claim 1, wherein said pump means comprise an hydraulic pump and an electric motor powering same, and said control means include a switch for setting said electric motor into motion.

4. The bidet defined in claim 3, wherein said pump is of the centrifugal type.

5. The bidet defined in claim 1, wherein said support is fabricated from rigid tubing and communicates with said conduit means at one end, and with said nozzle means at another end.

6. The bidet defined in claim 1, wherein said conduit means include at least one length of flexible, tubular hose.

7. A portable bidet, for use in conjunction with a toilet, comprising:

a reservoir, for holding a charge of water;

clamp means, for engaging the rim of the toilet bowl;

nozzle means, for directing a stream of water in a substantially upward direction, the nozzle means comprising an internal cavity, and an upwardly directed passage from said cavity to the exterior of the cylindrical portion; and an outer portion rotatably secured to the exterior portion, with a plurality of orifices passing therethrough in radial alignment, whereby rotation of said outer portion relative to said inner portion aligns a differing number of radial orifices with said upwardly directed passage, thereby altering the velocity and the flow of a water stream issuing therefrom;

a support, affixed to said clamp means, for locating said nozzle means above bowl of said toilet;

conduit means, in fluid flow connection to the reservoir and to the internal cavity, for channeling water to said nozzle means;

pump means, for receiving water from said reservoir and delivering same under pressure into said conduit means; and

control means, for governing operation of said pump and intensity and volume of the stream of water from said nozzle means, whereby a user, while seated upon the toilet, may cause said stream of water to impinge on his lower torso and thereby cleanse himself.

8. The bidet defined in claim 7, wherein said control means further include a throttle valve in said conduit means.

9; As an article of cleansing, a portable bidet for use in conjunction with a toilet, comprising:

a portable water supply section comprising a structurally compact unit including a fluid holding reservoir, fluid pump means, having an external housing, the housing of the pump means and the reservoir forming a single compact unit, an electric motor means, for activating the pump, located within the pump housing, control means for said electric motor, structurally connected to said pump housing; Y flexible conduit means in fluid flow connection with, and extending from, the pump;

the pump having an inlet in fluid flow connection 10. The article of claim 7, whereby said tubular support means comprises a substantially cylindrical water channel centrally located therein and in fluid flow connection with the conduit; and

a connecting orifice extending from the cylindrical channel to the exterior of the tubular support; and wherein the nozzle comprises a cap covering the connecting orifice, movably secured to the support and having a plurality of nozzle orifices passing therethrough, the orifices being so grouped that movement of the nozzle relative to the support means places a differing number of nozzle orifices in fluid flow connection with the connecting orifice, such that the velocity and volume flow of a water stream issuing from the nozzle can be altered.

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