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Publication numberUS381005 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 10, 1888
Filing dateOct 27, 1887
Publication numberUS 381005 A, US 381005A, US-A-381005, US381005 A, US381005A
InventorsLeonid As Columbus Feeeell
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US 381005 A
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j Io in its general features, in a safety-belt providcd UNITED STATES LEoNIDAscoLUMEUs EEEEEEL yAnn DAvID, IsEAEL, 0E DONAnnsoivvrIiIlE, LOUISIANA. y


SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 381,005,7dateu Aprii*1o.,.1`sea.

Application lfiled october 21, iss-1.

To aZZ whom/fit may concern.'

Be it known thatwe, LEoEIDAs COLUMBUS FERRELL and DAVID ISRAEL, of Donaldsonville, in theparish of Ascension and State of 5 Louisiana., haveV invented a new and useful Improvement rifi-Shackles, of which ythe following is a'speciiication. 7 Our inventionl relates tok an improved I shackle for securing prisoners; and it consists,

with allock and withhandcuffs for holding the prisoners hands down in front of him in an easy comfortable position, and in a position which will prevent him from running rapidly 15 or offering great resistance. l The invention also consists in certain details Y of construction and combinations ofparts here-4 inafter described and claimed. y

In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is 2o a plan of our improved shackle. Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view through the end piece,rB, and the keeper thereon. y Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view through the end plate, the keeper,'and the hasp; and Fig. 4 is 2 5 a plan of the end piece andthe keeper.

A represents a belt, preferably fornned of wireand provided at one end with an end.V

piece, B, having on-its outer face a keeper, C',

open at both ends. The keeper C is provided 3o with a transverse key-hole, c', and on its inner face, just in front ofthe key-hole and parallel therewith, is formed a ribl or strike, C. To the opposite end of the belt, in line therewith, is secured a sectional hasp formed of sections 5 D D D2, hingedv together so as to render the` Y hasp flexible and allow it to conform to the body of the wearer. c l

d d d are yielding catches connectedat their inner edgesto the several sections and inclin- 4o ing outward and toward the inner end of the i Y hasp so as to be depressed successively as they'v pass under the rib or strike C in the passage of the hasp into the keeper C. Springs are placed under the several catches to throw themY Serial No.1253,571. (No model.) Y

outward, as best shown in Fig.` 3.A 4 It 'will bel 1,5

readily seen that while the v"severa-l catches may readily pass the; rib or strike C when the -hasp is forced inward the free edge' of rone ofA them will contact with theirib orstrikeif an attempt should Ybe. made to withdraw the A5o formed of twoy hingedsections and connected to the keeper or end piece by a short section' of chain,re e, so as to allow the'hands of the prisoner some movement, in order thatghe may not be tortured, as would be the case ifthe 6o y belt or its attached parts. *Y I Having thus described our invention, what we claim as'new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is I 1. Ina shackle, the combination, withl the end piece provided with a keeper havinga Y transverse key-hole and. a rib or strike on its inner face in front of the key-hole,of the Ahasp l provided with spring-catches,.substantially as 7o set forth'. l

2. As an improved article of manufacture, a Y shackle consisting ofthe belt, the endV piece at one end thereof provided with a keeper havcuffs werenot mo'vably connected with the ingatransverse key-hole and a rib or strike Y 5A on its inner face in front ofand parallel with the said key-hole, the sectionalr hasp secured tothe opposite end ofthe beltand having rearward-inclined"spring-catches on, the4 sev- .l A eral sectionsand the two handcuffs. to-r en- 8c circle the prisoners wrists connected'tothe keeper by the short chain-sections,substan.-v v

ytially as set forth. y i


Witnesses: f

JosA. DorFEL,y l?. A. JONES.'

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Cooperative ClassificationE05B75/00