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Publication numberUS3810470 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 14, 1974
Filing dateJun 15, 1971
Priority dateJun 15, 1971
Publication numberUS 3810470 A, US 3810470A, US-A-3810470, US3810470 A, US3810470A
InventorsGunten L Von
Original AssigneeGunten L Von
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Nestable pill-administering drinking vessel
US 3810470 A
Nestable pill-administering vessels and nests thereof. Each vessel has an interior pill support, and the vessel wall is dished in beneath the support to allow nesting.
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[111 3,810,470 1451 May 14, 1974 lJnited States Patent 1191 Von Gunten 228 K22 5227 6 4 I800/ .ll. 2 .2

FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS Mn N mm mm w m n n u ou 3 O1. G n m er Y nOi eoaha HVZTC 90062 46666 99999 HHHHH 2 607 74747 994 8 40. 29085 6 474 7 9 1 22233 m m .m N G N W9 I m m mm N m W G L m ME Vh L L H md EG LR N: B] .1 AK m TN n SI- C ER v NDh .4 Q U W.

22 Filed: Junel5,l97l

App1.No.: 153,357

509,453 7/1939 Great Britain 206/65 K R ferences Cited Each vessel has an interior pill support, and the vessel UNITED STATES PATENTS wall is dished in beneath the support to allow nesting.

2,447,045 Amberg 206/65 K 9 Claims, 2 Drawing Figures PATENTEBHAY 14 um INVENTOR. LEO I VON GUNTEN BY (a r W8 7 vessels. Any sort of open-work support may be used which NESTABLE PILL-ADMINISTERING DRINKING VESSEL v The invention relates to nestable, pill-administering cups or other drinking vessels and to a nest of such drinking vessels.

My U.S. Pat. No. 2,919,694 relates to a drinking vessel with an open-work support for a pill. After a pill has been placed on the support and a drinkusually water-has been placed in the vessel, when the vessel is raised to ones mouth and tipped for drinking, the drink washes the pill into the mouth with it. I

This invention relates to nestable drinking vessels designed for the same purpose. The vessel may be molded of plastic, or it may be glass or porcelain, etc. Ordinarily, there is no handle on it. A paper vessel with handles foldable against the vessel might be used.

One side of the bottom portion of the vessel is dished in to make the vessel nestable with other identical vessels, the dished portion permitting two or more of the vessels to be nested. Aside from the dished-in portion, the vessel is usually the shape ofa tumbler. To be nestable, the wall at the top is of a larger radius than at the bottom.

The dished-in portion of the vessel usually extends from the bottom up, but it is conceivable that it may start above the bottom. This would not usually be practical for two vessels that are nestable when in the upright position. It is conceivable that two vessels could be nested by providing a dished-in portion somewhat larger than the support and nesting two vessels by tipping one or both of them. For example, the vessels may not be very tall, and by tippingthe upper of two vessels so that its dished-in portion is above the support, and then bringing the upper vessel to the upright position while enclosing the sides and bottom of the'support of the lower vessel within the dished-in portion of the upper vessel, the two may be nested. This would not be practical for cups, for instance, which are to be nested in large quantities.

The invention is further described in connection with the accompanying drawing, in which FIG. 1 is a plan view of a cup, and

FIG. 2 is an elevationof a nest of two of the cups, the lower being a section.

The cross sections of each cup are circular and increase in diameter from the bottom to the top, except that the bottom portion of the wall of cup 1 is dished-in at 2. The wall portion 2 is flat or otherwise shaped to accommodate the openwork support ofa like cup when the two are vertically nested. The nest may comprise as many as or or more identical cups or other supports the pill and allows the drink to wash it from the support when the drink is drunk. The support shown comprises a plurality'of separate fins 5 which project from the wall of the cup in parallel spaced relation with spaces 6 between them for the liquid being drunk to flow through. The fins extend upward at their inner edges to prevent the pill from rolling over the edge of the support when the vessel is placed upright. The support may be provided with sides to make it generally cup-shaped and this might be desirable for large spherical pills, but usually the fins are spaced sufficiently to hold a spherical pill against lateral roll. However, a cup-shaped support may be desirable when several pills are to be taken at one time.

The vessels shown in the drawings are molded of plastic. The wall 2, under the support, is flat and slants outward. This allows a core to be withdrawn from the cup after molding, and this makes the cup of a very atshaped as a tumbler, but may be of any design suitable for a drinking vessel, with the open-work support located within it at any desirable location, but preferably above the bottom half of the cup.

FIG. 2 shows two of the cups nested together. The wall 2 of the upper vessel, under the fins, is in a plane with the front of the fins. The front of the fins need not extend in a straight line from the wall on one side of the vessel to the wall on the other side, but if it does the vessel nests more readily than if the cup must be turned so that the wall 2 embraces the front of a support which does not extend from the wall on one side of it to the wall on the other side.

I claim:

1. In an open-ended pill administering drinking vessel of plastic, glass or porcelain with an open-work support having passages therethrough, which support projects inwardly from one side of the vessel for the support of a pill, cross-sections throughout the height of the vessel increasing toward the open end thereof, the improvement which'comprises the wall directly under the support of the vessel being dished in to fit over the support of an identical vessel when nested below it, so that a plurality of said identical vessels are nestable.

2. The vessel of claim 1 in which the support is lo cated above the bottom half of the vessel.

3. The vessel of claim 1 in which the wall directly under the support is substantially flat.

4. A nest of interengaged identical drinking vessels defined in claim 1.

5. A nest of interengaged identical drinking vessels defined in claim 2.

6. A nest of identical drinking vessels defined in claim 3.

7. The vessel of claim 1 in which only the wall directly under the support is dished in.

8. in an open-ended pilladministering drinking vessel which comprises an open-work support having passages therethrough, a support projecting inwardly from only one side of the vessel for the support of a pill, cross-sections of the'vessel increasing toward the open end of the vessel, the improvement in which a portion of the wall which is the width of said support is dished in from substantially the level of the bottom of said support to substantially the end of the vessel opposite said fined in claim 8.

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