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Publication numberUS3811543 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 21, 1974
Filing dateOct 3, 1972
Priority dateOct 3, 1972
Publication numberUS 3811543 A, US 3811543A, US-A-3811543, US3811543 A, US3811543A
InventorsParrochia M
Original AssigneeParrochia M
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Garment bag
US 3811543 A
A garment bag of the folding type is provided with a flat, hollow, open ended cover, having a pair of major side surfaces. A grip is fixed to each end of the cover, each grip extending along the entire periphery of the end and having a pair of outwardly extending, oppositely disposed handles integrally formed therein. The grips at each end may be locked together in order to close the respective end and, when the bag is folded, the grips of one end may be locked to the grip of the other end to facilitate carrying.
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GARMENT BAG The present invention is directed at improvements to garment bags. More particularly, it is directed at improvements in bags that are constructed in such a way that they may be used either for carrying the garment or for protecting it inside a closet, wardrobe or other storage space.

Bags of the type in question consist of a plastic cover having a flat profile. Each end of the bag is provided with a carrying handle, which handles may be joined together in the hand following transversal folding of the bag containing the garment. One end of the cover is left open to permit introduction of the garment on its hanger, while the opposite end is partially closed, there being a short central space for the passage of the hook of the aforementioned hanger, which .hook is thus placed between the two carrying handles.

The grips or handles generally consist of a straight reinforcing strip bonded either to only one of the thicknesses or folds of the cover, thus forming the opening, or to both thicknesses or folds at the opposite end. Experience has shown that the plastic cover'frequently tears at the extremities of the-handles or grips, that is to say, in the zones where it is not reinforced. In addition, there is often tearing along the sides of the free central space provided in the closed end of the cover for the passage of the hanger hook.

The improvements according to the present invention are directed at remedying'the aforesaid disadvantages, thereby permitting "constructionof a bag of the above-mentioned type which meets the various practical requirements especially well.

The bag according to the present invention is characteri'zed by the fact that each grip or reinforcement extends at least along the two straight portions of the periphery of the corresponding end, both ends being open. Each grip or reinforcement is provided with two handles which are located opposite each other, each' flat major surface of the bag having a handle associated therewith.

Each grip preferablyextends over the entire periphery of each end of the cover, so that the cover is reinforced along the entire length of each of its transversal ends, thereby eliminating any risk of tearing. After the garment is placed inside the bag, the bag is folded transversely so that the four handles are-placed side-byside, thus offering a wide gripping surface for the tingers of the user. It will be noted that the introduction of the garment intothe bag is greatly facilitated by the two open ends.

Each grip is further provided with means permitting the closing of the corresponding end of the cover. These means can advantageously comprise snap-in elements provided opposite each other on the two straight portions of each grip. In addition, each grip may be provided with a clasp directed towards the interior of i the cover and constructed so as to hold the hanger with the garment in place.

The attached drawing, given as an example, permits a better understanding of the invention, its characteristics and the advantages it may afford. In the drawing:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a bag according to the invention, shown in the normal position inside a storage space.

FIG. 2 is a plan view of the two grips of the bag according to FIG. 1, following transversal folding.

FIG. 3 shows a perspective view of the clasp for bold ing the hanger hook in place.

FIG. 4 is a perspective view of the bag in the folded carrying position.

The bag shown in FIG. 1 includes the usual cover 1 of synthetic material, showing a flat profile'in cross section. One of the majorsurfaces of this cover is transparent, while the other major surface is opaque to permit the printing of advertising or other announcements thereon. Each of the ends of this cover lis equipped with a grip 2 destined to reinforce that end and to permit the carrying and suspension of the bag containing a garment.

As is more especially shown in FIG. 2, each grip follows the flat profile of the cover 1 so as to extend about the entire periphery of the end considered, the end being thus reinforced and protected without any interruption in continuity. Each grip 2 is of molded plastic material and is attached to the cover by welding or bonding. The two straight portions of each grip 2 have an outwardly extending portion forming a carrying handle 3 and a plurality of outwardly protruding lugs 4 provided opposite each othenOf each pair of oppositely provided lugs, one has a laterally protruding button while the other has a corresponding perforation so as to permit joining thereof in the manner of two snap-in elements. It will be noted that at least one of the lugs 4 on each grip has a button directed towards the opposite grip so as to co-operate with-the corresponding lug on the opposite grip. This particular dual purpose lug is referenced as 4' and ensures additional joining of the two straight portions of each grip 2.

One of the two portions of each grip includes a unitary central clasp 5 (FIG. 3) facing inwardly of the cover. This clasp 5 is perforated at 5a adjacentthe grip and is provided with an internal button 5b which may be snapped into the aforesaid perforation.

Since the bag is open at its two extremities at the level of the grips 2, it is understood that the garment held by the hanger 6 may be readily introduced into the cover 1, the user pushing the hanger up with one hand from the bottom and pulling it up through the top opening. As indicated in FIG. 1, the hook 7 of the hanger 6 is held by means of the clasp 5 of the upper grip 2, the elements 5a, 5b being, in their locked position. The snap-in elements on the lugs 4 of each grip 2 are closed and then the bag containing the gannent is transversely folded'as shown in FIG. 4.'The four handles 3 are thus placed side-by-side, offering a wide gripping surface for the hand of the user. The two grips are joined together by means of the lugs 4' so as to facilitate carrying.

The gannent thus packed may be easily transported.

It is understood that the bag may later be advantageously used to protect the garment inside a closet or other storage space. When used in this manner, the bag is unfolded and the two handles 3 surrounding the hook 7 are suspended from a rod or other similar support.

It must also be understood that the description which precedes has only been given as an example and that it in no way limits the scope of the invention as defined in the appended claims. I

The embodiments of the invention in which an exclusive property or privilege is claimed are defined as follows:

1. A garment bag of the folding type comprising a flat, hollow, open ended cover having a pair of major side surfaces and a grip fixed to each end of the cover,

said ends of said cover.

4. A bag according to claim 2 wherein said clasp means includes snap-in means for locking said clasp means in a folded-over condition, the hanger being held in the fold formed therein.

5. A bag according to claim 1 wherein the grip at one of said ends is provided with snap-in means for cooperation with similar snap-in means in the grip at the other end, thereby permitting locking together of the two ends when the bag is in a folded condition.

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE CERTIFICATE OF CORRECTION Patent No. 3, 8l l 5 4j mr flfl w Da d May 2 1 7 Inventor s) Maxime Parroch e' V It is certified that error appears in the above-identified patent and that said Letters Patent are hereby corrected as shown below:

The heading of the patent should be corrected to show the Priority Document:

February 7, 1972 France 72.04395 Signed and sealed this 29th day of October 1974.

(SEAL) Attest:

McCOY M. GIBSON JR. C. MARSHALL DANN Arresting Officer Commissioner of Patents US COMM-DC 60376-P69 u.5. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: I969 O-366-33A FORM PO-l 050 (10-69)

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