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Publication numberUS3812340 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 21, 1974
Filing dateMay 11, 1973
Priority dateMay 11, 1973
Publication numberUS 3812340 A, US 3812340A, US-A-3812340, US3812340 A, US3812340A
InventorsBrandt M
Original AssigneeBrandt M
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Light for chemical sprayer
US 3812340 A
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me ntea m ma i ara ta:

United States Patent [191 Brandt [in 3,812,340 May 21, 1974 LIGHT FOR CHEMICAL SPRAYER [76] Inventor: Michael W. Brandt, 802 Highpoint,

Apt. 29, Stillwater, Okla. 74074 [22] Filed: May 11, 1973 [21] App]. N0.: 359,350

[52] US. Cl. 240/2 FD, 240/6.4 R [51] Int. Cl. F2lv 33/00 [58] Field of Search 240/2, 2 FD, 6.4

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,962,817 6/1934 Haury 240/2 FD 1,153,044 9/1915 Dunham 240/2 FD X 1,181,261 5/1916 Schmidt 240/2 FD 1,670,426 5/1928 Weber 240/2 FD 1,962,816 6/1934 Haury 240/2 FD 2,252,267 8/1941 Lofgren 240/2 FD 2,415,991 2/1947 Christian 240/6.4 R 2,563,693 8/1951 Russell 240/6.4 R X FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS 256,141 8/1926 Great Britain 240/2 FD Primary Examiner-Richard M. Sheer Attorney, Agent, or Firm-Howard E. Moore; Gerald G. Crutsinger 5 7 ABSTRACT An attachment for a portable chemical spray apparatus comprising a disc having an annularlip about the periphery thereof connectable to the lower end of a pressurized container for securing batteries under the container and forming a bumper about the edge of the container. A hollow tube through which wires extend has a lower end secured to the annular lip and has a loop about the upper end thereof positionable about a hose connecting the pressurized container with a spray gun. A light is mounted on the spray'gun to illuminate an area prior to spraying insecticide thereon.

3 Claims, 3 Drawing Figures ll LIGHT FOR CHEMICAL SPRAYIER BACKGROUND OF INVENTION A compressed air sprayer comprising a container having a l to gallon volume connected by a flexible hose to a spray gun is generally employed in exterminating insects in and around residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The container generally has a handle secured to the upper end thereof to facilitate carrying and has an air pump employed for pressuring the container.

Poisonous pesticides should not be applied to areas unless needed. Therefore, an inspection of a facility is generally conducted to locate infestation sites in order to determine where chemicals should be applied.

For such inspections, a flashlight has heretofore been considered an essential tool since insects such as cockroaches normally live in dark, secluded areas. A flashlight is also required for detecting signs of rodent activity and for making termite inspections in darkened areas since crawl spaces of buildings must be examined carefully for evidence of infestation.

Conventionally, an exterminator carries a flashlight and a compressed air sprayer throughout a facility, simultaneously inspecting and spraying pesticides in infested areas. However, simultaneous use of a flashlight and a compressed air sprayer is difficult since the pesticide container might weigh for example 30 pounds reqn'i'rihgtiie use of one hand of the exterminator while manipulation of the spray gun requires the use of the other hand. Obviously, it is awkward to carry the pesticide container and manipulate a flashlight and a spray gun simultaneously.

Where space permits, exterminators often work in teams of two men, one of which conducts an inspection to locate infested areas, while the other man manipulates the pesticide spray apparatus.

SUMMARY OF INVENTION I have devised an improved light attachment connectable to a conventional compressed air spray apparatus wherein a light source is mounted on a spray gun such that the area toward which the spray gun is pointed will be illuminated.

Batteries supplying electricity to the light source are connected to a disc having a resilient annular lip about the periphery thereof arranged to be stretched over the lower end of the pressurized pesticide container. This permits attachment of batteries to 'a conventional container without modification of the container, provides a resilient bumper about the lower end of the container to minimize damage to furniture, woodwork and the like in a facility where pests are being exterminated, and provides storage space for spare parts of spray apparatus such as spare nozzles, orifice plates and light bulbs.

The disc having the annular lip about the periphery thereof has a hollow tube formed integrally therewith that extends upward from the annular lip. Wires connecting batteries to the source of light are embedded in the disc and the annular lip, and extend upward through the hollow tube.

The hollow tube has a loop about the upper end thereof through which the hose connecting the container with a spray gun extends. The wires extend from the hollow tube along the hoze of the sprayer to a light bulb connected to the spray gun.

The light bulb is employed in association with suitable reflectors, focusing apparatus and the like for directing light to illuminate an area in front of the outlet opening through which pesticide is dispensed from the spray gun. Thus, as the spray gun is pointed, when the light is turned on, the area toward which the gun is pointed is illuminated.

A primary object of the invention is to provide an attachment connectable to conventional pressurized pesticide spray apparatus arranged to illuminate an area at which a spray gun is pointed permitting spraying of pesticide in the illuminated area by an operator holding a spray gun in one hand and the pressurized container in the other hand.

Another object of the invention is to provide a light source connectable to pesticide spray apparatus which is connectable to the spray apparatus without modification thereof.

A further object of the invention is to provide a light source for use with pesticide spray apparatus wherein a source of electricity is remotely connected to a light source carried by a spray gun so as to minimize obstruction to vision of an operator during the use of the spray equipment.

A further object is to provide a spray gun and light associated to enable the operator to become aware of potential hazards such as electrical wiring, and sensitive materials upon which liquid should not be sprayed.

Other and further objects of the invention will become apparent upon referring to the detailed description hereinafter following and to the drawings annexed hereto.

DESCRIPTION OF DRAWING Drawings of a preferred embodiment of the invention are annexed hereto, so that the invention may be better and more fully understood, in which:

FIG. I is an elevational view of pressurized pesticide spray apparatus having the improved lighting apparatus connected thereto, parts being broken away to more clearly illustrate details of construction,

FIG. II is a perspective view of battery support mean connectable to the lower end of a pressurized container; and

FIG. III is an elevational view of a connector employed for securing a light source to a spray gun.

Numeral references are employed to designate like parts throughout the various figures of the drawing.

DESCRIPTION OF A PREFERRED EMBODIMENT Referring to FIG. I of the drawing, the numeral 1 generally designates a cylindrical shaped container having side walls 2, a bottom 4, welded or otherwise secured to the lower end of the side walls, and a top wall 6. Top wall 6 has an air pump secured thereto communicating with the inside of the container.

The air pump comprises a stuffing box 8 having suitable seal apparatus therein through which a plunger having a handle 10 and piston (not shown) is slideably disposed. Conventional locking apparatus is employed for detachably securing handle 10 in the position-illustrated in FIG. I.

When it is desired to increase pressure inside the container I handle 10 is rotated, for example 35, permitting movement thereof relative to container 1 for pumping air into the container increasing pressure therein.

A hose 12 is secured by a suitable coupling 14 to a pressure tube 16 having a lower end positioned adjacent the bottom 4 of container 1.

The other end of hose 12 is connected by a threaded connector 18 to a conventional spray gun 20 having a suitable valve actuated by a trigger 22 disposed therein for controlling fluid which is dispensed from nozzle 24.

Pressurized container 1 and spray gun 20 are of conventional design and are described herein only to illustrate a suitable form of apparatus to which the light source is connectable.

Battery support apparatus 30, illustrated in FIG. II, comprises a disc 32 having an upwardly extending annular lip 34 secured about the periphery thereof.

Upwardly extending anchor lugs 36 and 38 are secured to disc 32 and have suitable electrically conductive contacts 40 and 42 mounted thereon.

An upwardly extending hollow tube 44 is secured to annular lip 34 and has a coupling receiving loop 46 having an aperture 48 formed therein secured to the upper end thereof.

Insulated conductor wires 50 and 52 have ends connected to contacts 40 and 42 respectively and are embedded in disc 32 and annular lip 34, and extend through hollow tube 44.

As best illustrated in FIG. I, a battery 45 is positionable between contacts 40 and 42 for connecting conductor 50 and conductor 52 to opposite poles of battery 45.

In the particular embodiment of the invention illustrated in the drawing, contact 40 comprises a coil spring constructed of electrically conductive material arranged to urge poles of battery 45 into intimate conductive relation with the respective contacts 40 and 42.

Wires 50 and 52 extend through an insulated conduit 54 which is attached to hose 12 of the spray apparatus by suitable fasteners 56.

Wire 50 is connected to a switch 58 which is connected through a wire 60 to a socket 62 having a light bulb 64 mounted therein. Wire 52 is connected to socket 62 completing a circuit from battery 45 through contact 42, wire 52, switch 48, and wire 60 through the filament of bulb 64, through wire 50 and contact 40 to the opposite terminal of battery 45.

A reflector 66 is positioned about bulb 64 for directing light in a direction toward which nozzle 24 of spray gun 20 is directed.

A connector 70, best illustrated in FIG. Ill, comprises an elongated body having a deflected central portion 72 joining an upwardly extending lug 74, having an aperture 75 extending therethrough,-and clamping apparatus comprising legs 76 and 78 having aligned aperturesthrough lower ends thereof to receive a bolt 80.

Socket 62 is positioned through aperture 75 and retained therein by a lock nut 63. Legs 76 and 78 of gripping engagement with surfaces of the spray gun.

From the foregoing it should be readily apparent that battery support means 30 can be attached to a conventional pressurized pesticide spray container 1 by merely positioning the lower end of side walls 2 of the container inside the upwardly extending annular lip 34 which is stretched slightly causing lip 34 to frictionally engage side walls 2 of the container.

Hose 12 is disconnected from container 1 and passed through opening 48 in loop 46 on the upper end of hol-- low tubular member 44 and then connected to the container 1.

Switch 56 is connected to the handle 21 of spray gun 20 by suitable connector means 59. When the outer extremity of spray gun 20 has been positioned between legs 76 and 78 and locked in position by tightening wing nut 82 the installation of the light source to spray gun 20 is complete.

It should be readily apparent that when switch 56 is closed an electrical circuit is completed to the light bulb 64 which will cause the area adjacent dispensing nozzle 24 of spray gun 20 to be illuminated.

Container 1 can be carried in one hand by grasping handle 10 and spray gun 20 can be pointed in any desired direction for conducting a search for infestation sites. When an infestation site is located the operator need merely press trigger 22 causing pesticide to be sprayed from the dispensing nozzle 24.

It should be appreciated that other and further forms of the invention may be devised without departing from the basic concept thereof.

Having described my invention, I claim:

1. An attachment for a portable spray apparatus having a pressure container with upper and lower ends, a hose having opposed ends, a spray gun attached to one end of the hose, a hose coupling at the other end of the hose for securing the hose to the upper end of the pressure container, the improvement comprising: a light source; connector means secured to said light source for securing said light source to the spray gun; a resilient annular disc having a surface with spaced lugs secured thereto; contacts on each of said lugs; means to urge said contacts into conductive relation with a battery positioned between the contacts; a resilient annular lip upstanding from the surface of said disc and extending around the periphery of said disc defining a cavity, said resilient lip being stretchable to receive the lower end of the container within said cavity; a hollow tube having opposed ends, one end of said tube being secured to said disc; flexible conductors secured to said light source and to said contacts, said conductors extending through saidtube; a flexible loop element secured to the other end of said tube and having an open ing extending therethrough for securing the other end of said tube to the hose coupling; and means to secure said loop element to said hollow tube.

2. The attachment called for in claim 1 wherein the connector means comprisesran elongated body having an aperture formed therein; means to secure said light source through said aperture; clamp means on said body spaced from said aperture; and means to secure said clamp means to the spray gun.

3. An attachment connectable to a portable spray apparatus having a container, a spray gun and a hose operatively connecting the spray gun to the container comprising: a disc; a battery; means to secure said battery to said disc; an annular lip upstanding from said disc and extending about the periphery of said disc defining a cavity, said lip being deformable to grippingly engage an end of the container within said cavity; a hollight bulb; means to secure said light bulb to the spray gun; means to secure an end of one of said wires to said light bulb; a switch; means to secure an end of one of the wires to said switch; and means to connect said switch with said light bulb.

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