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Publication numberUS381342 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 17, 1888
Filing dateSep 8, 1887
Publication numberUS 381342 A, US 381342A, US-A-381342, US381342 A, US381342A
InventorsLevi Justus De Land
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Levi justus de land
US 381342 A
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- 2. 'I l l -PatentedAprf 17" 18.88" I' I. l y

ifIWHUHIIHummm Immune" llWHWllmlllllmlllllllll ia w l @muni ,l l Y.


SPECIFICATION form/ing part of Letters Parent Ivo. l381,342, dated april 17. 1888- f I vApplication filed September 2, 188)"1.` Serial No. 248,625. i (No model.)

T @ZZ whom timmy concern:

Beit known that I, LEVI JusTUs DE LAND,

y of Fairport, in the county of Monroe and State.

of New York, have invented a newand useful Improvement ijn Bulletin-Boards, of which the following is a specification.' Y

My invention is an improved bulletin-board,

and seeks, among other improvements, to provide'a simple construction by which to jhold a number of tablets or cards which'may be differently inscribed, and may be changed as often as desired for the purpose yof exhibiting different signs-from time to time.

The invention consists in certain features of constructlon and novel combinations of parts,-

. as will be hereinafter described and claimed.

In the drawings,vFignre l 'is a perspective view of my invention. Fig. 2 is adetail perspective view of one of the side pockets, and Fig. 3 is a detached section illustrating the connection between one ofthe side rails and v one of the cross-bars of the'framing.

The framing shown consists-of legs or side rails, A, and the top and bottom cross-bars,

B and C, Whichare connected -with the side rails by the aid of -metal straps D, which are looped around the side rails and secured, by bolts d orl in other suitable manner, to the side rails. 1 These straps are preferred, and it is also preferred to seat them in transverse grooves a, formed in the side rails, as such construction Y serves to prevent any movement of the straps along the side rails without-necessitating the driving of screws or nails into the siderails for such purpose. The rails A are provided with side pockets, E,. which open inward toward each other and have bottoms e, which bear ythe side rails, which extensions are bent at approximately right angles, as shown,and form the'bottoms e of the pockets. This construction of pockets is very lsimple and inexpensive, and efficiently serves to secure the tablets G in position. The tablets may be seen from At their lower,

both sides. Thus two differentsigns vor. no-


tices can'be exhibited at the same time. `These tablets, as will bereadilyunderstood,"maybe inscribed in'.v any suitable manner, and. by changing the positions'of the tablets from'tlme to'. time, bringing different tablets to the front, aigreat variety of signs may be`used. The pockets may be' fitted to contain oneor-more dozen orp any other suitable number of tablets;

The tablets G may beof card-board, l.tln'n.

ymetalor other suitable material.

joint or inother suitablefmanner, instead ofF r'bythe straps shown. a y, v

By forming the pockets through. the ald of.V

4'the Vplates E, secured to thel side uprights and Y projected inwardly therefrom, I not only provide `a cheap construction by reason of the.

Manifestly the cross-bars B and C maybe' v connected with' the-side rails, A, by\mort1se f y economy of material used and the ease of,v

making it, but I provide a space for the bulletin coextensive withthethickness of the side uprights, giving the board a large capacityfor lholding bulletins, Vso that agreat number. may

be secured therein.

claim as new is- Having thus described myV-invention, 'what I n '1. Thebulletin-boardherein described, conf sisting of the uprights AA,"havin'g transverse grooves a aformed in them, the cross-bars B C, the strapsl D, looped around the -uprights A, and-seated' inthe grooves a thereof, and

lapped at'their ends on opposite sides of the said cross-bars, and the plates E, secured` to the opposite sides of the uprights'A A, andv projected beyond the inner edges thereof, all

substantially as and for the purposes specified. f

2. In al bulletin-board,- Athe combination of side rails, plates secured to the oppositey sides of lsaid rails and projected inwardly past the inn'erffaces of said rails, formingvpockets loe-- tween saidrails, whereby bulletins supported y thereby may be seen from either sider ofthe bulletin-board, substantially as set-forth.

- 3. In a bulletin-board, the combination of the side railsthe crossbaror bars connecting suchrails, and-theplatessecured to the'side rails and extended pasttheinneredges thereof, forming the sides of the pockets, such platesbeing provided at their lower ends with extensions bent at right angles to themainv por- Ico' tions of the plates, forming the bott-oms of the pockets, substantially as and for the purposes specified.

4. The herein-described bulletin-board comprising the side rails provided with pockets to receive the bulletins, the cross-bars extended between said side rails, and the straps D, looped around the rails and secured tothe cross-bars, substantially asset forth.

5. The improved bulletin-board herein described, consisting of the side rails, the crossbars, the straps D, looped around the rails and secured to the cross-bars, and the plates E, secured to the side rails and projected inwardly past the inner edges thereof, forming pockets 15 betweensaid siderails,substantially assetforth.



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