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Publication numberUS381355 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 17, 1888
Filing dateAug 17, 1887
Publication numberUS 381355 A, US 381355A, US-A-381355, US381355 A, US381355A
InventorsEdwin Firth
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Manufacture of axle-skeins
US 381355 A
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(No MOG-8.1.) MANUFAGTURB of XLS SKEINS. fifa* pr. 17, 1888..v





SPECIPICATIQN formingpart of Letters Patent No. 381,355, dated April` 1'7, 1888.] -K L Applierrtion atea August laissa-.senatNo.241,195. (No model.)

To all whom "it may concern: t L

Be it known that we, EDWINy FIRTH, AL-

of the UnitedStates, residing at Troy, in the county of Rensselaer and State of New York, have invented anew and useful Improvement in Vehicle Axle-Boxes and in Processes for Manufacturing` the Same, of which the following is a specification. Y

vOurihvention relates to an improvement inyehicle axle-boxes and in processes for manufacturing the same; and it consists, first, in an axle-box made of a single `piece of colddrawn seamless steel tubing; secondly, in the method of making the-.axle-box, consisting in placing a suitable length of cold-drawn seamllesssteel tubing in atapered vdie lof suitable size, and then compressing or dropping into the said seamless tubing a tapered spindle or former of suitable size and shape, which presses kinto the said tubing and forms the samein thedie, and thereby adapts it tothe contour of ,the latter, thus constructingan axle-box without seams orwelding and vof a single integral piece, as will be more fully set 'forth hereinafter, and particularly pointed ou in the claims. I

In the accompanying' drawings, Figure l is a perspective view ot' a tubular blank for forming an axle-box. Fig. 2 is an elevation ofthe axle-box when completed. Fig. 3 is an elevation, partly in section, illustrating the die and the hammer carrying thepunches or formers for shaping the blank in the die, and thereby forming the axle-box.

Our method of/making the axle-b0X is asv follows: We first take a piece of ycold-drawn seamless steel tubing of suitable length and size, which forms ablank,a, such as shown in Fig. 1, and place thc saine inadie, b, of suitable size and tapered, as shown. hub, c, is journaled to a vertically-movable hammer, d, Vwhich is varranged over the die, and to the said revolving hub is attached aseries of radiating punches or formers, e, f,and g. The punch e approximates somewhat roughly the shape of the interior of the boxv t'o be formed. The punch f more nearly approaches the shape of the interior of the box, and the punch g is of exactly the size and shape of the spindle on which the axle-box is to turn when applied to the vehicle. The hammer d, after A revolving primaryformer or punch e over the die, isde pressed, and thereby causes the said punchor former to enter the die and formv the blank,

isturned so as to cause the secondary punch or formerf to range with the die, and the hamthe huby has been turned so'as to arrangethe' 55 Aand thereby impart the required taper to the blank'. The hammer is then raised to withdraw the primary punch or former e, thehub p meris then depressed so as to forcethe 'sai'd t punchf into thev die and thereby causewthe l blank to approach somewhatv moreeloselytyits final shape. yThe hammer is then again raised, the hub rotating toA cause the finishing punch orformerg to alignwith the die, and the hammer listhen depressed so as to force the said punch .or former and impart the desired final' configuration to the box. i

An axle-box' thus constructed is exceedlngly vstrong and durable, inasmuch as it is made 'of .a single integral piece of seamless steel tubing,

In Fig. 2 vwe illustrategtheform application of Edwin Firth for apateut for an f improvement in vehicle-axles, filed-this day.

Having thusy described Y ourinvention, we.4

clairn- A 1. `As a newarticle of manufacture, an axlebox made ofa single piece of cold ldrawnseamless steel tubing, substantially as described.

2. The combination of the die to receive the V blank, the vertically-movable hammer, thero-V tating/ hub journaled to the hammer, yand the series of vpunches or formers attached to thel said hubaud radiatingtherefrom,substantially -r as described. u In testimony that we claiml'the foregoing as our own we have hereto axed our signatures A in presence of two witnesses. l 'y EDWIN EIETH,



(Witnesses: Y


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