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Publication numberUS3814099 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 4, 1974
Filing dateSep 20, 1972
Priority dateSep 20, 1972
Publication numberUS 3814099 A, US 3814099A, US-A-3814099, US3814099 A, US3814099A
InventorsP Kobler
Original AssigneeP Kobler
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US 3814099 A
A catamenial tampon provided with a withdrawal cord and a moisture repellent foil, said foil lined inside with a smoothly gliding material, the wrapping of the tampon held together by a band or similar means or by pushing the tampon partly through a hole in the packing material.
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United States Patent [191 Kobler [5 1 TAMPQNS [76] Inventor: Paul Kobler, 31 Fenimore St.,

Lynbrook, NY. 11563 22 Filed: Sept. 20, 1972 211 App1.No.:290,732

[52] US. Cl. 128/285 [51] Int. Cl. A61f 13/20 [58] Field of Search 128/263, 270, 271, 285

' [56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS Winter 128/263 June 4, 1 974 3,058,469 10/1962 Cruckford 128/263 3.135.262 6/1964 Kobler et a1. 1211/285 3,156,240 11/1964 Harrison et a1. 128/271 3,674,029 7/1972 Bates tal. 128/285 Primary Examiner-Charles Rosenbaum [57] ABSTRACT I A catamenial tampon provided with a withdrawal cord and a moisture repellent foil, said foillined inside with a smoothly gliding material, the wrapping of the lampon held together by a band or similar means or by pushing the tampon partly through a hole in the packing material.

2 Claims, 7 Drawing Figures l TAMPONS The present invention relates to a catamenial tampon of compressed absorbent material and provided with a withdrawal cord. said tampon being enclosed in a protective wrapping which opens like an umbrella for introducing the tampon into the vagina and thus protects the hand or finger which introduces the tampon, the

place. To eliminate said rubber band the tampons may be sold as described. This new improvement is, that one end of the tampon, the end which is held with the fingers to introduce the tampon into the vagina, is standing out of the box, or out of a holder with holes,

whereby with one grasp the tampon is pulled out for use and introduced into the vagina.

This new packing arrangement and the lining of the plastic moisture repellant foil belong both to my invention. used either separately or both together. I

The present invention will now be described more fully with reference to the accompanying drawings illustrating, by way of example, several preferred forms of a tampon'according to the invention, and in which;

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a tampon and wrapper in unpacked condition. I

FIGS. 2 and 3 are side views of the tampon'during the wrapping operation.

It is not necessary that the gliding material 5 has the same size like the moisture repellent foil 3. It may also be a little smaller.

FIG. 3 shows, the wrapped tampon I the wrapping held together at one end with a small band 4.

F IG. 4 shows, a piecc of packing material 6, with several tampons I pushed partly through holes in said packing material.

The tampon end A which stands out from the packing material 6 are grasped one at a time by hand and pulled out of the packing material. The user continues to hold the same end A of the tampon when he opens the foil 3 with the lining 4 into an umbrella shape as seen in FIG. 2. Then holding the same end A of tampon I, the tampon is introduced into the vagina.

And now comes the most important part of the invention. As foil 3 is lined with gliding material 5 it is possible to push with one finger the tampon 1 far inside the vagina without feeling any irritation. Foil 3 out of moisture repelling material (preferably plastic) hurts and irritates without being lined by a gliding material 5. It is important to pushthe tampon ,1, almost 1 inch away from the opening of the vagina, as a closure muscle at the beginningof the vagina will hurt the user in case that muscle is situated over the tampon 1. Most users don t even try to push the plastic protective foil 3inside the vagina without a gliding material 5. The result is,

FIG. 4 is a front view of an example of an enclosed tampon pushed partly through holes in a'tampon holding piece.

FIG. 5 is a side view of FIG. 4. a a

FIG. 6 is another embodiment showing how the tampons are held inside a'box and in a side view. a

FIG. 7 is a cross-sectional view of the tampon holder seen in FIG. 6

The tampon 1 shown in FIG. I to 3, made of absorbent material as is usual, comprises a withdrawal cord 2 and a protective wrapping foil 3 of moisture repellent material. 1

In enclosing tampon l, the foil 3 is wrapped like an umbrella around tampon l by placing the lower end of tampon I with the attached withdrawal cord 2, into the middle of foil 3. By pushing-that end of tampon l together with the foil 3 through a hole in a tool, the foil with the withdrawal cord 2 is wrapped around tampon I or rather along the sides of tampon I. That part which extends over the tampon I, isthen bent backwards on one side of tampon l and very near the end of the wrapping held in place by'a rubber band 4. (FIG. 3) My invention is a further improvement of my brother Werner Kobler et al. US. Pat. No. 3,135,262 of June 2, I964, however as such, does not interfere with the claims of said patent. v l

FIG. 2 shows. the backfolded umhrellaportion of the wrapping material. We see the moisture repellent foil 3 lined with the smoothly gliding material 5 (preferably out of batiste).

that the tampon is not considered satisfactory and cannot be sold in great quantities.

FIG. 5 shows the tampon seen in FIG. 4 inside an outer box 7 with a cover 8. When cover 8 is lifted each tampon can be grasped with one hand and pulled out suppositories by doctors or patients in the human body,

as for instance when a patient suffers from hemorrhoids and as described in its-use by the German Pat. No.

l bly cotton batiste) by my invention.

Casser, Recklinghausen, Germany. said tampon being placed by the user in amositure repellent foil which is lined inside with a smoothly glidable material (prefera- What I claim is: 1. A-catamenial tampon comprising an elongated body of compressed absorbent material, provided with a withdrawal cord attached to said tampon body, a combination wrapper that can be opened in a finger protecting umbrella before inserting the tampon into the human body, said umbrella consisting of two different materials, an outside moisture repellantmaterial andan inside moisture absorbent material. preferably batiste a fine cotton fabric, the fingers grasping the cord end of the tampon, with the two wrappers around that end. unfolding said wrappers simultaneously into an open umbrella-shape, whereby the moisture repellant material protects the fingers and the glidable moisture absorbant material is exposed to touch the human skin outside and inside the human body when the tam- 4 out changing the hand-grasp on the protruding tamponend, said umbrella being unfolded with the other hand. the glidable moisture absorbent material. alone. com ing in contact with the skin. said absorbent material making it possible to slide the tampon with one of the protected fingers considerably deeper into the vagina away from the closure muscle;

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