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Publication numberUS3814428 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 4, 1974
Filing dateApr 13, 1973
Priority dateApr 13, 1973
Publication numberUS 3814428 A, US 3814428A, US-A-3814428, US3814428 A, US3814428A
InventorsFoley C
Original AssigneeFoley C
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Rotational energy absorbing target and projectile
US 3814428 A
Game apparatus comprising targets and missiles, the missiles each comprising a pair of weighted bags joined by a flexible web, the targets each comprising a stake having an arm extending outwardly therefrom adjacent its upper end, a missile when thrown at a target being adapted to drape on the arm thereof.
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United States Patent Foley 1 June 4, 1974 [5 1 ROTATIONAL ENERGY ABSORBING 2.811.358 10/1957 Ruth 273/102 R TARGET AND PROJECTILE 3,091,460 5/1963 Maldonado 273/106 R 3,100,642 8/1963 Goldstein 273/104 1 lnvemori Charles Frederifik Foley, 3908 3,586,330 6/1971 Lema 273/104 Merriam Rd., Minnetonka, Minn. 3,701,531 10/1972 Bowers 273/104 55343 [22] Filed; Apt 13 97 Primary ExaminerAnt0n O. Oechsle Assistant Examiner-Marvin Siskind 1 1 pp 350,833 Attorney, Agent, or Firm-Ross, Ross & Flavin [52] US. C1,, 273/95 R, 273/102 R, 273/106 R 57 ABSTRACT [51] Int. Cl A63b 71/02 [58 Field of Search 273/95 R, 100 R, 102 R, 1"? apparatus PP targets and 17118511, the 273/102 S, 104 106 R missiles each comprising a pair of weighted bags joined by a flexible web, the targets each comprising a [56] References cued stake having an armdextenditlig ogtwaadly therefrom ud'acent its upper en a missi e w en t rown at a tar- UNITED STATES PATENTS gei being adapted to drape on the arm thereof. 2,408,160 9/1946 Brunner 273/106 R 2,506,815 5/1950 1 Claim, 3 Drawing Figures Shaffer 273/106 B 1 ROTATIONAL ENERGY ABSORBING TARGET AND PROJECTILE The invention relates to a missile and target game having as its primary object the provision of a game wherewith a missile is thrown toward a target having supports thereon to receive the missile, with the position of the missile upon the supports of the target determining the value of points scored.

In the drawing:

FIG. 1 is a broken perspective view of one of the missiles and targets of the game of the invention;

FIG. 2 is a plan view of one of the missiles with parts broken away for purposes of clarity; and

FIG. 3 is a broken small scale perspective view of a modified form of target.

The game may be played by two or four players and includes a pair of targets and four missiles, two of which may be of one color and two of another color so as to distinguish between players or teams.

The targets may each be of unitary one-piece construction, such as the target 10 of FIG. 1, or they may be of two-part construction, such as the target 10' of FIG. 3.

The missiles 12 each comprise a pair of identical weighted bags 14 joined by a flexible web 16.

The missiles are formed from 'two confrontable sheets of such as a soft vinyl film l8 sealed together along their peripheral edges at 20 and at the ends of the web portion at 22 by such as a high frequency sealing machine. The resulting bags are each filled with a quanta of a specially washed gravel 24 which has been screened to a specific particle size, preferably of less than one-sixteenth of an inch and no greater than oneeighth of an inch. Other filling material, such as sand or shot or beans or the like, may be used, and material other than vinyl film, such as other plastics or fabric, may be employed.

The targets are preferably injection molded from either high. impact styrene or linear polyethylene, although they may be fabricated from wood or metal or other materials.

The one-piece target 10 of FIG. 1 includes a stake pin 30 which may be driven into the ground. A missile support on the stake comprises an arm 32 extendable outwardly adjacent the upper stake end, the arm having an offset portion 34 extending upwardly therefrom and having scoring indicia 36 delineated on the forwardly facing face thereof.

Additional scoring indicia 38 may be also provided.

on the forwardly-facing face of stake 30.

Two-part target of FIG. 3 includes a stake or pin 30' which may be driven into the ground. A missile support comprises a cylindrical cap 31 sleeved on the upper end of the stake and rotatable relative thereto, the sleeve having an arm 32' extendable outwardly therefrom, the arm having an offset portion 34 extending upwardly therefrom and having scoring indicia 36 thereon.

In the embodiment of FIG. 3, the missile support is free-swinging relative to stake 30', this free-swinging movement tending to absorb some of the energies of the missiles, thereby assisting the missiles in hanging onto the targets, while also eliminating any form of snap back via the target itself.

Additional scoring indicia 38 is provided on the forwardly-facing face of cap 31.

The object of the game is to score points by throwing the missiles at the targets and causing them to land on or near the targets.

The targets are driven into the ground to a depth of approximately 6 to 8 inches deep depending on the hardness of the ground. The targets are placed approximately 20 feet apart; however, the distance can be varied to suit the skill of the players.

A coin is flipped to determine which team or player throws first. I

When playing with two people, both players stand at one end of the court. Each player throws two of the missiles of the same color at the target, then both walk to the other end of the court.

When playing with four people, one player from each team plays from one end of the court and one player from each team plays at the other end. Players remain in place as in the game of Horseshoes.

Before starting each set, the targets are aligned so that they are facing each other. Four missiles thrown constitute one set. Players must stand behind the closest target and throw missiles at the target at the opposite end of the court. The missiles may be thrown in any fashion.

With practice and experience, each player develops a throw which is the most effective. The optimum throw is achieved when the missile opens up in flight so that on impact it straddles the target. For best results, the missiles should be thrown gently underhand.

The overall length of one missile laid flat and stretched out is called one shoe length. A missile which lands within one shoe length of the base of the target scores one point. A missile which rings stake 30 or 30 of the target is called a base ringer and scores two points. A missile which lands on and remains on any part of the arms 32, 32 or offset portions 34, 34 of the target is called a hanging ringer and scores five points regardless of whether or not a part of it is touching the ground. All points scored are counted. The score should not be tallied until after each set is completed. 21 points or better wins the game. A two-point margin is required to win the game.

When the target of FIG. 3 is used, a player may not reset the missile support should it be turned by a flying missile during play.

In both embodiments, the missiles tend to lock themselves around the targets by means of the flexible web 16, this also helping to eliminate rebounds and the like.

I claim: 1. Game apparatus comprising, targets and missiles,

' the missiles comprising a pair of equally weighted bags stakes and supports.

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