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Publication numberUS3815860 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 11, 1974
Filing dateSep 20, 1972
Priority dateSep 20, 1972
Publication numberUS 3815860 A, US 3815860A, US-A-3815860, US3815860 A, US3815860A
InventorsBompart R
Original AssigneeBompart R
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Sign holder
US 3815860 A
A portable easel-type holder or stand for signs, panels and the like characterized generally started by a leg-equipped main frame having means for detachably mounting a sign or panel thereon, a leg-equipped folding prop, and a complemental folding brace which stabilizes the prop when the holder is set up for use.
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United States Patent 91 Bompart [5 1 SIGN HOLDER [76] Inventor: Reuben N. Bompart, 305 N. Ewing St., Helena, Mont. 59601 22' Filed: Sept. 20, 1972 21 Appl. No.: 290,497

[52] US. Cl. 248/464, 248/465 [51] Int. Cl A471) 97/04 [58] Field of Search 248/27.8, 460, 463, 464, 248/465, 472

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 338,845 3/1886 Kift 248/27.8 UX 611,434 9/1898 2,070,940 2/1937 2,191,755 2/1940 2,591,170 4/1952 2,896,365 7/1959 2,963,817 12/1960 3,339,874 9/1967 Kcrstens 248/463 [451 June 11, 1974 Primary Examiner--William H. Schultz Attorney, Agent, or Firm-Clarence A. OBrien; Harvey B. Jacobson 57 I ABSTRACT A portable easel-type holder or stand for signs, panels and the like characterized generally started by a legequipped main frame having means for detachably mounting a sign or panel thereon, a leg-equipped folding prop, and a complemental folding brace which stabilizes the prop when'the holder is set up for use.

The mainframe comprises a ring of desired diameter provided at circumferentially spaced points withv brackets having headed detents for the sign. A lower half portion of the main frame is equipped with a pair of leg members cooperating with a third leg member constituting a prop and thus providing a tripodal stand. The prop is pivoted and folds against the main frame when collapsed for storage, shipping 'or handling, A complemental brace is also foldable to a compact position when not in. use and can be swung down against a limit stop on the prop when erected for use.

' 4 Claims, 3 Drawing Figures l SlGNl-IOLDER The present invention relates to holders and stands for signs, panels, pictures and the like for either use in doors or outdoors and pertains, more particularly, to a simple and practical adaptation characterized by a legsupported main frame, a leg-equipped prop, and a coacting stabilizing brace. 1

Many and varying forms and styles of folding stands and holders have been devised for supporting and displaying attachable and detachable signs and panels,

placards and the like. For background information, reference may, if desired, be made to prior U.S. Pat. Nos. 2,191,755, 2,070,940 and 3,339,874.- An analysis of these prior patents singly and collectively will enable the reader to evaluate the state of the art to which the invention relates.

An object of the present invention, broadly stated, is

to provide a simple, practical, easy-to-handle and serviceable sign holder which can be endorsed as an advance in the art and which well serves the diversified several leg membersprovide a simple well-balanced tripodal stand. The prop and its complemental leg can be folded against the main frame when not in use. It is held in an erected in-use position by ajpivoted semi-circular rod member or-bail which provides astabilizing brace. The brace is also foldable for compactness. More explicit features and advantages will be evident from the overall disclosure.

These together with other objects and advantages which will become subsequently apparent reside in the details of construction and operation as more fully hereinafter described and claimed, reference being had to the accompanying drawings forming a part hereof, wherein like numerals refer-to-like parts throughout.

HO. 1 is a front elevational view of a stand or sign holder constructed in accordance with the-invention and with the component parts set up for use, the sign being shown in phantom lines.

FIG. 2 is a view taken approximately on the plane of the vertical section line 2-2 of FIG. 1 looking in the direction of the indicating arrows.

FIG. 3 is a view in perspective based on the other views, FIG. 1 in particular, and which shows the several main component parts as well as the leg members folded or collapsedin a manner for compactness and convenience while handling, storing or transporting.

With reference now to the views of the drawing, it

will be seen that FIGS. 1 and 2 show the structure set up for use and that FIG. 3 shows how the component parts are preferably folded or collapsed for compactness and convenience. The main frame structure or unit is denoted, generally stated, by the numeral 6, the

2 desired strength and durability for use indoors or outdoors as the case maybe.

With greater particularity the main frame unit 6 comprises an endless ring which is characterized here as embodying a lower semi-circular half portion 12 and a companion coplanar upper half portion 14. The outer peripheral surface portion of the lower half section is denoted at 16 and is provided with a pair of substantially duplicate spaced V-shaped leg members, the one at the left in FIG. 1 being denoted by the numeral 18 and the other one at the right by the numeral 20. These leg members are made from paired properly porportioned rods whose upper end portions 22 are welded or otherwise joined to theperipheral surface 16 at suitably spaced points. The two leg members 18 and 20 are in a plane common with each other and also common with theplane of the ring or frame unit 6. The median portion of the upper half section 14 is provided with an L-shaped clip or bracket 24 which is coordinated with a diametrically opposite lower L-shaped clip or bracket 26. These two brackets are welded in place as is evident from FIG. 2 in particular. The outer or forwardly facing leg 28 of each bracket is provided with a headed'stud 30. In actual practice these studs and others, which will be later described, are intended to be removably fitted into keyhole-shaped slots 32 provided in a cooperating surface of the attachable sign or panel 34 as best shown in FIG. 2. The aforementioned stud-equipped legs or 42 and as brought out in FIG. 2 it spans or bridges the opening of the main ring frame 6 and a lower section portion 44 is provided on an inner peripheral surface with a suitably attached block or cleat 46 which constitutes a limit stop and which serves in a manner to be further described. This lower part of the brace 10 is.

also provided with a leg member 48 which is made up of two rods which are in divergent relationship and function to provide a single V-shaped leg. The upper end portions of the rod members'50 are welded or otherwise secured to the outer peripheral surface 52 as evidentin FIG. 2. When the overall device is set up for use the several leg members 18, 20 and 48 provide a tri-- podal stand which as is evident is self-standing when placed atop a relatively stationary support surface such as suggested at in FIG. 1. When in use this prop is at right angles to the plane of the ring frame 6 thus providing the balanced tripodal supporting stand for the structure. The uppermost bracket 24 may, if desired, be provided with a substantially U-shaped strap member which is differentiated by the numeral 55 and which can be used as a handle or finger-grip in lifting and transporting the overall device.

With further reference to the circumferentially spaced equidistant brackets it is to be added that in addition to the upper and lower brackets 24 and 26 two side brackets or L-shaped clips are provided and these are identical in construction and are denoted by the numeral 56. Here again the exposed leg portion 58 is provided with a headed stud 60 which cooperates with the brought out in FIG. 2. In addition the rearwardly projecting leg or arm portions of the two brackets, that is the portions denoted at 62 (FIG. 2) serve to accommodate pivots 64 which function to support the end portions of theIU-shaped bail 66, also referred to as the brace for the prop. The median portion of this semicircular brace can, if desired, be provided with integral detents 68 which when the brace is in the. position shown in H0. 2 coact with the ,prop and also the limit ametrically opposite upper and lower L-shaped brackstop block in a manner to limit the downward swing of the brace from the folded phantom line position shown in FIG. 2 to the full line position. Thus these several component units or parts, main frame unit 6, stay or prop unit 8, and brace unit cooperate in providing the necessary facilities for removably supporting the sign or panel in an inclined display and readable positron.

Novelty is predicated on the endlessring-like component of the main frame unit 6 having spaced coplanar legs or leg members 18 and 20 and provided at'equidistant circumferentially spaced points with brackets 24, 26 and 56 which serve not only to support the panel or sign 34 but also provide mounting means for the coacting end portions of the semi-circular prop member 42 and substantially semi-circular brace 10. All of these parts contribute a .proportionate sharein the overall combination and constitute a'stable but foldable end product which well serves the purposes for which it has been devised.

As already set forth, the use of headed studs with the headed ends removably'fitted into keyhole-shaped slots 32, is but oneway of attaching the sign. This is to say, it is within the purview of the concept to substitute integral L-shaped hanger hooks (not shown) for the headed studs and the disclosure is to be construed ac-' cordingly.

The foregoing is considered as illustrative only of the principles of the invention. Further, since numerous modifications and changes will readily occur to those skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention to the exact construction and operation shown and described, and accordingly all suitable modifications and equivalents may be resorted to, falling within the scope of the invention.

What is claimed as new is as follows: I

l. A portable folding easel-type holder for signs, panels and the like comprising a ring-like main frame having upper and lower half-sections, a pair of spaced coplanar substantially V-shaped leg members fixedly secured to a coacting marginal surface of the lower halfsection of said main frame, said leg members being disposed in a common plane and also in a plane common with said frame and having lower apical ends adapted to rest on a stationary support surface, a first pair of diets secured to median portions of the upper and lower half-sections'of said main frame, said brackets having headed studs for attachment to andsupporting a sign, a substantially semi-circular prop spanning said frame and having upper and lower end portions pivotally connected to the respective upper and lower brackets, said prop being collapsible and having a lower segmental portion provided with a leg member, said prop'being further provided with a fixed limit stop, and a brace, said brace having a portion releasably engageable with said limit stop, and a second pair of diametrically opposite brackets carried by median portions of said main frame, said brace having end portions pivotally attached off-center to coacting portions of said lastnamed brackets.

2. A portable folding easel-type holder for signs, panels and the like comprising: a main frame characterized by an upper half-portion and a complemental coplanar lower half-portion, a pair of spaced coplanar coordinating leg members having upper ends fixedly secured to a surface portion of the lower half-portion of said main frame and disposed in a plane common with the plane of said main frame and having free lower ends capable of resting on a stationary support surface, prop means which when in use is a right angle to and spans the main frame and is provided with a companion leg member which is cooperatively coordinated with said first named leg members, a plurality of correspondingly constructed brackets circumferentially spaced and fixedly mounted on surface portions of said main frame and having readily accessible means for attaching and mounting a sign or the like on and spanning said frame, and, in combination, a stabilizing brace bridging said main frame and having end portions pivotally mounted on diametrically opposite portions of said main frame and having a median portion releasably engaging a pre-,

determined surface portion of said prop means.

3. The portable folding easel-type holder defined in and according to claim 2 and. wherein said main frame comprises a ring-like member, and wherein said spaced coplanar leg members are alike in construction and are substantially V-shaped and wherein the aforementioned leg member on said prop means corresponds inconstruction with said previously named leg members and is likewise V-shaped, whereby the several leg members conjointly construed provide a tripodal stand for the overall holder.

4. The portable folding easel-type holder defined in and according to claim 2 and wherein said brackets are substantially L-shaped and have forwardly disposed, and accessible arm portions, said arm portions being provided with headed studs and said studs being designed and adpated to be releasably engaged with keyhole slots provided therefor in an associated sign.

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