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Publication numberUS38177 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 14, 1863
Publication numberUS 38177 A, US 38177A, US-A-38177, US38177 A, US38177A
InventorsChaeles L. Osboen
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Improved bird-cage
US 38177 A
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a representation of thedoor.

' it; T, the catch;

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Specification forming part of Letter s Patent No. 38,17 7, dated April 14, 1863.

To all whom may concern: Beit known that I, CHARLES L. OSBORN,

of Brooklyn, in'the county of Kings and State of New York, have invented a newand Improvedflage; and -I hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being bad to the accompanying-drawings, making apart of this specification, and" the letters of reference marked thereon, in which the'same' letterfrepresents the same thing in each figure.

-' Figure 1 is an' end View of my improved cage; Fig. 2, a 'front View, and Fig. 3 a bot- Fig. 4 is a. representation tom view, thereof. of the inside wire bottom of the cage; Fig. 5,

A is the base of the case; B B CO, the

. tnbulanframes; D and D, bearings of the revolving wheel inside the-cage; E, the rim of the wheel; F and F, hubs of the wheel; G, one-of the screws to secure the cage to the base H, one of the screws securing the port"- ablemetal pan to the base; K, the inside wire bottom of the cage; L, the portable metal paninside the base; M M, the, tubing servingas earings' for the door; P, the tubular door R, the thumb-piece by which the spring in one end of the door is pushed back to open or shut W, the open space when the door is out.

The advantagesof thiscage over former cages arise in part from the employment of tubing for the frame-work of the several parts p of the case, into which wire may be securely,

neatly, readily, and durably fastened, permitting the useof the peculiar door matching the frame-work, and securing the esseniitl requisites to a good cageof strength, lightness, durability, and neatness. The wire bot. tom prevents the inmates'from escaping when the cage is cleaned, and they cannot track holds all moisture, the base will' be efiectually durability of the cage much enhanced. a

. The wheel mountedinside. thecage'is a' great improvement upon the old modes,.as it is impossible for the animal to be injured in "its use. The bearings being of; tubing, uniformity of construction in the several parts of the cageis preserved.

The arrangement permits the cagefto be CHARLES L. osBoRN.



about inand scatter the dirt that collects beneath. The portableimeta'l pan inside the base cannot warp, and as it catches and.

protected from warping" and th'ebeautyand kept clean more easily than any'h'eretofo're in

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Cooperative ClassificationA01K31/06