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Publication numberUS3839630 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 1, 1974
Filing dateDec 27, 1971
Priority dateDec 27, 1971
Also published asCA1054257A, CA1054257A1, CA1080852A, CA1080852A2, CA1080853A, CA1080853A2, CA1080854A, CA1080854A2, CA1080855A, CA1080855A2, DE2262725A1, DE2264896A1, DE2264897A1, DE2264898A1, US4152769, US4152770, US4152771, US4152773, US4152774, US4156282, US4156285, US4156917, US4156918, US4158228, US4158231, US4158233, US4159525, US4164019, US4164039
Publication numberUS 3839630 A, US 3839630A, US-A-3839630, US3839630 A, US3839630A
InventorsW Covington, R James, I Larson, E Olander, H Russell, J Walden, R Watson, F Wenninger, F Yockey
Original AssigneeHewlett Packard Co
Export CitationBiBTeX, EndNote, RefMan
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Programmable calculator employing algebraic language
US 3839630 A
An adaptable programmable calculator is provided by employing a modular read-write and read-only memory unit capable of being expanded to provide the calculator with additional program and data storage functions oriented towards the environment of the user, a central processing unit capable of performing both serial binary and parallel binary-coded-decimal arithmetic, and an input-output control unit capable of bidirectionally transferring information between the memory or central processing units and a number of input and output units. The memory, central processor, and input-output control units are controlled by a microprocessor included in the central processing unit. A keyboard input unit with a plurality of sections capable of being defined by plug-in read-only memory modules and stored programs added by the user, a magnetic card reading and recording unit, a solid state output display unit, and an output printer unit are included among the input and output units. The calculator employs a high level algebraic keyboard language permitting the user to enter a line of one or more alphameric statements into the calculator from the keyboard input unit while visually observing an alphameric display of the line being entered to check for errors therein, permitting the user to cause the entered lines to be immediately executed by the calculator and/or stored as part of a program within the memory unit, and permitting the user to subsequently recall the executed and/or stored line, so that it may be reinspected, reevaluated and if necessary, edited and executed or reexecuted. The calculator also employs a compiler for converting each line entered into the calculator in the high level keyboard language into a past-fix polish code and an uncompiler for regenerating in the high-level keyboard language any entered line converted to the post-fix polish code. Both the compiler and the uncompiler operate on a line-by-line basis.
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