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Publication numberUS3843134 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 22, 1974
Filing dateMar 4, 1974
Priority dateMar 4, 1974
Publication numberUS 3843134 A, US 3843134A, US-A-3843134, US3843134 A, US3843134A
InventorsVallejo A
Original AssigneeRaymond Lee Organization Inc
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Knot untying string puzzle
US 3843134 A
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United States Patent 1191 Valle'o Oct. 22, 1974 KNOT UNTYING STRING PUZZLE 612,130 10/1898 Hammond 273/159 [75] n entor: Amadeo TI ejo rinidad, Colo. 1,281,350 10/191? Gray 273/159 [73 1 Assignee: figx af i gg I Primary ExaminerAnt0n O. Oechsle [22] Filed: Mar. 4, 1974 ABSTRACT [21] 7 Appl. No.: 447,544 [57] An overall wearing figure has a knotted string disposed thereinfront, with the knot disposed at the 273/153 waist, one end of the string being secured to the head, r and the other end of the string being secured to an [58] Fleld of Search 273/153 156 end of a trouser leg of the overall. The object, usingonly a hook'is to remove the knot without untying the [56] g ga fg gzi string or removing the overalls.

4/1893 Pennybacker 273/156 4 Claims, 6 Drawing Figures 1. KNOT UNTYING STRING PUZZLE SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION This invention is directed to a puzzle wherein a knotted string secured to a figure is to be unknotted without untying the string.

More particularly, an overall wearing figure has the know of the string disposed in front of the waist. One end of the string extends upward along the front and is secured to the head. The other end of the string extends downward along the front and is secured to a trouser leg of the overalls.

The solver, using only a hook, must unknot the string without untying it or-removing the overalls. The solution is described below.


FIG. I shows the puzzle in initial position;

FIG. 2 shows a hand tool used in solving the puzzle; and

FIGS. 3, 4, 5 and-6 illustrate successive steps in solving the puzzle.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS Referring now to FIGS. l-6, a male figure has a head 10 with mouth 12, a main body 14 and legs 16 having a crotch 18. Overalls having individual trouser legs 20, a front bib 22 extending upward from the waist and rear disposed straps.24 extending up along the back across the shoulders and downward to the top of the bib. A- length of string extending along the front has a knot 26 disposed at the front of the waist with one end 28 tied in the mouth and the other end 30 tied to a free end of one leg 20.

The purpose of the puzzle is to untie the know without disconnecting either end of the string or removing the overalls using onlythe hands of the puzzle solver and a hand operated tool having a straight shank. 32

with a hook 34 at one end. 1

The first step is to unfasten the bib and. straps, dropping the bib in front and straps behind. The knot is then pulled somewhat apart and the loop is rotated behind the waist as shown in FIG. 3.

Using the tool, the lower portion of the string is pulled inside an overall leg down and over the toes and behind the heel. (FIG. 4) The String is pulled all the way down. The process is repeated for ther other overall leg. (FIG. 5)

As a result the string thenextends through the crotch and loops behind the seat. When the loop is pulled through and out, the knot disappears.

While the invention has been described with detailed reference to the drawings, the protection sought is to be limited only by the terms of the claims which follow.

I claim:

l.' A puzzle comprising:

a simulated human figure having a head, body and legs are not removable;

overalls detachably secured to the body having individual trouser legs, a front bib extending upward from the waist and rear disposed straps which extend upward and over the shoulders to be detachably secured to the top of the bib; and an elongated length of string having a knot disposed in front of the waist with one end secured to the head and the other endsecured to a trouser leg, the purpose of the puzzle being to remove the knot without disconnecting the string at either end or removing the overalls. I

2. The puzzle of claim 1 wherein said other end of th 3 string is secured to an'exposed end of a trouser leg of the overalls adjacent a foot of the figure.

3. The puzzle of claim 2 wherein said one end of the string is secured'to the'mouth of the figures head; i

4. The puzzle of claim 3 further including a tool for manipulating the string, the tool being an elongated member with a hook at one end.

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U.S. Classification273/153.00R, 273/159
International ClassificationA63F9/00, A63F9/06, A63F9/08
Cooperative ClassificationA63F2009/0023, A63F9/0876, A63F2250/12
European ClassificationA63F9/08F