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Publication numberUS3847110 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 12, 1974
Filing dateMay 2, 1973
Priority dateMay 2, 1973
Publication numberUS 3847110 A, US 3847110A, US-A-3847110, US3847110 A, US3847110A
InventorsY Inoue
Original AssigneeY Inoue
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Golf score indicator
US 3847110 A
This invention utilises interconnectable hook and pile fabric which comprises two members, one of which is provided with many small hooks or loops and the other is provided with many loops or hooks. By pressing one member on the other, hooks and loops entangle with each other whereby firm grip between them results.
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United States Patent [191 Inoue 1 1 Nov. 12,1974

1 1 GOLF SCORE INDICATOR [76] Inventor: Yukio Inoue, 40-10, Kashirvago 4-chome, 362, Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan [22] Filed: May 2, 1973 211 Appl, No.: 356,491

[52] US. Cl 116/120, 24/D1G. 18, 46/D1G. 1, 116/133, 273/32 R [51] Int. Cl A63b 71/06 [58] Field of Search 116/120, 133,114; 24/D1G. 18; 46/D1G. 1; 273/32 R; 248/205 A [56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,755,995 4/1930 Lamb 116/133 2012023 8/1935 Richardson... 116/120 2,505,357 4/1950 Gunderson.... 116/133 X 3,370,818 2/1968 Perr 248/205 3,635,190 1/1972 Araki... 116/120 Primary ExaminerLouis J Capozi Attorney, Agent, or Firm-Charles E. Temko 1 1 ABSTRACT This invention utilises interconnectable hook and pilc fabric which compriscs two members, one of which is provided with many small hooks or loops and the other is provided with many loops or hooks. By pressing one member on the other, hooks and loops entangle with each other whereby firm grip between them results.

According to this invention, one member of said hook and pile fabric is attached to the back of golfers glove. A score number indicating disk is rotatably attached to the other member. The shaft of said disk passes through the said member and terminates in a friction disk which is adapted to be in frictional contact with hooks or loops of the member attached to the back of golfers glove whereby the position of said score number indicating disk will not be distorted by shocks or vibrations due to vigorous movements of golfers arm so as to prevent error.

1 Claim, 4 Drawing Figures GOLF SCORE INDICATOR SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION Hook and pile fabric is well known and widely used on clothes and diapers. It consists of two members, one of them being provided with many small hooks on one side thereof and the other being provided with many small loops on one side thereof. When one member is pushed on the other member, said hooks and loops entangle with each other so as to form firm grip.

This invention relates to a golf score indicator utilizing the above mentioned velcro or magic tape.

This golf score indicator is very simple and removably attached to a golfers glove.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exploded view in perspective of an embodiment of the invention showing the golf score indicator and glove to which said indicator is to be attached,

FIG. 2 is a view in perspective showing a golfers glove to which score indicator is attached,

FIG. 3 is a fragmentarycross sectional view of the indicator and glove, and

FIG. 4 is a plan view of the indicator. (A) designates a member of a hook and pile fabric combination which is provided with many small hooks on one surface thereof. This member is attached to the back of a golfers glove 1 by means of a suitable adhesive. B designates the other member of the hook and pile combination which is provided with many small pile loops on one surface thereof.

2 designates a rotative disk bearing scoring numbers around its periphery. The shaft of said disk passes through the member B and provided with a friction disk 4 having a number of incisions on its end surface. The thickness of the disk 4 is substantially equal to the length of hooks implanted on the member B. Hooks above said friction disk are removed. 3 designates an arrow index printed on the surface of the member B so as to indicate the score number.

In use, the member B is placed on the member A and lightly pushed down whereby members A and B are firmely engaged and the friction disk 4 is brought into contact with the pile loops of the member A.

By turning the disk 2 by finger tip, a score number will be indicated by means of the arrow index3. The position of the disk 2 will not be altered by shocks or vibrations due to vigorous movements of arm because of the friction existing between the friction disk 4 and the pile loops of the member A. Therefore, without any retaining means, the position of the disk 2 will be maintained whereby no error occurs.

For purposes of laundering the glove, the member B may be detached readily from the member A.

If desired, the members A and B may be interchanged.

I wish it to be understood that I do not consider the invention limited to the precise details of structure l. A golf score indicator for use with a golf glove comprising: a fabric hook and pile combination including a first member attached to the back of said glove, and a second member having a surface selectively engaged with a corresponding surface on said first member; a rotatable score number indicating disc arranged for rotation on an exposed surface of said second member, said disc having a shaft attached to an under surface thereof at one end thereof, said shaft passing through said second member and having at a second end thereof a planar friction-disc mounted thereon, said disc having a friction surface contacting the said surface of said first member, the friction existing between said disc and said first member tending to maintain said score member in given rotational position.

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Cooperative ClassificationA63B71/0672, Y10S273/30, Y10S273/26
European ClassificationA63B71/06D8B