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Publication numberUS3848766 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 19, 1974
Filing dateJun 29, 1972
Priority dateJun 29, 1972
Publication numberUS 3848766 A, US 3848766A, US-A-3848766, US3848766 A, US3848766A
InventorsD Gantt, D Stone, T Townsend
Original AssigneeTriance Enterprises Inc
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Insulated container pack
US 3848766 A
A hand-carriable, insulated container pack for holding the temperature of food or drink containers for several hours without the use of either a hot or cold agent. Specifically, the container is a Styrofoam block having six independent thermal chambers which seat six upwardly open cups. These cups hold a twelve-ounce beer (beverage) or food can, or a standard throwaway glass beer bottle. The lid is likewise a block of Styrofoam with cavities matching the thermal chambers in the lower block and a rope bail is the means for holding the lid to the base when it is carried.
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United States Patent 1 1 1 1 3,848,766

.Ganti et al. Nov. 19, 1974 [5 INSULATED CONTAINER PACK 3,734,336 5/1973 Rankow et al. 220/9 F [75] Inventors: l2gvi dl awren ce antt l n FOREIGN PATENTS 0R APPLICATIONS Frederick Stone, both of Keitering; Timothy Joseph Townsend, 230,245 3/ 1944 Sw1tzerland 206/4 sprmgboro an of Ohm Primary Examiner-George E. Lowrance [73] Assignee: Said Gantt and Townsend Assors. Assistant ExaminerDouglas B. Farrow to Triance Enterprises, Inc., Attorney, Agent, or FirmBiebel, French & Bugg 221M hi 2.. [22] Filed: June 29, 1972 ABSTRACT [21] APPL 267,635 A hand-carriable, insulated container pack for holding the temperature of food or drink containers for sev- ,eral hours without the use of either a hot or cold 220/9 220/171 220/94 agent. Specifically, the container is a Styrofoam block 1 229/DIG- 1 229/52 AC havingsix independent thermal chambers which seat ix upwardly open cups These cups a twelvel9=117 220/9 F1 1041 ounce beer (beverage) or food can, or a standard 7 220/103; 206/4, 46 FC; 217/125? throwaway glass beer bottle. The lid is likewise a D1G' 52 AC block of Styrofoam with cavities matching the thermal chambers. in the lower block and a rope bail is the References Cited means for holding the lid to the base when it is car- I UNITED STATES PATENTS ried.

2,96l,l24 11/1960 Hunter et al 220/104 3,285,455 11/1966 Pewitt 220/9 F 5 Clams 4 Drawmg F'gures 3,491,913 1 1970 Giraudet et al. 220/9 F INSULATED CONTAINER PACK BRIEF SUMMARY OF INVENTION The invention resides in a block of low thermalconductive material having six independent thermal chambers within which are cups made of like material each of which holds a standard twelve-ounce can or bottle with a rope bail for carrying such a container pack. The ingredients within the cups can be kept hot or cold simultaneously. This invention is not to be limited to twelve-ounce cans/bottles but also applies to any capacity thermal chamber which for example could maintain the temperature of hot baked beans and cold potato salad simultaneously for picnic purposes.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWING FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the pack with one unopened beer can in the pack and one opened beer can in a cup that has been removed from the pack;

FIG. 2 is a front elevational view with portions of the lid and base broken away;

FIG. 3 shows the two ends of the rope bail being held by one hand; and

FIG. 4 shows the pack with the rope bail slung over the shoulder.

DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Referring to the drawings, the numeral identifies a block of insulating material, in this case, Styrofoam, but need not necessarily be so. In the block are six upwardly open cavities such as 12, the diameter of which is slightly greater than the outside diameter of the cups such as 14. These cups have an integral bottom and are likewise made of Styrofoam but need not necessarily be so. The inside diameter of the cups is slightly in excess of the greatest outside diameter of the standard twelveounce throwaway beer bottle. The depth of the cup is sufficiently less than the height of the same so that one may drink directly from an open can as 18 without the lips or the'chin engaging the cup.

A lid made of insulating material such as Styrofoam has a peripheral flange 22 which seats snugly on the shoulder 24 of the base so that a minimum leakage of air between the wall 26 and the shoulder 24 and flange 22 occurs. The surface 28 on the underside of the lid seats flush on the surface 30 of the upper side of the base. Six upwardly directed cavities such as 32 are mounted in the lid and each possesses one step 34 which seats on the upper rim 36 of a cup. By the cups extending from the base into the lid, the six independent thermal cavities are formed. At the top level of the can, there is a truncated cone 38 which accommodates the throwaway beer bottle which is slightly taller than the can. 7

A pair of holes 40 vertically through the base are in alignment with a pair of similar holes 42 through the lid, see FIG. 3. The external opening of all of the holes is slightly chamferred as at 44 so as to facilitate the bending of a rope bail 46. The rope bail is a simple 6 foot length of rope. The ends 48 and 50 are either knotted or held together by any suitable fastening 52. Between the base and the lid, there are no hinges.

FIG. 3 illustrates the hand carry where a single hand holds two loops of the rope which is substantially centered in the bottom of the base. FIG. 4 illustrates the shoulder carry where one loop 54 of the rope bail 46 is over the mans shoulder while the other loop 56 lies in a transverse channel 58 in the bottom of the base, see FIG. 2.

The advantages of the applicants pack are several.

Firstly, the provision of six independent thermal chambers to hold insulating cups has the effect of improving the practicability of inserting a warm can or bottle in a base along with a cold can or bottle. A fisherman likes to have a can of hot boullion, as well as a can of cold beer. Another advantage is that the pack, due to its unique design, does not require the use of a cooling or heating media to maintain the desired temperature.

Thus, the cost and inconvenience of such products as ice are avoided. Another advantage is that the separate cups do not drain the heat or cold from fingers and hands into the can or bottle when picked up as they will continue to insulate the beverage from the atmosphere while outside the pack. A fisherman may spend considerable time emptying a can/bottle which he removes several times from the pack and returns to the pack which he closes. The important warming or cooling fac tor would be the fingers and the atmosphere, and the cup protects against both as well as protects the hands from either hot or cold. Another advantage of the cup is the fact that the depth of the cup is less than the height of the can or bottle, so that one may apply his lips to the edge of the can or bottle without encountering the cup. As for the rope bail, it has a dual purpose.

If one has a free hand, the hand carry of FIG. 3 may be used. However, if one does not have a free hand, the pack may be slung over the shoulder as in FIG. 4, and all that is needed is some steadying force while walking with it.

We claim:

1. A food and/or beverage pack for holding food or drink containers comprising a block of low thermal conductivity material, said block having a plurality of cavities therein, said cavities being upwardly-open through the upper surface of said block and being adapted to seat cups therein, cups for holding said containers made of low thermal conductivity material seated upwardly-open in each said cavity, the height of said cups being such that a cup holding a container may be picked up with the container in the cup and the container will continue to be insulated from the hand and the atmosphere, said cups constructed for seating and exposing containers so that human lips may engage their rims without engaging the cups, and a lid having downwardly directed cavities matching those in said block and being directed through the bottom of the underside of said lid, said lid cavities being capable of receiving the tops of said containers and cups and having shoulders seatable on the rims of said cups when said cups are seated in the matching block cavities, said underside surface of said lid seating essentially flush on the upper surface of said block so that saidmatching block and lid cavities form independent thermal cavities.

2. An insulated container pack comprising:

a. a base formed of a material of low thermal conductivity,

b. a plurality of upwardly opening cavities in said base extending downwardly into said base from an upper surface thereof,

0. a lid fonned of a material of low thermal conductivity,

d. said lid having a lower surface abutting said upper surface of said base,

e. a plurality of downwardly directed cavities formed in said lid in registration with said cavities in said base,

f. a plurality of upwardly opening cups formed of a material of low thermal conductivity,

g. said cups having a height greater than the depth of the base cavities, w

h. said cups having an outside diameter slightly less than and being received in said base cavities,

i. said cups extending from said base cavities into opposed lid cavities and forming independent thermal cavities of each opposed pair of base and lid cavities,

j. said outer diameter of said cups being approximately equal to but slightly less than the inner diameter of said lid cavities thereby forming a thermal barrier between opposing portions of the outer surfaces of said cups and the inner surfaces of said lid cavities, and

k. upper portions of said lid cavities extending upwardly beyond upper rims of said cups and accommodating upper ends of containers seated in said cups and projecting above said upper rims thereof.

thermal-conductivity is Styrofoam.

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE CERTIFICATE OF CORRECTION PatentNo. 3 8,766 5 'Dated 11-19-74 Inventor(s) D. L. Gantt T. J. "Townsend, and D. F. Stone It is certified that error appears in the above-identified patent and that said Letters Patent are hereby corrected as shown below:

On the cover page, after [73] Assignee: "Said Gantt and Townsend Assors. To Triance Enterprises, Inc'., Dayton, Ohio'" should read --Tri ance Enterprises, Inc., Dayton, 0hio--.

On the cover page, in the upper left hand corner, underneath the words U'. S. Patent, "Ganti et a1" should read-Gantt et al-.

Signed and sealed this 3th day of April 1975.

(SEAL) Attest:

- MARSHALL DANN RUTH C. MASON Commissioner of Patents Attesting Officer and Trademarks USCOMM-DC B057 G PGO FORM PC4050 (IO-69) I ILI. GOVIINIINY manna omc: nu o-qu-su.

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