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Publication numberUS3849889 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 26, 1974
Filing dateOct 17, 1972
Priority dateOct 17, 1972
Publication numberUS 3849889 A, US 3849889A, US-A-3849889, US3849889 A, US3849889A
InventorsRosander J
Original AssigneeWhaledent Inc
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Dental mouth mirror
US 3849889 A
The present invention relates to a dental mouth mirror with a rinsing device.
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United States Patent [191 Rosander Nov. 26, 1974 [54] DENTAL MOUTH MIRROR 3,091,034 5/1963 Pisci telli 32/69 1 Invent Jan Rwandan Goteborg, Sweden 331213332 1713221 %ZLELZ.JI1IIII1111111111: 1:11: 23/23 73 Assigneez h l m Inc New York7 N.Y 3,250,005 5/1966 White 32/69 X 3,342,178 9/1967 Freedman 32/69 X [22] Filed: Oct. 17, 1972 3,553,840 1/1971 Bordelon 32/22 21 A l. N 298 451 1 pp 0 Primary Examiner-Ant0ni0 F, Guida Assistant Examiner-J. Q. Lever [1.5. Ci- Attorney Agent, or Firm-Friedman & Goodman [51] Int. Cl. A61c 19/02 [58] Field of Search 32/22, 69 [57] ABSTRACT 5 References Cited The present invention relates to a denta1 mouth mirror with a rinsing device.

7 Claims, 1 Drawing Figure DENTAL MOUTH MIRROR Drilling with the Turbo driven drills which are used nowadays is burdened with the inconvenience that ground tooth particles are thrown against the mouth mirror thus rapidly obscuring the face of the mirror.

This inconvenience can be remedied either by dipping the mirror in a rinsing liquid, usually water with an addition of a surface tension reducing liquid or by spraying the mirror with such a liquid.

The first method, i.e., rinsing the mirror means a disruption in the operation of the dentist with the subsequent disadvantages. The other method is therefore to be preferred as this does not involve a disruption in the work of the dentist. Known mouth mirrors with rinsing device are however burdened with certain drawbacks. The handle of the mirror should be as thin as possible in order to obtain the optimum operation properties. A valve for the rinsing liquid arranged in or on the handle is too cumbersome. Therefore attempts have been made to use a foot operated valve. However, this method has proved to be inconvenient since the dentist already has a lot of other foot operated equipments and every extra piece of equipment would make the work of the dentist more difficult.

Certain demands and requirements can be specified for a dental mouth mirror equipped with rinsing device. It should be provided with a regulator situated in or on the handle. The handle should have the same thickness as conventional mirrors without rinsing device. The rinsing should take place with a predetermined amount of rinsing liquid in a-short and intensive spray.

Only a dental mouth mirror according to the invention fulfills all the requirements stipulated above. It is designed in the following way. It consists of an air pressure operating dosing pump which embraces an air pressure side and a rinsing liquid side which are arranged such that an increase in pressure causes a flow of a predetermined amount of rinsing liquid through a canal in the handle by means of operating a regulator.

For the purpose of further explaining the invention a description follows of a representative form in connection with the attached drawing, FIG. 1 of which schematically shows a form of the invention.

In FIG. 1 the handle of a mouth mirror is noted 1. The handle 1 which carries a mirror 2 is provided with a canal 3 which terminates in a nozzle 4 which is directed so that the rinsing liquid which is pressed through the canal impinges on the mirror such that foreign matter is removed from the same. The main part of the rinsing device is a membrane pump 5 which comprises two halves 6 and 7 between which is stretched a membrane 8 of rubber. On both sides of the membrane are chambers 9 and 10 formed in the respective halves 6 and 7. A compressed air canal 11 is connected to chamber 9. The flow area of this canal 11 can be reduced by means of a needle valve 12. From the chamber 9 a canal 13 is connected to the handle 1 which is closed, apart from a minute aperture 16. From chamber 10 a canal 17is connected to the rinsing liquid container 18 and also to canal 3 provided in the handle of the mouth mirror.

The device functions in the following manner. When the aperture 16 is open a stream of air, regulated by means of the valve 12 flows through chamber 9. When the aperture is closed by pressing a finger over it an instantaneous pressure increase occurs in chamber 9.

The membrane 8 is deflected towards chamber 10 thus pressing the rinsing liquid present in chamber 10 through canal 17 past a ball valve 19 and on through canal 3 and the nozzle 4 against the mirror. When the aperture 16 is opened again the membrane returns to its original position due to its inherent tension. Rinsing liquid is then sucked from the container 18 past the ball valve 20 into chamber 10. By closing the aperture again the procedure is repeated.

1 claim;

1. A dental mouth mirror in combination with a rinsing device said mirror comprising a mirror member connected to a handle member, said mirror member including a mirror surface,

said rinsing device comprising a nozzle provided on said handle member, said nozzle being directed toward said mirror surface, first canal means connected to said nozzle for transporting rinsing liquid to said nozzle, actuating means disposed on said handle member for effecting a flow of a predetermined amount of said rinsing liquid through said nozzle and onto said mirror surface to remove foreign matter from said mirror surface, pump means provided with a membrane member to define a first chamber on one side of said membrane member and a second chamber on an opposite side of said membrane member, compressed air means connected to one opening in said first chamber, second canal means connecting said actuating means to another opening in said first chamber so that a stream of air flows through said first chamber when said actuating means is open, said first canal means being connected to an opening in said second chamber, and a supply of said rinsing liquid communicating with said second chamber,

whereby closing said actuating means causes an instantaneous air pressure increase in said first chamber thereby deflecting said membrane member into said second chamber to force said predetermined amount of said rinsing liquid present in said second chamber out through said first canal means and through said nozzle onto said :mirror surface.

2. A dental mouth mirror in combination with a rinsing device as claimed in claim 2, wherein said handle member is hollow, said second canal means extending into said hollow handle member, said actuating means comprising an aperture in said hollow handle member in communication with said second canal means.

- 3. A dental mouth mirror in combination with a rinsing device as claimed in claim 1, wherein said compressed air means includes a valve member to regulate the stream of air flowing through said first chamber when said actuating means is open.

4. A dental mouth mirror in combination with a rinsing device as claimed in claim 1, wherein ball valve means is disposed in communication between said sup- 5. A dental mouth mirror in combination with a rinsing device as claimed in claim 1, wherein ball valve means is associated in communication with said first canal means to prevent said predetermined amount of i said rinsing liquid from returning to said second chamber.

6. A dental mouth mirror in combination with a rinsing device as claimed in claim 2, wherein said first ing device as claimed in claim 1, wherein said first canal means extends through said hollow handle memcanal means extends through said handle member. ber.

7. A dental mouth mirror in combination witha rins-

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