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Publication numberUS385622 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 3, 1888
Filing dateMar 14, 1887
Publication numberUS 385622 A, US 385622A, US-A-385622, US385622 A, US385622A
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US 385622 A
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No. 385,622. Patented JulyB, 1'888.

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N. PETERS. Fhuloiflhcgnphar, Wasllingtnn. D. C.




.SPECIFICAI'ION forming part of Letters Patent No. 385,622, dated .l'nly 3, 1888.

Application filed March 14, 1887. Serial No. 230,795.

To all whom, it may concern:

Be it known that l, HENRY T. HENDERSON. of Keokuk, in the county of Lee and State of Iowa, a citizen of the United States, have invented a new and useful Improvement in WVashing-lllachines, which is made and used substantially as set forth hereinafter, and as shown in the accompanying drawings, in which Fig. 1 is a sectional elevation of the apparatus. Fig. 2 is a top view or plan of same. Figs. 3 and 4 are details of bottom and rubber faces. Fig. 5 shows a detail.

The object of this invention is to make a good enouglrwasher for laundry purposes, which can be sold cheaply and possess several important features of improvement and adaptation.

To this end the invention consists in asuitable folding stool and a tub provided with improved mechanism for washing, having the several features substantially as set forth hereinafter, and as shown in the drawings.

The tub A is of anysuitable make-such as may be boughg or made very cheaply in quantities and arranged as required. A stool, B, is made to hold thetub A at a suitable eleva tion. This is formed of four legs held together in two pairs by cross bars B, and these pairs are hinged together by pivots b, so that their tops will lit and expand in the rim of the tub to hold it securely, and so it can be folded togelher flat and laid away when not in use, and for shipment. The wringer C is of any suitable kind set on the side of the tub, and has a space out out in the lid to fitand provide for it. The lid D fits the top of the tub, and is held by two cars, E, which project up therefrom through slots and bearings E, which are slipped over the edge of the lid to hold it secure, or back to release it. A part, I), is hinged at one side to turn up for admis sion to the tub as required. The lid has a bearing, G, in the center, formed of two lateral halves set together therein. The crank K has a head which is held securely in this bearing by collars or projections above and below,

(No model.)

so that it can turn freely. This head has a square hole through it, through which passes the square washer-shaft H, so as to be rotated by it, while free to rise and fall lengthwise to adjust the washer-board M on its end to the clothing, and while the crank is held in one positiornand provided with a firm support in its bearing G while being turned.

The washer or rubber-board M is held on the end of shaft H, so as to be turned to wash the clothing. This bearson its under face a grid of ribs, to rub the clothing, on which it rests and turns, which can be pressed down onto the clothing while being turned by means of one hand pressed upon the knob h, fixed upon the top of shaft H. This board M bears bars P, which rise from it,free of and beneath the lid D, so that they may rotate freely thereunder, for use in rinsing clothing andin washing woolens and flannels not suited for being rubbed. For this purpose these bars are rotated one way or back and forth, so as to catch and carry the articles through the water or suds.

The bottom of the tub bears a grid, N, of ribs for holding or rubbing the clothing on the under side. This is raised above the bottom on blocks a, so as to support the clothing and let the water orsuds drain out fully and freely in changing them. An outletfaucet, R, is set into the side of the tub at the bottom for removing the water or suds as required. Various modifications may be made.

I claim The washing'machine having a tub, A, provided with ribs in its bottom and loopears E above, in combination with its lid D, pro vided with a rubbing apparatus mounted therein having an operative crank and having slots in its edges to fit over loop-cars E, and with holders F,adapte'd tohold thelid seen rely on the tub and bind all the parts securely in place.


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