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Publication numberUS3861767 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 21, 1975
Filing dateFeb 26, 1973
Priority dateFeb 26, 1973
Publication numberUS 3861767 A, US 3861767A, US-A-3861767, US3861767 A, US3861767A
InventorsJames Edwin Mead
Original AssigneeJames Edwin Mead
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Trash receptacle device
US 3861767 A
A novel trash receptacle device, the sides, ends, top and bottom of which may be fabricated from elongated panels or sheets of plastic material or the like, manufactured and shipped in compact, knock-down form for storage for shipment to the user, and which may be readily assembled to form a receptacle of pleasant, ornamental appearance, which may be readily handled and used to receive garbage bags and to conceal them therein until they are collected, the exterior of the container presenting an esthesic picket fence or other appearance molded in or otherwise formed on the panels.
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XmX M M X 2 l 232 3 "3 1 1 Jan. 21,1975

10/1962 Caminker et al. 8/1963 C0chrane............ 1/1966 Barney............ 10/1968 Schmidt.....,....

ABSTRACT A novel trash receptacle device, the sides, ends, top

Primary ExaminerPaul R. Gilliam Attorney, Agent, or Fi rmS0mmers & Sommers 31 6 3/129, 7; 211/1 132 and bottom of which may be fabricated from elongated panels or sheets of plastic material or the like, manufactured and shipped in compact, knock-down James Edwin Mead, 55 Southern Blvd., Chatham, NJ. 07928 Feb. 26, 1973 App]. No.: 336,086

Field of Search References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS United States Patent Mead [ TRASH RECEPTACLE DEVICE [76] Inventor:

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1/1957 McBride 4/1961 Hotton nn 0 aw ua QG 9 44 99 H 200 PATENTEI] JANZI I973 SHEET 10F 2 FIG. 1


1 TRASl-I RECEPTACLE DEVICE BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION This invention relates generally to the field of ecology and is designed to provide for the convenient manufacture, assembly and usage of a knock-down trash receptacle apparatus such as may be readily assembled without use of tools and used to contain and isolate a plurality of plastic or other garbage bags and to attractively and protectively hold the same concealed form view until the bags are picked up by the garbage disposal service.


FIG. 1 is a side elevational, partly fragmentary, view of a trash receptacle apparatus embodying the invention;

FIG. 2 is an end elevational view thereof;

FIG. 3 is a partly fragmentary top plan view thereof; and

FIG. 4 is a further end elevational view thereof.


As shown in the drawings, the invention comprises a trash receptacle apparatus formed of a plurality of panel members of lightweight plastic or other material, of uniform dimensions, which may be molded or otherwise formed to simulate wood-grain, picket-fence or other esthetically attractive designs. The panel members are formed or cut to define side walls 10, 11 (FIGS. 1 and 4) bottom and top wall members 12, 13 and end wall members l4, l5. Said wall members -15, being of flat form, may be compactly shipped for ready assembly with use of a pair of elongated body connecting rod members 20, 21 (FIG. 3) to define an upwardly opening body member 22 formed of members l0, ll, 12, 14, 15, 22 (FIG. 3) which may be closed by a top or cover member 13, hingedly or otherwise secured to the body member 22 at one edge as at 23 (FIGS. 3, 4). A handle member 24 may (FIG. 1) be provided on the cover member 13 to facilitate moving the cover member to body opening and closing positions. Roller members 25 may (FIGS. 1, 2) be secured to the bottom wall 12, and a handle member 26 may (FIG. 3) be secured to the body member 22, so that the device may be readily moved about the premises by any member of the household, with a minimum of force or effort.

Pursuant to the invention an attractive trash receptable apparatus is provided for receiving and holding, pending the collection or removal thereof, of trash bags, leaves or other material, in a fashionfar advanced over the popularly used, self-advertising, poorly sealed, unattractive, heavy standard garbage cans and thus eliminates the need to use such unsightly garbage cans for the storage of garbage or trash.

The wall members 10-15 may be readily fabricated from panel materials and if desired, design 27 (FIG. 2) may incorporate therein, for example in the original manufacture thereof, by moldingor otherwise.

Spacer means 28 may (FIGS. 1 and 4) be provided to enable the apparatus to rest thereon until it is desired to move it.

The rod members 20, 21 may (FIG. 3) extend through end wall 14 of the body member and may be connected to the end wall members l4, 15 by suitable means, such as by washers 30 and cotter pins 31 (FIG. 2); said rod members 20, 21 may likewise extend through the end wall 15 at the forward end 29 of the body member (FIG. 4) to space the handle member 26 and provide for facility of handling and moving the device. The wall panel members may be further connected, as shown in the drawings, by any suitable means, as for example, by providing a second set of elongated body connecting rod members 32, 33 (FIGS. 1 and 2) passing through the end members 14, 15 and provided with washers and cotter pins 30', 31' to connect the second set of rod members to the body membet. If desired a further connecting means may be provided such as (FIG. 3) studs 34 passing through the side wall members and into the connecting rod members to further secure the parts together.

While the present invention has been particularly described in terms of specific embodiments thereof, it-will be evident, in view of the present disclosure, that numerous variations of the invention may be made, within the inventive concept and disclosures herein.

I claim:

1. A knock-down apparatus for assembly as a receptacle for trash bags, said apparatus comprising a pair of substantially duplicate side wall members, a pair of substantially duplicate end wall members and top and bottom members of flat, thin sheet material, which may be shipped in compact form for assembly by positioning the side wall and end members upright and in parallel spaced relation and registered with the bottom memher, to define therewith an upwardly opening receptacle for receiving trash bags;

each of said end wall members having an upper pair and a lower pair of apertures;

a first pair of elongated body rod'members passed through said upper pair of apertures in each of said end wall members and connected thereto parallel to and adjacent the side wall members; a second pair of elongated body connecting rod members passed through said lower pair of apertures in each of said end wall members and connected thereto parallel to and adjacent the side wall members;

fastening means engaging the side wall members and the first and second pairs of elongated rods to hold the same in aligned registration;

said first pair of elongated rods extending beyond one of said end wall members to define handle support means;

a handle member on said handle support means;

said top member constituting a cover member and being pivotally connected to the upper portion of one of said side wall members.

2. In an apparatus for recptacle of trash bags, as set forth in claim 1, roller means secured to and depending from the bottom wall member and spacer means secured to and depending from the bottom member in spaced relation to the bottom roller means.

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