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Publication numberUS3868735 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 4, 1975
Filing dateNov 6, 1973
Priority dateNov 6, 1973
Publication numberUS 3868735 A, US 3868735A, US-A-3868735, US3868735 A, US3868735A
InventorsRoss Mary C
Original AssigneeRoss Mary C
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Top-fitted bed sheet
US 3868735 A
A top-fitted bed sheet for use as a conventional sheet on a bed and for sleeping under the sheet while fitted onto the foot end of the bed, having an arcuate cut-out portion at the lateral sides of the foot end of the sheet, side pocket forming means sewn to the arcuate cut-out portion, square side portions on each side of the sheet for decorative purposes and covering the side pocket forming means. Elastic strips are disposed within hems of the free edge of the pocket forming means.
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United States Patent [1 1 Ross Mar. 4, 1975 Primary Examiner-Paul R. Gilliam Assistant Examiner-Andrew M. Calvert Attorney, Agent, or FirmMisegades, Douglas & Levy [57] ABSTRACT A top-fitted bed sheet for use as a conventional sheet on a bed and for sleeping under the sheet while fitted onto the foot end of the bed, having an arcuate cutout portion at the lateral sides of the foot end of the sheet, side pocket forming means sewn to the arcuate cut-out portion, square side portions on each side of the sheet for decorative purposes and covering the side pocket forming means. Elastic strips are disposed within hems of the free edge of the pocket forming means.

1 Claim, 2 Drawing Figures TOP-FITTED BED SHEET [76] Inventor: Mary C. Ross, 42l E. 87th Pl.,

Chicago, 111. 60616 [22] Filed: Nov. 6, 1973 [21] App], No.: 413,300

[52] US. Cl. .Q. 5/334 C, 5/335 [51] Int. Cl A47g 9/00 [58] Field of Search 5/334 R, 334 C, 335, 336, 5/354 R, 354 B [56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 1.865.329 6/1932 McHorter 5/334 C 2,569,627 l0/l95l Black 3,273,175 9/1966 Anderson et al. 5/335 3,508,285 4/1970 Marquette 5/334 R a -e 6 64 7 g;

we aetfiaf n 1 TOP-FITTED BED SHEET CROSS-REFERENCES TO INFORMATION AND REFERENCES (35 U.S.C. 132) This invention is an improvement and innovation over the prior art as exemplified in the following patents:

Class 5, sub 336 I .Fuld et al. 2,729,831 1956 Class 5, sub 333 Ragsdale Mazera 3,144,666 1964 et al.

Class 5, sub 334 Banks 3,258,789 I966 None of the above references is either anticipative or teaches the obviousness of the invention.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an improved topsheet to form a pocket to fit in contour relation with the mattress.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is an object and advantage of the invention to pro vide a top-fitted bed sheet of a construction so that a pocket is formed at the foot of the sheet and side flaps are provided to cover the side of the bed and mattress when the sheet is disposed in place.

An additional object and advantage of the invention is that it seeks to provide a bed sheet made of simple, common and conventional components for forming an integrally formed sheet cover having side flaps and in which elastic strips are inserted within a hem along a free side of an arcuate cut-out portion along each side thereof.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION'OF THE SEVERAL VIEWS OF THE DRAWINGS The above and other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent upon full consideration of the following detailed description and accompanying drawings in which:

FIG. I is aperspective view of a top-fitted bed sheet shown on a bed according to a best mode and preferred embodiment of the invention; and

FIG. 2 is a developmental view of the top-fitted bed sheet prior to being sewn constructed and arranged upon the bed mattress.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT Referring now to the drawings there is shown a bed 10 partly in dotted-line as a bed head board 12, a mattress 14 and a frame 16.

A single uniformly constructed, generally rectangular sheet of conventional, or a king size, queen size or of single bed width, sheet forming material having conventional rectangular corners 22, 22 at or toward the head or top end of the sheet 20, and a mattress contoured, mattress-end-engaging portion 26 at the foot end or the other end thereof is illustrated in each of FIGS. I and 2.

A further object and advantage of the invention is to provide a single sheet or cover element that forms a sheet fitting snugly over the foot of the bed and does not become loose in use and may provide comfort and decorative utility as well.

The mattress-end-engaging portion 26 is constructed and arranged from arcuate-cut-out portions 28, 28 as shown and the portion 26 contains a fold at 30 and 32, respectively. The terminal end of the sheet 20 is in a hem 34.

Down a center portion or section portion or section of the fitted-sheet there may be a central hem 36. An elastic strip may be disposed within the hem 36.

The sides of the mattress-end engaging portion 26 are formed by side-pocket forming means 40, 40 respectively each having a rectangular or straight-edge 44, 44 within which there may be an elastic strip either separate or contiguous with the elastic strip in hem 34.

The straight-edges 44, 44 terminate in corners 48a, 50a and the arcuate-cut-out portions 28, 28 each terminate in corners 48b, 50b. The side-pocket forming means 40, 40 have arcuate or corvalinear contoured edges 54, 54, and when completing the construction of the parts forming the invention, corners 48a and 48b are joined; corners 50a and 50b are joined; and the edges 28 and 54 are joined. The means or method of joining may be by sewing or hemming these edges together, and by so doing, pockets are formed within which the mattress 14 may be received therein.

The manner of forming the edges 28, 54 together is illustrated in FIG. 2 by dotted lines 60, 60.

Cover flaps 62, 62 formed from the initial contour of the sheet so that the intermediate edge 63 may be sewn to line 66 in the sheet 20, the s ide-cover-flaps 62 have their intermediate edges 64 formed generally parallel to the sheets length and are thus sewn to the sheet, such as at or near a line 66, shown in FIG. 2.

One example of the top-fitted-sheet is that the width of the sheet could be as wide as 81 inches, and the seam in the middle could be eliminated. Also the width could be extended to queen size or king size; it could be made to the width of the single bed.

.An example of the sheet is that it may be 72 inches, or it may be 81 inches wide; the pockets on the side may be 56 inches finished.

Additional embodiments of the invention in this specification will occur to others and therefore it is intended that the scope of the invention be limited only by the appended claims and not by the embodiment(s) described hereinabove. Accordingly. reference should be made to the following claims in determining the full scope of the invention.

What is claimed is:

l. A top-fitted bed sheet comprising a single uniform, generally rectangular sheet of material having conventional rectangular corners at one end and a mattresscontoured, end-engaging portion at the other end, comprising essentially arcuate cut-out portions disposed along lateral sides of the sheet terminating in the adjacent corner thereof, side-pocket forming means sewn onto each of said arcuate cut-out portions for providing pockets formed to encompass and to contour with a mattress end portion, and a square-ended extension disposed along an adjacent portion to said arcuate I cut-out portions for forming side cover flaps arranged along vertical sides of the mattress when fitted on the mattress, said sidecover flaps having their edges paral- 3,868,735 3 4 lel to the sheet and being sewn to the sheet, elastic mid-portion of the finished sheet, and an elastic strip strips being inserted within a hem along a free side of being applied along the entire foot end of the sheet and the arcuate cut-out portions, the sheet material being the free ends of the cut-out portions. formed in two parts joined by a hem formed along the

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