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Publication numberUS3869122 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 4, 1975
Filing dateFeb 26, 1973
Priority dateFeb 26, 1973
Publication numberUS 3869122 A, US 3869122A, US-A-3869122, US3869122 A, US3869122A
InventorsGambello Vincent J, Payne Jr Calvin L
Original AssigneeTudor Games Inc
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Football game
US 3869122 A
An action football board game comprising an elongated plastic insert base having a multifaceted ball or die receiving area at one end, a defense strategy compartment at the other end with special mechanism for predetermining the position of an offensive play card according to the defense strategy employed, and a central area over which a simulated football field is superimposed on a container for the insert having the usual ball and yardage markers and score and time indications. The predetermining mechanism include card abutment pegs inserted through holes in the insert which are labelled for the particular defensive maneuver the player on defense wishes to employ.
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United States Patent ['19] Payne, Jr. et al.

[ Mar. 4, 1975 FOOTBALL GAME 2,585,259 2/1952 Marschke 273/93 R [75] Inventors Calvin L Payne Jr 3,059,346 10/1962 Swimmer et al 273/149 P 0 Q Q '9 1 H -O-H V' t z s i gi f ?g 8531 N Y Primary Exammer-Ant0n O. Oechsle [73] A T d G I t d Assistant Examiner-l-larry G. Strappello ssigneez u or ames, ncorpora e Brooklyn, NY. ABSTRACT [22] Filed: 1973 An action football board game comprising an elon- [21] Appl. No.: 335,901 gated plastic insert base having a multifaceted ball or die receiving area at one end, a defense strategy com [52] U S Cl 273/94 R partment at the other end with special mechanism for [51] In.t .Cl ..A63f 7/66 predetermining the position of an: Offensive play card [58] Field of Search.. 273/93 R, 93 c, 94R, 131 c, accordmg stfategy' emPmyed, and 273/134 CF 134 B 134 C 152 1 central area over which a simulated football field IS superimposed on a container for the insert having the [56] References Cited usual ball and yardage markers and score and time indications. The predetermining mechanism include UNITED STATES ENTS card abutment pegs inserted through holes in the in- 543.463 7/1895 Brown 273/94 R sert which are labelled for the particular defensive maneuver the player on defense wishes to employ. 214581388 1/1949 Kobs .11.. 273/94 R 4 Claims, 6 Drawing Figures 2 20 20 2/ 2/ 2/ "uome\ vino's no '9 I 9 3 18 /8 I w QUARTER TIME [8 l I l I I I Q90 g 40 fig @614? Q l I [I x 4,2 1 \4-2 \\4-Z iZQ a! PITCHOUT '1 FOOTBALL GAME The invention relates to action board games of the parlor type and, in particular, to such games relating to the American game of football.

The present football game has two basic components, namely a plas'ti'cinsert base which provides score board components anda specially configurated area in which an offensive play card is selectively positioned according to the strategy that the defensive player wishes to employ, and a container for the insert bearing a simulated field of play. The container provides a results window through which yardage gained or lost is read off the play card and additional windows through which scoring and time indications are shown. Preferably the insert provides a depressed portion designated as the result bowl into which a specially shaped die is tossed to indicate according to color the particular column of numbers on the play card to be used in determining yardage lost or gained on successive plays of the game.

One object of the game is to provide an indoor football board game of economic construction and providing a unique mode of defensive and offensive game play.

Other objects and advantages of the invention may be appreciated on reading the following description of one embodiment taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which:

FIG. 1 is a top plan view of the game board as it might appear during play;

FIG. 2 is a view in cross section showing the result bowl in the game board for receiving the toss of the result ball and taken on the line 2-2 of FIG. I;

FIG. 3 is a view in cross section showing the game board insert taken on the line 3-3 of FIG. 1;

FIG. 4 is a view in cross section through the defense strategy region and showing the offensive play card in position in the action slot for determining the yardage gained or lost taken on the line 44 of FIG. 1;

FIG. 5 is a partial sectional view of the defense strategy region and action slot taken on the line 5-5 of FIG. 1; and

FIG. 6 is a plan view partially in section of the de' fense strategy region and action slot for yardage determination of the insert taken on the line 66 of FIG. 5.

Referring to the drawings, the board game comprises an insert 10 and its container 12. The insert 10 provides a result bowl 14 formed as a depression at one end of the top surface 16 of the insert, FIG. 2. Along the top edge of the insert are bosses 18 on which are mounted rotatable wheel cards 20 and 21 hearing home and visitors team scoring indicia and down, quarter and time to play data, respectively.

As best seen in FIGS. 1, 4, 5 and 6 a transverse action slot 22 is formed in the surface 16 at the other end of the game board. Disposed and overlying the upper half portion of the action slot is defense card 24 having a column ofrun holes 26 on one side and =pass holes 28 on the other side which extend through both the card and the insert, the holes being appropriately labelled on the card with identifying defensive plays and formations. Pegs 30 are selectively inserted in the holes 26 and the holes 28 according to the type of defense the defending player anticipates should be established for either a running play or a pass play to be determined by the offensive player as will be seen. v

The container 12, FIG. 1, for the insert 10 is provided with a simulated football field area 32 in its central portion. There is provided in the centerof the area 32 longitudinal slot 34 for slidable footiball marker 36 and along the top edge of the field area 32 is a second slot 38 into which yardage marker 40 is slidably inserted. Formed in the insert 10, FIG. 3, are elongated depending ribs 42 and 44 which are disposed directly underneath the slots 34 and 38, respectively, serving the dual purpose of imparting a degree of rigidity to the plastic insert 10 and providing clearance for the ball and yardage markers as their positions are moved as the play progresses. As scores are made by the teams, they are registered on the card wheels 20 and down, quarter and time information is recorded on the card wheels 21, the wheels 20 and 21 being seen through windows 40 and 42, respectively, in the container 112.

The container 12 is provided at one end with a large opening 46 disposed in registry with the result bowl 14 formed in the insert.

adapted to overlie the defense card 24. Below the mask I 48 is result window 54 formed longitudinally in the surface of the container through which yard gained or lost is read out.

In the play of the game the offensive player inserts into the action slot 22 an offensive play card 56. One side of the card has readout yardage information for pass plays and the other side for running plays. The information is arranged in columns 58 which are sepa rately colored, the columns being selectively employed for readout according to the color which is turned up in the result bowl 14 on the toss of multifaceted and colored die 60 in the result bowl. The card 56 has formed therein lateral shoulders 62 and 64, the higher shoulder being used to determine the depth of penetration of the card into the action slot as it moves against a peg 30 which has been previously placed by the defensive player in one of the holes in each of the columns of holes 26 and 28 according to his chosen defense formation or play for both running and passing plays. The yardage gained or lost is then determined by looking through the readout or results window 54 which reveal one row of figures selected from the variously colored columns. Besides pass and run play cards. cards are also provided for kick-off and kick-off return plays.

What is claimed is:

I In a football board game, a board surface adapted to have superposed thereon a simulated football field, a container for said board surface bearing a simulated football field and having a slidable ball marker thereon, said board surface providing a defensive strategy region having an action slot formed therein, said action slot having formed therein a plurality of holes arranged in a column along each longitudinal edge of said slot and having defensive play indicia disposed proximate to each of said holes, pegs adapted to be selectively inserted in said holes, offensive play cards adapted to be inserted in said slot having play result indicia disposed on both surfaces thereof with the indicia on one surface being different from the indicia on the other surface and having a shoulder formed along each lateral edge thereof, one lateral shoulder being at a different longitudinal location from that of the other lateral shoulder on each play card, whereby one of said play cards may arranged in columns on said play cards, said columns being differently colored.

4. In a game as defined in claim 3 a multifaceted die, each facet being colored to determine the column of figures indicating yardage gained or lost on the play card for controlling the movement of said ball marker according to the color of the upturned facet of the thrown die matching the coloration of the column thereby selected.

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