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Publication numberUS3881485 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 6, 1975
Filing dateJul 16, 1973
Priority dateJul 16, 1973
Publication numberUS 3881485 A, US 3881485A, US-A-3881485, US3881485 A, US3881485A
InventorsJr Hal M Davis
Original AssigneeJr Hal M Davis
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Rectal appliance
US 3881485 A
A device for insertion through the anus into the upper rectum for the purpose of wiping the walls of the rectum clean of feces, and for the purpose of stopping and retaining feces in the colon and rectum at a distance from the anus. The device is preferably formed of a fiber material. A sealed package containing lubricant and the device is provided for sterile storage and use of the device.
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Davis, Jr.

May 6, 1975 RECTAL APPLIANCE [76] Inventor: Hal M. Davis, Jr., Apt. No. 706,

4045 Linkwood, Houston, Tex. 77025 [22] Filed: July 16, 1973 [21] Appl. No.: 379,602

[52] US. Cl 128/270; 128/271 [51] Int. Cl. A61f 13/20 [58] Field of Search 128/263, 270, 271, 285

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 3,058,469 10/1962 Crockford 128/263 3,139,886 7/1964 Tallman et al.. 128/263 3,342,181 9/1967 Jacquignon 128/271 3,512,527 5/1970 Desoye et a1... 128/271 3,570,489 3/1971 Brown 128/271 3,674,029 7/1972 Bates et al. 128/285 3,683,912 8/1972 Olson et a1 128/285 FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS 776,975 11/1934 France 128/271 705,680 3/1965 Canada 128/271 479 l/1888 United Kingdom 128/271 Primary ExaminerRichard A. Gaudet Assistant Examiner1-Ienry S. Layton Attorney, Agent, or Firm-Carl B. Fox, Jr.

[5 7 ABSTRACT 2 Claims, 9 Drawing Figures RECTAL APPLIANCE SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The invention relates to devices for insertion through the anus into the upper rectum for the purpose of wiping the walls of the rectum clean of feces, and for the additional purpose of stopping and retaining feces in the colon and rectum at a distance from the anus. A certain amount of drainage normally occurs into the rectum from the sigmoid flexure at the lower end of the colon. In addition, after a bowel movement or defecation, the rectum is sometimes at least partly filled with retained feces, and even ifthis does not occur the walls of the rectum are invariably smeared with feces and unclean. This situation, especially if the bowels are upset, can cause irritation of the rectum and anus and can cause staining of clothing.

The above described condition is at least somewhat unsanitary, and the invention is provided for the purpose not only of cleaning the anal passage and rectum but of preventing after-defecation drainage into the rectum in order that irritation and staining of clothing cannot occur.

According to the invention, a preformed fiber device is provided which is shaped for insertion through the anus into the upper rectum, and is entirely suitable for this purpose. The device must be made of non-irritating material, and it has been found that substantially pure cellulose is the material best suited for this purpose, although other materials may be used. The device is inserted through the anus and up through the rectum with a coating of non-irritating lubricant applied thereto. The lubricant should preferably be an organic, inert, water soluble jell, but other suitable lubricants may be used.

The invention also provides a packaged form of the device, wherein the device is enclosed within a package which is suitable for containing the device and lubricant, and which may be employed during insertion through the anus to prevent contact of the finger with the anus and rectum. The package additionally retains the device and lubricant in sterile condition, and is convenient for carrying the device for use at a place remote from the user's residence.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will appear from the following detailed description ofa preferred embodiment, reference during the description being made to the accompanying drawings.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side elevation of a preferred embodiment of device according to the invention.

FIG. 2 is a bottom view of the device shown in FIG. 1.

FIG. 3 is a vertical axial cross section of the device of FIG. 1.

FIG. 4 is a side elevational view of the device shown in FIG. 1, enclosed within a transparent package together with lubricant for application of the device.

FIG. 5 is a side elevation of the device, showing the package shown in FIG. 4 as used during insertion of the device into the anus and rectum.

FIGS. 69 are schematic representations showing insertion of the device through the anus and rectum, and showing the disposition of the device at or near the sigmoid flexure.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS Referring now to the drawings in detail, and first to FIGS. 1-3, the device 10, which may be referred to as a wiper plug, is of cylindrical cross section at its portion 11 and is hemispherical at its end 12. The opposite end 13 has a curved recess 14 thereinto. In FIG. 3, the plug is shown to have an outer cover or wrapper 16 which covers and encloses the core 17. The cover 16 is preferably made of a non-woven fabric or sheet, consisting of a material such as paper. The core is preferably made of medium to light density cotton, a cellulose foam, or matted fiber. It is preferable that both the cover and core be of materials which are water resistant, and which will remain intact for more or less extended periods of time when wetted. The core should not expand with any force when wetted.

If the core is made of coherent enough structure so that it will remain more or less in its desired form when wetted, the cover may be omitted.

The wiper plug shown in FIGS. 1-3 is adapted for insertion through the anal opening and through the rectum at least to its interior end, and preferably at or near the sigmoid flexure at the inner or back end of the rectum, where the colon joins the rectum. The anus and rectum are sensitive areas and would tend to automatically expel the wiper plug if it were disposed in either of those areas. The sigmoid flexure, however, is not pressure sensitive and the wiper plug installed therein causes no unpleasant sensations and does not tend to be automatically expelled. In fact, the wiper plug when properly placed near or at the sigmoid flexure is not felt by the user and there is no feeling of its presence nor any unwanted urge to defecate.

The wiper plug is installed at or near the sigmoid flexure area by placing a finger in the depression or recess 14 in the lower end of the plug. The plug is first smeared with lubricant in order to avoid any frictional rubbing of the anus and rectum as it is inserted. The lubricant preferably also solubilizes any feces remaining in the rectum. Once the plug has reached its proper destination, the finger may be employed to adjust its position if necessary and is then slowly withdrawn, leaving the wiper plug in place. During insertion of the wiper plug, the walls of the anus and rectum are wiped and at least partially cleaned, to be substantially free of feces and liquids. This cleansing action on the anus and rectum is hygienic and an aid to improved conditions of the anus and rectum. Irritation of these areas and consequent rashes and other skin or membrane eruptions will be largely avoided through use of the device. In addition, the use of the wiper plug will substantially eliminate the soiling of clothing worn by the user because of elimination of undesirable drainage from the rectum. The lubricant which is smeared onto the wiper plug before its insertion is preferably ofa type which is non-irritating and which will improve the healthful condition of these body areas.

The lubricant is preferably an inert organic water soluble jell. A lubricant material such as the commercial product sold under the trademark K-Y is suitable for this purpose. Materials such as petroleum jelly, and products containing petroleum jelly, and other lubricant bases. may be found useful, but the materials of the nature of K-Y, made by Johnson & Johnson, have been found to be more non-irritating and more satisfactory. The lubricant should be compatible with mucus membranes, and should not irritate mucus membranes.

Although cellulose materials have been found to be most satisfactory for the core and cover of the wiper plug, other materials such as some of the synthetic fibers and foams may be found to be satisfactory.

Referring now to FIGS. 4 and 5 of the drawings, the plug 10 is shown disposed within a plastic tube wrapper of sleeve 21. The wrapper or sleeve 21 is shown to be closed at its lower end 22, but may be heat sealed at this end as well as at the other heat sealed locations to be described. The bottom of plug 10 having depression 14 is disposed downward, and the hemispherical upper end 12 of the plug is disposed upwardly. The wrapper is heat sealed along line 24, and thereabove a supply 25 of a suitable lubricant is disposed within the wrapper which is sealed thereabove at 26 by a wider line of heat sealing.

When the wiper plug is to be used, that is inserted through the anus and rectum of the user, the end of the wrapper containing the lubricant 25 is squeezed. which breaks the lighter heat seal 24 so that the lubricant is moved onto the upper end 12 of the plug 10. The plug is supported by a finger pressed into depression 14. The upper part of the wrapper is pulled downwardly and turned inside out over the finger which is in depression 14, continued pulling downward of the wrapper breaking heat seal 26 so that the apparatus becomes disposed as shown in FIG. 5. The plug is,now ready for insertion and use.

Usually the middle finger is placed in depression 14, and two or more fingers of the other hand may be used to pull the wrapper downwardly over the middle finger to turn the wrapper inside out and around the middle finger. Other modes of use may be used. For example, the wrapper may be pulled down inside out over a finger in depression 14, to break seal 24 over the top of the plug, and continued pulling down of the wrapper will smear the lubricant 25 over the plug, with additional pulling down of the wrapper finally breaking seal 26.

The wrapper provides a convenient package so that the plug and lubricant may be carried in a pocket, purse, or traveling bag for use at a location where it might otherwise be inconvenient.

Referring now to FIGS. 6-9, FIG. 6 is a schematic showing of the anus 27 and rectum 28, the sigmoid flexure being at 29. The colon continues at 30. The lubricated plug 10 is inserted by pressing it with a finger 32 placed in depression 14, spreading the anus as in FIG. 7 so that the plug 10 may be pushed upwardly through the rectum 28. After initial insertion into the rectum. rearward movement of the plug as in FIG. 8 is necessary to direct it through the rectum. Finally, upon completion of insertion, the plug is disposed as in FIG. 9 at or near the sigmoid flexure. The finger may be used for final adjustment of the plug position, following which the finger is preferably fairly slowly removed. In FIG. 6, the anus and rectum are in dirty condition, and as the plug moves through the FIG. 7 and 8 positions to the final FIG. 9 position. the walls of the anus and rectum are wiped substantially clean. The plug when properly placed serves to prevent drainage from the colon into the rectum, wherey irritation of the rectum and anus is prevented and staining of clothing which might occur upon drainage out of the anus is also prevented.

From the foregoing descriptions it will be clear that the wiper plug provides a hygienic device which is useful to prevent irritation and infection, and which provides the utmost in rectal hygiene and cleaniness.

Although the dimensions of the wiper plug are variable, as well as its exact structure and composition, it has been found that the diameter of the plug should be approximately 1% inches, and that the depression 14 should be approximately three-eighths inch deep. The height of the plug is preferably about 1% inches. But it should be clearly understood that these dimensions may be varied to suit preferances and to suit individual taste and requirements.

The method according to the invention may be practiced using any suitable form of wiper plug. For example, rolled or wadded toilet tissue, cotton gauze, or matted sterile cotton, or the like, may be used in carrying out the methods of the invention, although use of the apparatus herein disclosed will be found to be more satisfactory.

While preferred embodiments of the invention have been described and shown in the drawings, many modifications thereof may be made by a person skilled in the art without departing from the spirit of the invention, and it is intended to protect by Letters Patent all forms of the invention falling within the scope of the following claims.

I claim:

1. Device for insertion through the anus and rectum to a fitted position at or near the sigmoid flexure of a person for wiping the anus and rectum and for preventing passage of fecal matter from the colon through the sigmoid flexure into the rectum, comprising a wiper plug element of non-irritating reaction and of yieldable material which does not swell excessively when wetted, said plug element having a smoothly convexly rounded forward end and cylindrical sides and having a concave depression in its rearward end of a size to receive the end of a finger during insertion of said plug element through the anus and rectum said device including sleeve means of flexible film material having said wiper plug element disposed therewithin, an end of said sleeve means being closed and said wiper plug element being disposed adjacent thereto, said sleeve means having a first temporary seal adjacent said wiper plug element at the opposite side of said wiper plug element from said closed sleeve end and having a second temporary seal spaced therefrom, and a supply of lubricant within said sleeve means between said first and second temporary seals, whereby said first temporary seal may be broken to expose said wiper plug element to said lubricant and whereby said second temporary seal may be broken to expel said lubricated wiper plug element from said sleeve for introduction through the anus of the user, said sleeve being invertable to form a lubricated cover for a member used to force said wiper plug element through the anus and rectum to a position at or near the sigmoid flexure of the user.

2. Method for cleaning the anus and rectum of a person, and for preventing drainage from the colon into the rectum and anus of the person until the person subsequently defecates; comprising pressing wiper plug means through the pressure sensitive anus and rectum of the person to a non-pressure sensitive portion of the rectum at or near the sigmoid flexure, and leaving said wiper plug means in place at said position at or near the sigmoid flexure until same is expelled by defecation by the person, the anus and rectum of the person being wiped and cleaned by insertion of the wiper plug means and the wiper plug means preventing drainage therepast as long as it remains in place at said position.

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