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Publication numberUS3883242 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1975
Filing dateJul 23, 1973
Priority dateDec 29, 1970
Publication numberUS 3883242 A, US 3883242A, US-A-3883242, US3883242 A, US3883242A
InventorsIsao Takahashi, Motoharu Fujii, Kazuo Kawakubo, Masao Ariga, Susumu Sugiura
Original AssigneeCanon Kk
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Electronic photographic copying machine
US 3883242 A
An electrophotographic copying machine including a repetitively usable photosensitive member removably mounted in the machine and having a plurality of image processing elements including an image transfer device disposed around the photosensitive member. The photosensitive member is mounted within a first body portion of the machine, while the transfer device is mounted in a removable second body portion of the machine, whereby the photosensitive member is accessible for removal when the two body portions are separated.
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

United States Patent Takahashi et al.

[451 May 13, 1975 [54] ELECTRONIC PHOTOGRAPHIC COPYING 3.490342 1/1970 Reick et a1 355/10 3.575506 4/1971 Knechtel r. 355/16 MACHINE 3,600,082 8/l97l Knechtel r r r i r 355/8 [75] Inventors: lsao T ka hi. Yokohama; 1604,79? 9/1971 Szczesniak 355/16 Motoharu Fujii, Tokyo; Kazuo 1770.345 11/1973 Kawakubo et a1. 355/] R Kawakubo, Tokyo: Masao Ariga. T r t Y; Li 3 i:i guglura 1 O PI'HHUI Exammcr]hn M. Horan Allurnry. Agent. or FirmFitzpatrick, Cella. Harper {73] Assignee: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha. Tokyo, & s im Japan [22] Filed: July 23, I973 [57] ABSTRACT [2]] Appl. No.; 381,399

Related US. Application Data An ele ctrophotographic copying machine including a 2 {S N H 276 D 23 971 repetitively usable photosensitive member removably [6 Dwlslono mounted in the machine and having a plurality of image processing elements including an image transfer [30] Forelgn Apphcauon Prmnty Dam device disposed around the photosensitive member Japan The photosensitive member is mounted within a first body portion of the machine, while the transfer device [52] U.S. Cl .i 355/3 R is mounted i a removaue Second body portion f the H 1 Cl 8 /00 machine, whereby the photosensitive member is ac- [58] new of Search 355/3 14 cessible for removal when the two body portions are separated. [56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 1 Claim, Drawing Figures 3,088,386 S/l963 Sugarman 355/ll 7 85 86 a 83 5 O O I 46 98 97 8481 8 94 78 P 79 O z 7 -96 ll 37 I2 0 38 2 9 L 9 921 92 39 4 4F I I 4 i7 1\ t (.JENTEJWIWQE} 3.883.242

saw mar 19 mama MY 1 W5 SHEET [JJJF 1;

FIG. 8

FIG. 6

PATENTEB rm 1 ms SHEET 68 HF 19 FIG. ll



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