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Publication numberUS3883730 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 13, 1975
Filing dateSep 13, 1973
Priority dateSep 13, 1973
Publication numberUS 3883730 A, US 3883730A, US-A-3883730, US3883730 A, US3883730A
InventorsDickson Robert A
Original AssigneeDickson Robert A
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Illuminated decorative display
US 3883730 A
Illuminated display device in which a bulb is supported above a battery case solely by a vertical self-supporting, stiff, bare wire. A second insulated wire completes an electrical circuit between the bulb and the battery case. A transparent or translucent plastic sleeve surrounds the bulb and wires and is press-fitted around the battery case. Suitable indicia such as greeting card information may be disposed on the plastic sleeve and illuminated internally by the bulb.
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United States Patent 1 1 Dickson ILLUMINATED DECORATIVE DISPLAY [76] Inventor: Robert A. Dickson, 33A Knowles Ave., Daly City, Calif. 94014 22 Filed: Sept. 13, 1973 211 App]. No.: 396,942

[52] US. Cl. 240/l0.6 R; 240/2 SL; 240/11.2 R; 240/81 R [51] Int. Cl. F211 l/00 [58] Field of Search 240/2 R, 2 SL, 6.4 R, 10 R, 240/10.6 R, 10.61, 10.63, 10.66, 11 R, 11.2

R, 16, 81 R, 81BD, 88; 40/130 R, 132 R [56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,210,821 l/l9l7 McClure 240/1061 2,439,178 4/1948 Marchand 240/16 X 1451 May 13, 1975 3,011,048 11/1961 O'Brien .1 240/1061 X 3,609,347 9/1971 Kopenhaver t. 240/2 SL 3,737,722 6/1973 Scharlack 240/6.4 R 3,743,828 7/1973 Fiorenzo et a1. 240/10 R Primary ExaminerJoseph F. Peters, Jr. Attorney, Agent, or FirmTownsend and Townsend [57] ABSTRACT 1 Claim, 4 Drawing Figures "FJENTEU 1 3135 ,883,730

1 ILLUMINATED DECORATIVE DISPLAY This invention relates to internally lighted display devices. More particularly, it relates to an internally lighted display having an exterior sleeve upon which indicia may be disposed and the presentation enhanced by internal lighting.

Devices have previously been proposed in which an outer surface is illuminated interiorly by a bulb which may be battery powered. In all prior devices the bulb is supported on the base of the device or from a rigid housing extending upwardly from the base. The present invention provides a display device wherein the bulb is supported solely by one or more of the wires forming a part of the electrical circuit between the bulb and the source of electrical power. In the preferred embodiment the bulb is supported by a single, relatively stiff, bare wire such as No. l8 grade copper wire. The second wire for completing an electrical circuit can be a thin flexible insulated wire which may be conveniently wrapped around the bare, stiff supporting wire. The result is an efficient but simple and inexpensive mechanism for lighting any desired display.

In the preferred embodiment the wire and bulb are surrounded by a translucent or transparent flexible plastic sleeve. A suitable display contemplated for the sleeve is greeting card information. In distinction with prior art devices, the sleeve or cylinder surrounding the bulb and wire provides no structural support for the bulb or other part of the display device. The sleeve of this invention is not designed for use as or capable of being a load bearing surface. Here again the result is a very simple and inexpensive means for providing a decorative and/or informational display.

In the preferred embodiment the self-supporting bare wire extends upwardly from a housing or battery case. The sleeve is designed to be press-fitted around the bat tery case and is removable therefrom for access to the battery case, wires and bulb. The removability feature of the sleeve provides the opportunity for use of a plurality of sleeves on the same display foundation. Each of the plurality of sleeves can be designed with different indicia thereon.

With respect to the accompanying drawings:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the display device of this invention wherein a bulb and reflector therefor are supported by a single bare wire;

FIG. 2 is a perspective view of an alternate embodiment in which a pair of bulbs at differing elevations is supported by two bare wires;

FIG. 3 is an end sectional view of the device of FIG. showing the battery case with batteries contained therein in relation to the sleeve;

FIG. 4 is a side view with parts broken away of an alternative socket and reflector arrangement for the bulb used in the display of this invention.

With respect to the drawings, in the embodiment of FIGS. 1 and 3. there is shown a base formed from a box 1] whose bottom is open and which opening may be covered by a cap 12. Batteries 13 and 14 are contained within box 11. It will be appreciated that other forms of electrical energy source may be utilized such as the commonly used wafer type cells. Supported and disposed generally vertically on base 10 is a relatively stiff or rigid copper wire 15. Wire 15 is bare and without insulation. Preferably coiled or otherwise disposed adjacent to wire 15 is a relatively thin flexible insulated wire 16. Suspended at the upper end of rigid wire 15 is a bulb socket and reflector 17 which has a bulb (not shown) contained therein. Wires 15 and 16 complete an electrical circuit between the bulb and batteries 13 and 14. If desired, a conventional switch actuated by handle 18 may be disposed within battery case 10 for making and breaking an electrical circuit between batteries 13 and 14 and the bulb within reflector and socket l7.

Surrounding reflector and socket 17, wires 15 and 16, and battery case 10 is an elliptical clear plastic sleeve 19. Sleeve 19 is open at its upper end and pressfltted about box 11 of battery case 10 at its lower end. Sleeve 19 may be removably retained in place by mating engagement with upwardly turned lip 20 of cap 12. Sleeve 19 may have disposed on its surfaces any desired display information or indicia such as greeting card phrases and/or colorful decorative presentations.

In the alternative embodiment of FIG. 2, a plurality of reflector-sockets and bulbs shown generally at 21 and 22 are employed at different elevations above the base. In this embodiment a pair of bare self-supporting copper wires 23 and 24 are employed for completing an electrical circuit between both bulbs and batteries (not shown) within the base or battery case 25. A more uniform and increased illumination is thereby provided. Reflector socket and bulb 22 are supported by two short bare copper wires 26 and 27. Wires 26 and 27 are twisted about vertical copper wires 23 and 24, respectively. for completion of the electrical circuit and for support of reflector socket and bulb 22.

The alternative embodiment of FIG. 4 provides a technique by which costs for the display device can be reduced even further. In this embodiment a translucent light diffusing plastic housing or shade 28 is employed and supported on selfsupporting bare copper wire 29. In this embodiment a separate socket for the bulb is eliminatedv Instead copper wire 29 is twisted to form a coiled portion 30 at its end. A bulb may be inserted within coiled portion 30 and an electrical circuit completed through an insulated flexible wire 31. Wire 31 may be conveniently coiled about bare copper wire 29. Flexible wire 31 terminates and is disposed at the center of coiled portion 30. The end of wire 31 is free of insulation at 32 so as to make contact with the end of a bulb which may be inserted within coiled portion 30. This embodiment of FIG. 4 may be substituted for the reflector and bulb combinations 17. 21 and 22.

I claim:

1. An illuminated display device comprising: a rectangular battery case, a self-supporting electrically conductive wire extending upwardly from said battery case, a bulb supported over said base solely by said wire in electrical communication therewith. and a light transmitting flexible plastic elliptical sleeve press-fitted on the four vertical edges of said battery case to enclose the case. wire. and bulb while being spaced apart from said wire and bulb, said bulb positioned to transmit light through substantially the entire surface of said sleeve including that portion enclosing said battery case

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