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Publication numberUS3883897 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 20, 1975
Filing dateDec 11, 1973
Priority dateDec 11, 1973
Publication numberUS 3883897 A, US 3883897A, US-A-3883897, US3883897 A, US3883897A
InventorsLefkowitz Saul, Spector George
Original AssigneeLefkowitz Saul, Spector George
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Painting glove
US 3883897 A
A glove for use when painting, the glove being worn on a painter's hand and used in substitution of a painting brush, by being dipped into a can of paint and then spreading the paint on a work surface; the glove consisting of a material appropriate for paint application similar to ordinary paint rollers, and the glove being fitted with a removable liner therewithin, the liner being soft on its inner side that faces the person's hand and being oil and water resistant on its outer side.
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United States Patent [1 1 Lefkowitz et al.

1 PAINTING GLOVE [76] Inventors: Saul Lelkowitz; George Spector,

both of c/o 3615 Woolworth Bldg. 233 Broadway. New York. NY. 10007 [22] Filed: Dec. ll, 1973 1211 Appl. No.: 423,675

[52] U.S. Cl 2/161 R [51] Int. Cl A4ld 19/00 [58] Field of Search 2/161 R, 159, 167, 168, 2/164, 158; 15/159, 227

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 1.538.263 5/1925 Ackerman 2/164 X 2.004.382 6/1935 Palicki 2/164 2.429.122 10/1947 Crowley 2/168 X Grant 2/168 [451 May 20, 1975 2.591.905 4/1952 Kennedy 2/164 2.821.718 2/1958 Hall et a1. 2/168 X 2.831.206 4/1958 Curtis 15/227 X 2.842.771 7/1958 Foti 2/164 X 3.173.150 3/1965 Mohlelr 2/167 1/1968 Dunmire 2/167 Primary Examiner-Geo. V. Larkin I 5 7 ABSTRACT A glove for use when painting, the glove being worn on a painters hand and used in substitution of a painting brush, by being dipped into a can of paint and then spreading the paint on a work surface; the glove consisting of a material appropriate for paint application similar to ordinary paint rollers, and the glove being fitted with a removable liner therewithin, the liner being soft on its inner side that faces the person s hand and being oil and water resistant on its outer side.

2 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures MATERIAL SIPII LAR TO ORDINARY PAINT ROLLERS R G ETE WDMmm wm fi L DIU mo M L N NI 0 SIO OIL AND WATER RESISTANT MATERIALS MATERIAL SIMILAR TO ORDINARY PAINT ROLLERS PAINTING GLOVE This invention relates generally to painting equipment. More specifically it relates to implements for applying paint to a work surface.

A principle object of the present invention is to provide a painting glove for use in substitution of a paint brush, and which is particularly advantageous for painting opposite sides of objects that are difficult to be reaches around, such as railings, fences, posts, ornamental iron work, pipes, tubes and fire escapes as well as girders and tanks.

Another object is to provide a painting glove which is faster to use than a paint brush and which in actual practice has proved to use one-third less paint.

Still another object is to provide a painting glove which is used with a removable, oil and water resistant liner that keeps a painters hand clean, the liner being easily cleaned after a painting job is done.

Other objects are to provide a painting glove which is simple in design, inexpensive to manufacture, rugged in construction, easy to use and efficient in operation.

These and other objects will be readily evident upon a study of the following specification and the accompanying drawing wherein:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the invention shown in use.

FIG. 2 is an exploded detail of the inner and oute components of the invention.

FIG. 3 is a perspective view of a modified design of the invention that includes a paint reservoir on the back side of the glove and which allows the paint to flow through tiny tubes between the fingers to the palm of the glove for painting.

FIG. 4 is a cross section on line 44 of FIG. 3.

Referring now to the drawing in detail, and more particularly to FIGS. 1 and 2 at this time, the reference numeral represents a painting glove according to the present invention wherein there is a glove member 11 and a liner 12 that can be removably fitted inside the glove member 11.

The glove member may be made of a porous napped mohair, wool; nylon material or the like as is used conventionally in making paint rollers, and is configurated like a conventional glove so to include four fingers 13, a thumb 14, a palm side 15 and a backhand side 16. Within the interior 17 thereof the liner 12 is receivable, the liner being of same shape and being made with a soft inner surface of cotton, wool or the like for contacting the hand, and an oil and water resistant outer side such as rubber, plastic or the like to prevent the paint to penetrate therethrough.

The liner 12 includes a relative long wrist 18 that is turned outward and over so to form a circular channel 19 into which the glove end edge 20 is fitted, as shown in FIG. 1, so that in operative use, dripping paint from the glove will not drip upon a floor or other surface but will drip into the channel 19 from which it can be later removed, thus eliminating a paint dripping mess being left at a job. In operative use it is evident that the liner is fitted on the hand, and the glove is then fitted on the liner as stated. The glove is then dipped into a paint can or bucket and is then smeared on the work surface 21 so to quickly paint the same; the glove readily reaching into hidden areas or corners with the fingers thereof.

In FIGS. 3 and 4, a modified design of painting glove 22 includes all the above described features, and also includes the glove member 11 being incorporated with a paint reservoir 23 upon a back hand side thereof, the reservoir being made of oiland water proof inner mate rial 24 on its inner sides so to hold a paint. The reservoir material is pliable so to allow hand movement during painting.

A filler opening 25 on top of the reservoir allows refilling the reservoir, the opening being closable by a removable cap 26. A thin outlet tube 27 running between each finger 13 and thumb 14 is connected to the interior of the reservoir so that the paint can slowly flow outward in a steady thin stream, the tubes 27 directing the paint to the palm side 15 and front side of the fingers and thumb where the paint thus can be applied to the work surface. Thus in this form of the invention, a painting job can be done quicker because there is no time lost in dipping a hand into a bucket, and all the paint goes to the glove surface where it can be applied instead of getting on the glove back hand side where it serves no purpose.

It is understood that an elastic band can cover the reservoir and fit over the palm of the glove, constructed so that when the hand is flexed as a fist, the paint can be released into the glove; the opening of the fist stopping the paint flow.

A simple filling of the reservoir may be provided to eliminate paint waste.

What is claimed is:

l. A painting glove assembly comprising an outer glove adapted for being worn on a hand and an inner removable liner fitted snugly within said glove between the glove and the user's hand, said glove being made of a napped porous wool material adapted for paint application and wherein said liner includes a soft inner fibrous surface and an outer surface of water and oil resistant material, said liner further including an outwardly turned cuff portion adjacent the users wrist overlapping the outer glove thereby forming a channel to collect paint drippings from said outer glove in further combination with a paint reservoir formed on the back side of the glove, said reservoir being lined with water and oil resistant material, including means for conducting paint from the reservoir to thepalm side of said glove.

2. An assembly as in claim 1 wherein the said means comprises a rubber tube communicating with the reservoir and the palm side of the glove.

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