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Publication numberUS38845 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 9, 1863
Publication numberUS 38845 A, US 38845A, US-A-38845, US38845 A, US38845A
InventorsMilton Saviers
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Improvement in portable shields for infantry or artillery
US 38845 A
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2 Sheets-Shea 2 M. $AVIEB5.

Portable Shield for Troops.

No. 38.845. Patented June 9, 1863 UNITED STATES PATENT. OFFICE.

inna-senses, or s11A'W'NilE'roW1v, ,KANSAS.


' Specification forming-partof Letters .Patent No. 3 8.845 dated June 9, 1863, antedated January 25, 1863.- r

T o aIZZ whom; it may concern.-

-Be' it known that I,- MILToN Snv E'Rs, of Shawneetown, Johnson county, Kansas, have invented a new and useful'Portable Breast Work and I do hereby declare the following to be a-full, clear, and exact description there.

of, reference being hadto the annexed draw? in'gs,- mal 'ing part of this-specification.

, y invention'relates to the provision-oi" a.

large metallic shield supported upon wheels, and adapted for'immediate useunder sudden surprise or in ahostile district;l,and the improvement' particularly consistsin the useot an adjustable head-guard, constructed and ap-" plied as hereinafter explained.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of my im-. provement. Figs. 2 and 3 are side views, and Fig. 4. a top view,.showing different applications of the invention. 4

The-tongue A, cross-trees B B, axletree O, houndsD D, and wheels E It may be substantially similar to the same parts ,of a common wagon; but I prefer to make my axletree in the represented cylindrical form, and to secure the wheels and tongue upon it by-collars F and set-screws G, for convenience of packagefor shipment or otherwise. The point of the tongue Ais supported by a single pilot wheel, H, .placed under control of the driver by means of a Wrench, 1-.

. J j are seat. and foot-rests fdr the driver.

The team may be hitched at the points R to pull'either way. 4 l The shield 01'- breast is formed as follows: 'K is a rectangular plate of stout boiler-iron, which plate rests by one edge upon the ground, and is supported at a suitable inclination by means of rodsL, hinged to axle A. 1' 7 VM is ahead-guard hinged to upper part of plate K, so as to be elevated to any desired extent for the discharge of musketry.


' N are loop-holes, which may be clos'able by screw plugs n mother-wise.

O is'awinch and tackle for elevation of the shield. I v P Q are catches for securing two or more shields together. When desired, the foot of the shield may be supported upon a slight embankment, S. g Operation: On the march,..thc shield K is brought to a horizontal position, (see Fig. 3,) and may be used to carry men or baggage. One or more spans of horses are hitched at places R, and t-he'machine is drawn forward,

On the march, a

the pilot-wheel preceding. number of portable breast works maybe advanced en echelon, and on the word of command thewhole may be wheeled a quarter round and united together in a few seconds by the catches P. Q, so as to form a continuous breast-work. One hundred and sixty breast-.

worksone pole wide will inclose a space of ten,

shield upon a slight embankment, S.

For cannon-firing, a temporary port-hole,

T, maybe made by a slight traverse of two,

contiguous shields, (see Fig. 4,) andthe open ing may bequickly closed again by restoring the shields. to line.

I claim as new andof my invention herein- The adjustable head-guard M, constructed as described, and applied to the portable shield K in the manner and for the purposes shown and explained.

In testimony of which invention I hereunto set myhand.

- M. sAviERs.



Whenever time permits, great addi tional advantage will arise by supporting the-

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