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Publication numberUS3885249 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 27, 1975
Filing dateJan 16, 1974
Priority dateSep 3, 1973
Also published asDE2401886A1, DE2401886B2
Publication numberUS 3885249 A, US 3885249A, US-A-3885249, US3885249 A, US3885249A
InventorsBrabander Jean L De
Original AssigneeDamme & Zonen Ferd V
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Working glove
US 3885249 A
The invention pertains to a novel working glove. Part at least of said glove is made of a supple burring material having a plurality of projections thereon such as loops or hooks. A piece of grinding, sanding, polishing or similar material, having a plurality of projections such as hooks or loops, on the back thereof can be removably fixed to said glove by interengagement of said projections.
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United States Patent De Brabander 3,885,249 51 May 27, 1975 Callanan.................i.....t.....

Q S S u R 6 6 9 H 9 m u n u .n. n a mm U Z W m bO y O S HSDMOS 78900 6667777 9999999 HHHHHHH 03|34A1-6 68707024 JOOU- OO O Di -J mil] 484 0893 74720058 133 .555 33333333 e n m m Z a H & e H m d m m a b m m n.m agd e B 9 D d 1 w m w 6 O LU nm 1 -l L h mm G w ea a B FH J G mr K m n R n .m d 0 w w P W .m A F l 1 1 4 3 A!- 5 7 7 2 .l l. .l l

[211 App]- N05 433,784 Primary Examiner-Geo. V. Larkin Attorney, Agent, or Firm-Bacon & Thomas Foreign Application Priority Data Sept. 3, 1973 [57] ABSTRACT The invention pertains to a novel working glove at least of said glove is made of a supple burring Belgiumv.............................. 804355 art [52] US. 2/161 R; 2/158 a rial having a plurality of projections thereon such as loops or hooks. A piece of grinding, sanding, polishing or similar material, having a plurality of projections such as hooks or loops, on the back thereof can be removably fixed to said glove by interengagement of said projections.

0 7 Q 9 H 1 ,2 w l 4 9 A ml m6 WR W6 NH 2 Mb .6 r a e S m 1 d Ld hm. Hod 55 [56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS d mm 0e m g me r e a W a r. 0 w. e .l mm F g L n E v m me n m 8 d S9 mu m r e m m 1 Th C t l 5 m y r w n m m n We 60d hnm Tkt XRWWAR 4 11.1 66%66 ll ll 22 22 I wwmhm u Pm mqwewz om d o h C fh AWCCS 59634 24566 99999 HUN 5 200 35823 68073 8955 35305 2233 WORKING GLOVE For many operations such as polishing, cleaning, smearing, scraping, sand-papering, etc., various manual or mechanical means are used.

Various products or tools are used for the manual applications, e.g. cloths, felt, sand-papering material, brushes, scrapers, etc.

The mechanical means use motive power to move such components in relation to the surfaces requiring to be treated. These mechanical means are comparatively expensive and their use is comparatively limited, depending on the kind, shape and dimensions of the objects which are to be treated.

One purpose of the present invention is to provide a new means allowing in many cases very advantageously to replace the means, stated above, which are known today.

Another purpose of the invention relates to the achievement of making available a new industrial product, the use of which does not require any special skill.

The object of the invention is a working glove in which at least one part of one of the two sides is made from a burring fabric, such that it is possible, by merely pressing on, either to secure a component the backside of which is conditioned in such a way as to cooperate with the said burring fabric, or to remove it by simply pulling off or stripping, the frontside or working face of the said component being selected to perform the work to be done.

Thus the working component may be either removed from or replaced on the said burring surface of the glove, thus improving both the working rate and working comfort, and lowering the cost.

In this connection glove means anything that may be adapted or attached to a hand as a plain glove, a mitten, 21 muff or the like.

In a preferred embodiment, the muff-shaped glove is made from a burring fabric covering the whole or part of the surface of the muff. This characteristic feature is important because, due to it, the muff may be used either by a right-handed or left-handed person. It is also important in order to reduce the stock of various gloves for respectively right-handed and left-handed people. The burring fabric or the parts of same shall preferably be extended for a definitive length by an ordinary fabric to which attaching strips are secured, which are preferably made from elastic burring fabric.

The burring fabric forming the whole or'a part of the glove is preferably of the hook type, whilst in certain embodiments, a fabric with loops may also be used. The components which are to be fixed to the glove depending on the operations to be carried out, may have various shapes and dimensions. In this connection, it should be noted that one and the same glove can be used for a multiplicity of various working components, with or without the use of solid products, powdery products, pasty products or fluids.

It is clear that it is not difficult to adapt a glove of the kind in question to the complementary components which must be secured on the said glove, in other words to adapt it to the operations which are to be performed. It goes without saying that, using a conventional glove,

it is possible to make a glove according to the invention by fixing on one or both sides one or many burring components, e.g. burring tape-like parts.

A few embodiments are schematically shown by way of examples on the attached drawings, of which FIG. 1 shows a muff or mitten 1, both sides of which are made from a burring fabric, with a wrist extension 2 made from ordinary fabric, secured to which are the attaching strips 3-4, preferably made from elastic burring fabric;

FIG. 2 is similar to FIG. 1, but shows a muff 1 attached to the wrist by means of the said strips 3-4;

FIG. 3 is similar to FIG. 2 and shows the stage when the working component 5 is being fixed onto the glove by simple pressing. This component may be used either alone or associated with any powder, liquid, paste or other product. The said working component 5 is, of course, interchangeable and may immediately, so to say, be replaced by another working component either the same as or different from the preceding one;

FIG. 4 shows an embodiment shaped as a conventional fingered glove 6, whilst FIG. 5 shows a variant shaped as a glove or mitten without a thumb or fingers;

FIGS. 6, 7 and 8 show the same muff as FIG. 1, but with working components of various shapes, round, rectangular and oval respectively.

It goes without saying that a working glove of the kind may be complemented with all additional means suggested by the works to be provided for. For instance, in certain conditions it may be advantageous to provide the working glove with a lining made from an impervious material, e.g. polyurethane, in order to protect the hand against any percolation of biting or other products to be used.

It should be well understood that the shape and dimensions of the glove and also of the working components can be indefinitely varied in order to be adapted to a variety of possible applications.

What I claim is:

1. A work glove of which at least a surface portion of the palm side thereof comprises a burring fabric; and a working component comprising a sheet-like member,

one side of which is provided with a cooperating burring fabric, said member being removably secured on the said surface portion of said glove by interengagement of their burring fabrics, the other side of the said member being outermost and being provided with abrasive means for performing an operation on a workpiece in response to relative movement between said member and workpiece.

2. A work glove according to claim 1, in which the whole of the glove is made from a burring fabric.

3. A work glove according to claim 1, in which only the palm side thereof is made from a burring fabric.

4. A work glove'according to claim I. in which the glove has a wrist encircling part made from non-burring fabric.

5. A work glove according to claim 4 in which said wrist part is provided with closing strips made from an elastic burring fabric.

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U.S. Classification15/227, 2/161.6, 2/917, 2/158
International ClassificationA47L13/18
Cooperative ClassificationA41D19/0048, Y10S2/917, A47L13/18
European ClassificationA47L13/18