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Publication numberUS3887069 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 3, 1975
Filing dateJul 2, 1973
Priority dateJul 17, 1972
Publication numberUS 3887069 A, US 3887069A, US-A-3887069, US3887069 A, US3887069A
InventorsDiwo Manfred
Original AssigneeDiwo Manfred
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Double flask for the reception of two liquids
US 3887069 A
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United States Patent 1 1 Diwo 1 1 DOUBLE FLASK FOR THE RECEPTION OF TWO LIQUIDS [76] lnventor: Manfred Diwo, 16a Waldstrasse 5511, Wellen, Germany [22] Filed: July 2, 1973 [21] Appl. No: 375,356

[30] Foreign Application Priority Data July 17, 1972 Luxembourg 65740 [52] US. Cl 206/229; 215/12 R; 215/100 R; 220/13; 220/23.86; 426/115; 426/124 [51] Int. Cl 865d 11/16; 865d 21/00 Field of Search 220/9 R, 13, 23, 23.86, 220/23.2, 86 R; 215/6, 10, 12 R, 13 R, 100

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 601,797 4/1898 Martin 215/1005 1,418,814 6/1922 Lutz et a1 215/6 2,014,120 9/1935 Stutz 215/13 R 2,115,654 4/1938 Swofford 215/13 R 1 1 June 3, 1975 2.649984 8/1953 Aht 215/12 R 2.710.109 6/1955 Amann 215/12 R 3,064,800 11/1962 Hart 220/23 3,084,824 4/1963 Kuzma et a1. 215/12 R 3,347,403 10/1967 Lehrman 220/17 3,661,288 5/1972 Noll 215/13 R Primary E.\'aminer-George E. Lowrance Assistant Examiner-Bruce H. Bernstein Attorney, Agent, or Firm-Robert W. Beach; R. M. Van Winkle [57] ABSTRACT A flask for separately receiving two liquids intended subsequently to be mixed together, such as whisky and soda water, consists of an inner generally cylindrical container having a lower portion of enlarged diameter and an annular container adapted to be placed on the cylindrical container so as to rest on the enlarged diameter portion thereof. The outer diameter of the annular container may correspond with the enlarged diameter portion of cylindrical container so as to facilitate the attachment thereto of a common display 121- bel.

3 Claims, 6 Drawing Figures DOUBLE FLASK FOR THE RECEPTION OF TWO LIQUIDS The invention relates to a double flask for the reception of two different drinks, such as whisky and mineral or soda water or another spirit that is to be mixed with water, the individual containers of which are combined into one integrated whole. An object of the invention is to provide a noneturnable packing with a profcrring form for special spirits which corresponds to respective drinking habits.

By way of example. in accordance with international drinking habits, whisky is consumed with a specific quantity of mineral water. According to taste. the mixture ratio is one part whisky to two parts water. If a consumer wishes to drink whisky with mineral water, he is often compelled to buy a much larger quantity of mineral water than is necessary. This disadvantage often inhibits sales.

Double flasks are known which can indeed receive two different liquids, but these still cannot be produced economically since their design requires the use of spe cial filling and capping apparatus which is not readily available.

The problem of being able to economically produce a double flask as a non-returnable package and of being able to separately fill the individual containers on customary filling and capping machines is solved, in accordance with the invention, in that the double flask comprises an inner bottle having an upper slender body portion and a lower body portion of enlarged diameter which forms a shoulder for the support of an annular container which can be slipped over the slender body portion of the inner bottle and which can be sealed by a foil cap.

Advantageously, the annular container is connected to the inner bottle by means of an encircling label, which embraces both the annular container and a lower body portion of the inner bottle, which label is applied by respective adhesive strips adhered to the two flask parts.

Advantagcously, the inner bottle for the reception of the spirit is provided with a screw cap. In order to facilitate the correct opening sequence of the two containers forming the double flask, the screw cap of the inner bottle is provided with an inwardly or outwardly directed point with which the foil cap of the annular container can be pierced after removal of the screw cap. This arrangement precludes the need for any special opener.

The double flask in accordance with the invention offers the following advantages:

a. The combined non returnable package may contain whisky and mineral water in the correct proportion for consumption.

b. The automatic filling and sealing as well as the production of the package is compatible for use with conventional apparatus.

c. The specially shaped screw cap serves to provide an opener for the annular container and. consequently. is convenient and efficient for the consumer.

The invention serves for the implementation ofa new selling idea for mixed drinks. more especially whisky and soda. in that the combination package in accordance with the invention has exceptional consumer pleasing qualities. The sales effect is further increased by visible displaying in multiple packs having advertising appeal. e.g. packs of three.

The invention will now be described further. by way of example. with reference to'the accompanying drawings, in which:

FIG. 1 shows a perspective view of the individual parts of the double flask before assembly;

FIG. 2 shows an assembled double flask ready for seals:

FIG. 2a shows a longitudinal section through an annular container forming a part of the double flask;

FIGS. 3 and 4 each show a screw cap according to different embodiments;

FIG. 5 shows a longitudinal section through the outer wall of the annular container and of the wall of the lower enlarged body portion of the inner bottle with an encircling label applied thereto.

The double flask or combinable non-returnable package consists of an inner bottle 1 having a screw cap 2 or 3 and an annular container 4, which can be placed on the inner bottle 1, having a foil-like annular cap 5. These two parts 1 and 4 are held together by an encircling label 10, so that the assembled or combined package appears to be in one piece.

The inner bottle 1 has, below its neck, a slender body portion 7 only slightly larger in diameter. This body portion 7 of round or angular section widens into a lower body portion 8 of considerably greater diameter, whereby a shoulder 8' is formed which serves as a support for the annular container 4 when placed over the body portion 7 of the inner bottle 1. The annular container 4 and the lower by portion 8 of the inner bottle are of equal external diameter. Relative twisting or displacement between the inner bottle 1 and the annular container 4 can be prevented by the provision ofa noncircular shaping both of the upper slender body portion 7 and of the inner wall 9 of the annular container 4.

The annular container 4 is sealed, after being filled, by a welded-on foil cap and is then mounted on the inner bottle 1. An encircling label 10 is then securely adhered, by means of adhesive strips 11, both to the annular container 4 and to the enlarged body portion 8 of the inner bottle, and thus the annular container 4 is combined with the inner bottle 1 to form a single unit.

The screw cap 2 or 3 of the inner bottle 1 can carry, on the inner or outer side, a conical point 12 or 13, with which the consumer can pierce the foil 5, so that the annular container 4 can only be opened after the screw cap has been unscrewed. The correct opening sequence according to customary usage, namely pouring out of the whisky and subsequent adding of the mineral water, is thus facilitated.

I claim:

1. A double flask for reception of two different liquids, such as whisky and mineral water, soda water or another spirit that is to be mixed with water, comprising an inner body having an upper slender body portion, an enlarged lower body portion of a diameter greater than the diameter of the slender body portion and a shoulder portion connecting said upper and lower body portions, an annular container disposable around said inner bottle slender body portion and having foil cap sealing means and encircling label means connecting said annular container and said inner bottle lower body portion for maintaining said inner bottle and said annular container in integrated relationship,

3 4 2. The double flask defined in claim 1. in which the 3. The double flask defined in claim 2, and screw cap encircling label means is adhered respectively to first means for sealing the inner bottle, said screw cap adhesive strip means carried by the annular container means having pointed means for piercing the annular and second adhesive strip means carried by the inner container foil cap sealing means. bottle lower body portion. 5

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