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Publication numberUS3887947 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 10, 1975
Filing dateNov 5, 1973
Priority dateNov 8, 1972
Also published asCA982302A1, DE2354705A1
Publication numberUS 3887947 A, US 3887947A, US-A-3887947, US3887947 A, US3887947A
InventorsTosca Alessandro
Original AssigneeTosca Alessandro
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Pivotable modular hygienic-sanitary system
US 3887947 A
A pivotable modular hygienic-sanitary system which constitutes pivotable features mounted on stationary support means, a system of supply and exhaust conduits to allow hot or cold water from a water supply to be supplied into the pivotable fixtures and to discharge waste water respectively, and the associated hydraulic fittings, so as to provide a complete bathroom facility in a minimal amount of area.
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United States Patent [1 1 Tosca i 1 PIVOTABLE MODULAR HYGlENlC-SANITARY SYSTEM [76] Inventor: Alessandro Tosca, Via Bosco 53 [30] Foreign Application Priority Data Nov 8, 1972 Italy 3l42l/72 [52] US. Cl 4/2; 4/1 [51] Int. Cl i, A47k 4/00 [58] Field of Search .i 4/ll0, I45, 4/168, 169, 188, 68,191,252 R, DIG. 2; 52/34, 35

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,582,003 l/l952 Candlin 4/168 June 10, 1975 Ekstrom 4/l68 Garvey 4/] Primary ExaminerHenry Ki Artis Assistant ExuminerJames E. Bryant, lll Attorney, Agent, or Firm-Michael Si Striker [57] ABSTRACT 4 Claims, 9 Drawing Figures PATENTEDJUH 10 I975 SHEET PIVOTABLE MODULAR HYGIEN IC-SANITARY SYSTEM This invention relates to a pivotal modular hygienicsanitary system, adapted to constitute an entire assembly of hygienic-sanitary fixtures and related fittings to furnish a bathroom.

As well known in the building of both houses and hotels and the like, it is becoming more and more neces sary to effect savings in space in view of the increasing building costs.

It is the object of this invention to provide a pivotable modular system to meet the aforementioned requirements. More particularly, it is the object of this invention to provide a pivotable modular system, with all hygienic-sanitary fixtures grouped in a compact man ner so as to take up little space and ensuring further appreciable savings in installation costs.

These and further objects will become apparent by examination of the following detailed description of the present invention, including:

a. a block made up of two openings for the toilet and bidet bowls l80 opposite each other, that is, with the openings of said block turned upwardly and downwardly, respectively; said block being connected at a rotary support means or pivot means onto a horizontal axis running perpendicular to the wall of the support means supporting the block;

b. a wash basin arranged above the toilet-bidet block and pivotally connected at one of its side surfaces to a vertical axis pin fastened to the wall of the support means, said wash basin being pivotally connected so as to rotate 90 in a horizontal plane;

c. a base for the shower, fitted adjacent to the toiletbidet block and pivotally connected for rotation at its side to the wall at a pin running parallel to the wall of the support means and fixedly secured thereto. Said shower base may thus be caused to rotate about its horizontal axis so as either to lie horizontally in the use condition or to lie parallel to the wall, thereby leaving the underlying floor clear. The arrangement and association of the hygienic-sanitary fixtures for the bathroom given in the foregoing description permit their hydraulic fittings to be assembled inside the same small wall cavity of the support means and their various supply and discharge conduits to terminate at the same region as the buildings main supply and discharge conduits.

Furthermore, the fact that the individual fixtures can be pivotally rotated ensures that they take up the smallest space possible, without negatively affecting their performance and functional character.

Rotating the wash basin 90 leaves the toilet-bidet block open, which may be used on either side by a simple rotation of 180. By rotating the shower plate 90 it is possible to clear the portion of the room floor taken up by the plate.

These and further characteristic features of the functional and constructional nature of the pivotable modular system according to the present invention and the hygienic-sanitary fixtures constituted therein will be better understood from the following detailed description, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings in which:

FIG. 1 shows a schematic view of a vertical section of the toilet-bidet block, including the two openings for the toilet-bidet bowls, disposed opposite each other at I80";

FIG. 2 represents in a schematic form a section of the toilet-bidet block, disposed underneath the wash basin;

FIG. 3 shows in a schematic rear view the sub-system of water supply, discharge conduits, and hydraulic fittings, which are located in the thickness of the wall of said support means and anchored to the latter in the region corresponding to the wash basin and toilet-bidet block. Also visible is the shower base, raised along the wall of the support means in the non-use position;

FIG. 4 represents a front view of the modular system with the shower base raised;

FIG. 5 represents a side view of the modular system shown in FIG. 4;

FIG. 6 depicts the modular system as shown in FIG. 5, with the shower base in the use position;

FIG. 7 represents the modular system in a top view, with the shower base raised parallel to the room wall in the non-use position;

FIG. 8 shows the modular system in a top view with the wash basin horizontally rotated so as to leave the toilet-bidet block uncovered for rotation of the block to either the toilet use position, or the bidet use position;

FIG. 9 represents a top view of the modular system with the shower plate in use position.

Referring now particularly to the numeral symbols in said figures, the modular system includes the toiletbidet block I with the openings of the toilet and bidet bowls l and 1", respectively, arranged opposite each other at Said toilet-bidet block 1 may rotate about a horizontal axis perpendicular to the support means at the pivot 7, still remaining unaltered the discharge connection through the branch pipe 3 inside the exhaust pipe 3. Both cold and warm water is supplied to the toilet-bidet block, wash basin and shower by means of flexible supply conduits and accessories as shown in FIGS. 2 and 3.

The toilet-bidet block 1 is joined at the pipe union 2 with a gasket means 2', adapted to ensure a suitable tightness between the aforesaid pipe union 2 and the end 2" of the union 3'. The wash basin in the various figures is designated 4 when it is in use position (see FIGS. 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9) and 4 when it is rotated 90 (see FIG. 8), to leave the toilet-bidet block I uncovered.

The shower base is designated 5, when it is in use position (see FIGS. 6 and 9) and 5', when it is raised parallel to the wall by a 90 rotation (see FIGS. 3, 4, 7 and 8).

From the aforementioned figures and description, it is possible to see the great ease of installation and the appreciable economic and functional advantages of the modular system construction of this invention. Furthermore, the rotation of the individual hygienic-sanitary apparatuses can be carried out either by hand or automatically by means of suitable mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical systems.

The modular system may also be provided with a water heater 6. Also, the shower 5 and its fittings are removable.

The modular system of this invention has been described and represented by making reference to the figures on the accompanying drawings, showing preferred but non-limiting embodiments. Of course, several changes and modifications could be introduced in the instant modular system within the spirit of this invention. It is, of course, understood that any such changes and modifications are understood as falling into, and appertaining to the protective scope of this patent application.

I claim:

l. A modular hygienicsanitary system for use in a bathroom facility comprising a support structure having an upright wall; a sanitary fixture having a toilet bowl recess in a surface located at one side of a first horizontal axis and a bidet bowl recess in a surface located at the opposite side of said first horizontal axis; means mounting said fixture on said wall for turning movement about said first horizontal axis so that said recesses are selectively movable to an upwardly facing position by turning said fixture about said first horizontal axis; a wash basin; means mounting said wash basin on said wall so that said wash basin is pivotable about a vertical axis in a horizontal plane to and from a position in which it is located above said fixture; a shower base; and means mounting said base on said wall laterally spaced from said fixture and said basin so that said base is pivotable about a second horizontal axis located at a level lower than said first horizontal axis between one position in which said shower base projects horizontally from said wall and is ready for use and another position in which said shower base is upright and extends substantially parallel to said wall.

2. A modular system as defined in claim 1; and further comprising first and second flow means. said first flow means supplying water to said fixture, basin and shower base along a first path, and said second flow means discharging waste water along a second path.

3. A modular system as defined in claim 2, wherein said first and second flow means are comprised of hydraulic fittings accommodated on said support structure, so as to provide a water-proof connection in respective ones of the positions of said fixture, basin and shower base.

4. A modular system as defined in claim 2, wherein said first flow means is further provided with heating means to heat water prior to entry into said fixture,

basin and shower base.

a k k

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