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Publication numberUS3889965 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 17, 1975
Filing dateMay 9, 1974
Priority dateMay 9, 1974
Publication numberUS 3889965 A, US 3889965A, US-A-3889965, US3889965 A, US3889965A
InventorsZeitlin Wolf
Original AssigneeZeitlin Wolf
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Wheeled accessories for suitcases
US 3889965 A
A wheeled support applicable under each end portion of a suitcase for the manual propulsion of the same. The support is bound to the suitcase by buckle-coupled straps, which are slidable to preferably locate the buckles on top of the suitcase. Each support carries a wheeled unit which is slidably disposed and removable by the release of a latch.
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United States Patent Zeitlin [45.] June 17, 1975 [54] WHEELED ACCESSORIES FOR SUITCASES 2,132,316 l0/l938 Newton 28o/79.1 X 2,375,338 5 1945 Al d 280 47.13 R [761 inventori W9 Zeilm 2814 N Gregory Si 2,782,045 2i1957 ../16/30 x ChlCagO, lll- 60625 3,633,774 1/1972 Lee 28o/47.13 R

[22] Filed: May 9, 1974 h Przmary Examlner--Davld Schonberg [2l] APPL NO- 468,434 Assistant Examiner-Michael J. Forman [52] Us. c1 28o/47.13 R; 16/30; 19o/18 A; [571 ABSTRACT 280/79.l A wheeled support applicable under each end portion [5l] Int. Cl .g B62b l/04 of a suitcase for the manual propulsion of the same. [58] Field of Search 280/79.l, 47.13 R, 35; The support is bound to the suitcase by buckle- 16/30; 24/230 CF, 230 F, 230 SL; 190/18 A coupled straps, which are slidable to preferably locate r the buckles on top of the suitcase. Each support [56] References Cited carries a wheeled unit which is slidably disposed and UNITED ST ATES PATENTS removable by the release of a latch.

l,56l,l22 ll/l925 Stahl 280/35 1 Claim, 6 Drawing Figures WHEELED ACCESSORIES FOR SUITCASES This invention relates to appliances for the wheeled support of luggage while it is drawn or pushed by hand. Devices of this character have been made which are attached to the luggage permanently and usually project several inches from-the bottom of the luggage` taking up extra room or interfering with other luggage stored underneath or on the side. Also, if attachments of this nature are made to be removed from the luggage when it is ready to be stored or shipped, the task or removing and replacing them later usuallylrequires mechanical skill or tools. Further, the removed parts, such as straps, wheels, holding platesbuckles, etc. make up a sizable and clumsy package which must be carried by the owner of the suitcase during its transit.

In view of the above situation, one object of the present invention is to provide a wheeled accessory which is not a fastened attachment, but has means to tie it temporarily to a suitcase for the convenience of wheeling it manually.

A further object is to provide an accessory for the purpose mentioned which employs simple straps wrapped around the suitcase and secured by adjustable buckles to hold the accessory' in the position of use for the normal propulsion ofthe suitcase.

A still further object is to design the accessory to leave only virtually flat channel plates and straps bound tothe suitcase when it is to be stored or shipped, so that it will have no wheeling elements projecting from it to interfere with or damage any other objects or luggage among which the suitcase may be deposited.

Another object is to provide a set of wheeling units which are locked to the suitcase when the latter is being moved by hand, but easily unlatched from the same when the suitcase is to be stored or shipped, and kept in a small, handy pouch or pocket until again needed for application to the suitcase.

An additional object is to provide a basic support in the form of a channel plate which serves in a single piece both to accommodate a slidable securing strap and an insert plate which is part of a wheeled unit.

An important object is to construct the accessory along sturdy and compact lines in order that it may serve efficiently while subject to shocks and rough handling.

A better understanding of the invention may be gained by reference to the accompanying drawing` in which FIG. 1 is an end view of a suitcase equipped with the novel accessory;

FIG. 2 is a partial view from the right-hand lower side of FIG. 1;

FIG. 3 is a partial top view;

FIG. 4 is a full-sized duplicate of the left-hand bottom portion of FIG. 1;

FIG. 5 isa bottom view ofthe showing in FIG. 4; and

FIG. 6 is a fullsized section on the line 6 6 of FIG. 4.

Referring specifically to the drawing, l0 denotes a conventional suitcase, and ll its handle. One unit of the present accessory is applicable near one end of the suitcase as seen in FIG. 2, while a second (not shown) is applicable near thc other end of the suitcase.

Each accessory unit originates with a top channel plate l2 applicable to the suitcase from underneath. as shown in FIG. 1. The channel plate extends crosswise of the suitcase; and FIG. 6 shows that the channel plate has opposed grooves 13 near the top for seating the edge portions of a fabric strap 14 in a manner rendering the strap slidable through the channel plate 12. One end portion 14a of such a strap is shown in FIG. 4, and carries aterminal buckle keeper l5. Both side portions of the strap 14 are shown in FIG. 1; and FIG. 3 shows that the buckle is set on top of the suitcase to couple 'the side portions of the strap, this securing the channel plate l2 to the under side of the suitcase. The strap is of a length for adjustment to fit different-sized suitcases,. and it is then slidable to locate the buckle on top, as mentioned.

FIG. 6 shows that the channel plate 12 has a second set of opposed grooves 16 below the grooves 13 for supporting a wheeled unit originating with an insert plate 17, which is longitudinally slidable in the channel plate. The base 18 of a caster wheel 19 is secured by rivets 18a or welding underneath each end of the insert plate, only one wheeled unit being shown in FIGS. 4 and 5. The suitcase thus carries a wheeled supporting assembly under each end, one such assembly appearing in FIGS. l and 2.`When thus equipped, the suitcase may be drawn or pushed for ground travel in any direction. This may be to a storage or shipping facility engaged by the owner when boarding a train or airplane for a trip. However, when the suitcase is slid into a storage compartment or loaded on other baggage, the wheeled units carried by it become undesirable projections apt to catch on floor hardware or parts of other baggage, and scuff or tear the latter. The present invention therefore makes the wheeled units removable in such event, leaving only slight projections underneath which do not interfere as stated.

As seen in FIG. 5, the insert plate 17 is properly positioned for wheeling the suitcase over the ground; and the insert plate is locked against longitudinal displacement relative to the channel plate 12. This is done by cutting a shallow recess 12a in each of the bottom flanges 12b of the channel plate midway between the ends of the latter; and a spring latch 20 is attached by rivets 20a to the insert plate and seats in one of the recesses 12a. The latch extends from the recess with a finger piece 20b which may be easily depressed to the position indicated by finely-dotted lines in FIG. 6. The insert plate is now free to be moved to a position indicated by nely-dotted lines in FIG. 5 and further, until the insert plate and its wheeled units are clear of the channel plate. The suitcase is now without the wheeled units; and these may be carried separately in a small pouch or bag. The other recess 12a serves to receive the latch 20 in case the insert plate is reversed when it is reinserted into the channel plate. Also, the centered location of the recesses 12a locates the latch properly whether the insert plate is inserted into one or the other end of the channel plate.

It is now apparent that the invention is a compact assembly even with the wheeled units attached as seen in FIG. 1 but becomes almost invisible when the wheeled units have been removed. Further, each channel plate is a bearing for both the strap 14 and an insert plate 17. Further, the channel plate is a casting or extrusion piece which has the grooves 13 and 16 recessed into it in proper positions and so fixed, because the channel plate is a solid piece. Further the freedom for sliding the strap 14 through each accessory unit enables the buckle to be deposited on top of the suitcase as seen in FlG. 3 which is firm or reinforced, rather than on the side of the suitcase where it may scuff or impress it or on a corner of the suitcase where it may deform or flatten the corner from pressure. Further, with the buckle located on top of the suitcase, the sides of the strap 14 will engage those of the suitcase evenly when the strap is drawn tight, and protect the suitcase from opening in caseV it receives strains or rough handling. Further, the accessory is composed of few parts which are sturdy in construction. Finally, ther accessory is of a nature to be handled, applied or removed without the need of skill or tools; and no screws or other types of fasteners are required for securing the accessory to the suitcase. ,u

I claim: i

l. Wheeled support means for luggage comprising a pair of wheeled assemblies which are removably attachable to said luggage in spaced relationship to each other when attached to said luggage, each of said wheeled assemblies comprising a luggage-bearing channel plate to be fitted transversely on one side of said luggage adjacent the end of said side, a first slot extending lengthwise of said plate, the open side of said first slot facing the side of said plate opposite the side of said plate contacting said luggage side, the said first slot having opposing grooves extending laterally from the open side to form recesses, a strap slidably inserted into said recesses to hold said plate to said luggage Side, a terminal buckle keeper on one end of said strap to receive the other end of said strap to lockingly couple the ends of said strap to secure the plate to said luggage side, a second slot formed in the side of the plate opposite the side of the plate contacting said luggage side and extending parallel to, but spaced from, said first slot, and second slot having opposing grooves extending laterally from the open side of said second slot to form recesses along the sides of said second slot and flanges along the open side of said plate, an insert plate having a pair of spaced caster wheels secured to one side thereof removably insertable into the recesses of said second slot, a pair of opposed recesses in said flanges midway between the ends of said channel plate, a finger latch of resilient material secured to the under side of said insert plate midway between said caster wheels and extending laterally beyond the side of said vinsert plate, said latch engaging one of said flange recesses when the insert plate is fitted into said second slot to secure said insert plate in said channel plate.

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U.S. Classification280/47.131, 190/18.00A, 280/79.11, 16/30
International ClassificationA45C13/00, B62B5/00, A45C13/38
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Legal Events
Jun 10, 1988AS02Assignment of assignor's interest
Owner name: ZEITLIN, WOLF
Effective date: 19880606
Jun 10, 1988ASAssignment
Effective date: 19880606