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Publication numberUS3898357 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 5, 1975
Filing dateMar 18, 1974
Priority dateMar 18, 1974
Publication numberUS 3898357 A, US 3898357A, US-A-3898357, US3898357 A, US3898357A
InventorsAlbert C Miller, Robert Cawood
Original AssigneeAlbert C Miller, Robert Cawood
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Methods and decal apparatus for decorating the nails of fingers and toes
US 3898357 A
A method and apparatus for decorating the nails of hands and feet is provided in the form of a decal assembly which includes a generally ovoid decal on a carrier strip, said decal carrying a design and adapted to cover the surface of the nail, an adhesive material temporarily holding the decal on said strip and adapted to be released therefrom and transferred adherently to the nail and a nail polish solvent resistant clear layer or coating on said ovoid decal opposite the carrier strip. The nail is coated with a nail lacquer prior to receiving the decal and then the transferred decal and the nail are coated with a clear transparent nail lacquer.
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States atet Miller et al. Aug. 5, 1975 15 1 METHODS AND DECAL APPARATUS FOR 2,633 139 3/1953 Pettey 132/73 DECORATING THE NAILS 0F FINGERS 3,598,685 8/1971 Lee 132/73 X AND TOES Primary ExaminerDenn1s E. Talbert, Jr. [76] Inventors: Albert C. Mlller, 1276 Justine St., Attorney Agent or Firm Buen Blenko &

Pittsburgh, Pa. 15204; Robert Ziesenh'eim Cawood, 216 Harwick Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15235 [57] ABSTRACT [22] Flled: 1974 A method and apparatus for decorating the nails of [21] Appl. No; 451,786 hands and feet is provided in the form of a decal assembly which includes a generally ovoid decal on a [52 U.S. c1. 428/42; 132/73; 156/234; decal 2"??? 3 i adapt? 156/235; 56/240; 427/149; 428/914 to cover e lsluqgace ofht ednal ,1 an a CIZIVC rnateriz:j 51 im. 01. A45D 31/00; B41M 3/12; B44C 1/16 tempom y mg t e on Smp adapted to be released therefrom and transferred ad- [58] Field of Search 161/406 T, 6, 156/234,

156/235 240 117/3 5 3 132/73 herently to the mill and a nail pol1sh solvent resistant clear layer or coating on said ovoid decal opposite the carrier strip. The nail is coated with a nail lacquer [56] References Cited prior to receiving the decal and then the transferred UNITED STATES PATENTS decal and the nail are coated with a clear transparent 1,889,484 11/1932 Marshburn 132/73 X nail la quer, 2,413,537 12/1946 Aberbach 161/406 T 2,581,982 1/1952 Terry 132/73 4 Clams, 3 Drawing Flgures PATENTED 51975 3,898,357

FIG. 2

FIG?) METHODS AND DECAL APPARATUS FOR DECORATING THE NAILS OF FINGERS AND TOES This invention relates to methods and apparatus for decorating the nails of fingers and toes and particularly to a method of applying decals to such nails and an assemblage of such decals prepared for ease of application.

The decorating of the nails of toes and fingers by painting the same with specially prepared lacquers generally known as nail polish is quite old. This practice has waxed and waned with various civilizations throughout history. These practices have been generally limited to applying a solid color or a clear lacquer which dries to a high sheen to each nail using a brush or similar liquid applicator. There has, to our knowledge, been no simple way heretofore proposed for decorating the nails with designs, particularly of any intricacy prior to this invention.

The present invention provides means and methods of decorating the nails with highly intricate and multicolored designs as well as with simple designs without difficulty. In addition it solves the problem of smearing and defacing of the decal by the subsequent application of clear nail polish or lacquer which has been a problem in the use of decals.

Preferably we provide an ovoid decal for each nail of a hand or foot carrying a desired design and adapted to cover the surface of a nail on a carrier strip, an adhesive means on the decal temporarily holding the decal on the carrier and adapted to be released therefrom and transferred adherently to a nail. Preferably, a carrier strip is provided carrying sufficient spaced apart decals for the nails of at least one hand. Such decals are preferably of graduated ovoid sizes adapted for all nails from thumb to small finger or big toe to small toe as the case may be, without need for cutting or trimming. The adhesive is preferably a water activated adhesive which is released from the carrier and made adherent to the nails by the application of water. Each ovoid decal is coated on its top surface with a clear coat resistant to or insoluble in nail polish solvents, such as hydrocarbon solvents. Such coats may include clear water base adhesives such as latex adhesives, cellulose adhesives, e.g., ethyl cellulose, solvent resistant clear organic coatings such as epoxy resins or any other clear coating not soluble in ordinary hydrocarbon solvents used in preparing clear nail polishes and lacquers. The nail is preferably pre-coated with a nail lacquer prior to trans fer of the decal thereto. This pre-coating may be a clear or colored lacquer depending on the desired background. Finally the decal and nail are coated with transparent nail lacquer.

In the foregoing general description we have set out certain objects, purposes and advantages of our invention. Other objects, purposes and advantages of this invention will be apparent from a consideration of the following description and the accompanying drawings in which:

FIG. 1 is a plan view of a carrier strip carrying five decals for one hand or foot according to this invention;

FIG. 2 illustrates in plan a finger nail decorated with a decal according to this invention; and

FIG. 3 is a section on the line lIIIII of FIG. 1.

Referring to the drawings we have illustrated a carrier sheet 10 of cellophane having thereon five ovoid decals ll of decorative design and graduated sizes consisting of a clear flexible thin film 12 such as cellulose or lacquer to which is applied to one side a colored design 13. The film 12 is provided on the other side with a layer of adhesive 14 which is preferably water activated. The film 12 is made as thin as possible and must be supported by a carrier strip. A clear middle coat 15 of hydrocarbon solvent resistant material (water base latex adhesive) as described above. The coat 15 is covered by a clear lacquer coat 16. The decal is applied by dampening the decal 11 and carrier strip 10 with water until the adhesive 14 is activated releasing it from the carrier strip. The decal is then transferred from the strip to the nail 20, as by sliding it over the carrier to the nail where it is caused to adhere after being located by pressing from the center outwardly toward the nail periphery. The nail is pre-coated with a layer of nail lacquer prior to receiving the decal. This pre-coat may be colored to provide a background for the decal or to show through the openings in the decal to complete the design. This pre-coating has the further advantage that it prevents the adhesive from direct contact with the nail or body. After being placed and adhered to the nail, a layer of clear nail lacquer or polish 17 of any of the well known formulations is applied to protect the decal against damage and against moisture.

In the foregoing specification we have set out certain preferred practices and embodiments of this invention. however, it will be understood that this invention may be otherwise embodied within the scope of the following claims:

We claim:

I. A decal assembly comprising a carrier strip. a series of five spread apart graduated sized generally ovoid decals consisting essentially of a thin non-self supporting flexible clear film a central design formed integrally on said clear film each decal adapted to cover substantially the surface of a finger and toe nail, said decals being on said carrier strip, a water activated adhesive meanas on the back of each of the said decals temporarily holding the decals on the carrier and adapted to be released therefrom and transferred adherently to a nail by said water activated adhesive and a nail polish solvent resistant water base cellulose adhesive clear layer on the top of each decal.

2. A decal assembly as claimed in claim 1 wherein the nail polish solvent resistant layer is a water base adhesive which is covered by a clear lacquer film.

3. A decal assembly as claimed in claim I wherein the water base adhesive clear solvent resistant layer is ethyl cellulose.

4. A decal assembly as claimed in claim 2 wherein the solvent resistant layer is ethyl cellulose.

=l l l l l

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