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Publication numberUS389882 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1888
Publication numberUS 389882 A, US 389882A, US-A-389882, US389882 A, US389882A
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US 389882 A
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(Ne Model.)



Patented Sept. 25, 1888,

wi/mana@ of copper ie not easily obtained and menipit lated, end tizio process I ilove described perhops as gooit any for attaining tlie desired end. So, too, I might place phosphate of zine 5 on the zinc element; orli. might piece oxidee oi' either metal upon supporte vof copper or of zinc. In case plain platee or elieets of copper or zine are used there is e -necessary disintegration of the surface to e greater or lees (le plieation ofIinely-divided particles of the sonic material with the metal or elementary snb stance composing the electrodes is simply to afford greater capacity for electro-chemical action.

I do not herein, cleim,in an electric buttery, the combination of e negative elementoJ post tive eloinent, und e diaphragm or septum com' posed of asbeetns, e. sol uble salt'and a silicate; combined together enbsteotielly as deseri bed, ce that forms the subject-metter of :in application filed by me in the United States Potent O-Hice on the 18th (my of- April, 1888, Serial Nhat I cloinnond desire to secure by Lettere Patent,is

1. In an electric beitory, two electrodes or elemente,eech composed of different elementary substances end normali y Widely separated '1o in the electro-motive ecole, combined with an glectrolytie solution forming an insoluble seit Afitti 'either or i'iotn eiici eiemienis iin'fiertlie ffriH-nence of en electric current.

and die continuance, awcintiono.: zip- 2. lin :in electric lifittery', the coniiiiiizitioo of two elemente consisting ot' elcmentery otiti- 35 etriiieee of respectively different materiel oep erzitefi in the electro'niotive scale, one or lootii otra/liteit ecrit-ain finelyrliriried sind oompreoteii particles of rneteriril of the eremo iieecriptioii, and en eleetrolytic liqniii forming en ineoluible seit witii either or both elements under tlie :tction of ein electric current.

fi.. In onolectric battery,'tiie combination oi" mi element ot' copper and en element of eine with on electrolytic solution forming,1 an iiieol- 4. uble copper eelt :md an insoluble zine eelt with the eeidelemente, respectively, under tite tion oi" electric corrente..

4t. linen electric battery, the combination of an element ofco'ppercontaining;` nely-ilivitleti compressed copper with :in element oi initio., botti locnteii in on electrolytic eolutiori ooit mining photphzite of poteeh. i

5. In ein electric pottery, the combination oi' en element otzine containing timely-divided 5 compressetleino with en element of copper,

looth located in an electrolytic Solution cooteining phosphate of poteeli.

Signed :it New York, in the county of ltiierif Yorit and State of New York, tliie let (ley ot' 60 February, A. D. 1888. V

CfitMiLLE At. litlilitlii.



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Cooperative ClassificationH01M2300/0014, Y02E60/12