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Publication numberUS3899178 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 12, 1975
Filing dateApr 22, 1974
Priority dateApr 22, 1974
Publication numberUS 3899178 A, US 3899178A, US-A-3899178, US3899178 A, US3899178A
InventorsWatanabe Hideo
Original AssigneeWatanabe Hideo
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Automatic game block shuffling, aligning and table top arraying machine
US 3899178 A
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United States Patent 1 Watanabe 1 Aug. 12, 1975 AUTOMATIC GAME BLOCK SHUFFLING,

ALIGNING AND TABLE TOP ARRAYING MACHINE Hideo Watanabe, 3-2-17, Daiei-cho, Shibata-shi, Niigata-ken, Japan [22] Filed: Apr. 22, 1974 [21] Appl. No; 463,043

[76] Inventor:

[52] US. Cl 273/136 A; 273/144 A; 273/149 R;

Primary ExaminerAnton O. Oechsle [57] ABSTRACT An automatic shuffling, aligning and arraying mechanical device employing mah-jongg blocks and other game blocks having the same shape as mah-jongg blocks but used for other games.

The device comprises the following mechanisms:

1. a game block thrown-in mechanism incorporated in the game table;

2. an orientation mechanism for receiving the thrown-in game blocks, shuffling them, and bringing them into a uniform attitude as to the longitudinal, lateral, as well as headtail directions;

3. an aligning mechanism for aligning oriented game blocks in units of predetermined numbers in a unified attitude;

4. an arraying mechanism for arraying the aligned game blocks under the table into the formation identical or similar to the formation suited to start a game; and

5. a mounting mechanism for lifting the arrayed game blocks and mounting them on the table in the formation for a game.

Two sets of discriminating game blocks are employed, of which one set is held in readiness arrayed underneath the table while the other set is being used in a game over the table. As soon as the game is completed the set of game blocks that completed the game are thrown into the space underneath the table, and then, the set of game blocks having been held in readiness are lifted and mounted on the table for immediate game commencement.

27 Claims, 109 Drawing Figures PATENTEU AUEI 2197s SHEET PATENTEI] AUB1 21975 sum 3 T 5 B 5 15 1O 9 7 13 T 5 5 1s 20 v9 21 15 9 PATENTED AUG] ZISYS PATENTEB AUG] 2 I975 SHEET PATENTEU M181 2 i975 SHEET 1Q llu I Illlllllllllllhw PATENTEI] AUG] 2 1975 SHEET .W\ A, v u M -U K LL: \\\m E PATENTEDAUEIZIQYS 7 3,899,178


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