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Publication numberUS3900638 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 19, 1975
Filing dateMay 31, 1974
Priority dateMay 31, 1974
Publication numberUS 3900638 A, US 3900638A, US-A-3900638, US3900638 A, US3900638A
InventorsDu Bato Salvatore J
Original AssigneeDu Bato Salvatore J
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Inflatable christmas tree ornament
US 3900638 A
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United States Patent Du Bato Aug. 19, 1975 54] INFLATABLE CHRISTMAS TREE 3595,9421 7 1971 Cosani 264/94 3,654,050 4 1972 Fraser... 161/17 ORNAMENT 3,802,946 4 1974 Chase 161/16 [76] Inventor: Salvatore J. Du Bato, 416

Puamamane, Honolulu, Hawaii 96821 [22] Filed: May 31, 1974 [2]] Appl. No.: 474,988

[52] US. Cl. 428/11; 46/11; 264/94;

I 273/58 [51] Int. Cl A47g 33/08 [58] Field of Search 161/16, 17; 46/11; 264/94; 273/58 B, 58 J [56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,461,072 2/1949 Miller 161/16 Primary Examiner-William E. Schulz [57] ABSTRACT A Christmas tree ornament employing a suitably shaped and decorated inflatable hollow body having an orifice with a vertical hollow sleeve secured at one open end to the orifice and extending outward at right angles to an opposite open end. An elongated flexible member is secured at one end to the opposite open end and at the other end is secured to a plug adapted 3 Claims, 4 Drawing Figures INFLATABLE CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENT SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION My invention is directed toward Christmas tree ornaments which are not fragile and brittle and which can be stored easily in very small space without danger of breakage. My ornaments are inexpensive and durable and can be used and resued for many years.

My ornament takes the form of a suitably shaped and decorated inflatable hollow body having an orifice through which air can enter or leave. A vertical hollow sleeve is secured at one end to the orifice and extends outward to an opposite open end. A flexible elongated member is secured at one end to the other end of the sleeve. A plug adapted for removable sealing engagement with the opposite end of the sleeve is secured to the other end of the member.

When the plug is in the sleeve, the member defines a loop. A tree branch engaging hook is secured by suitable means to the loop whereby the ornament can be hung from a branch of a Christmas tree for conventional use. The ornament can be removed and the plug removed from the sleeve to allow the ornament to be deflated and stored for subsequent inflation and use.


FIG. I shows my invention in collapsed position;

FIG. 2 shows my invention in inflated position;

FIG. 3 shows my invention in use; and

FIG. 4 is an enlarged detail view of a portion of the structure of FIG. 3.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS Referring now to FIGS. 1-4, an inflatable plastic or rubber sphere 10, which can but need not be formed into two mating scalable halves, has a suitable outer decorated surface and an orifice 12. An elongated plastic sleeve 14 has a bottom open end with an outer flange 16, the bottom end extending into the orifice with flange l6 engaging the inner surface of the sphere in sealing engagement with circular recess 18 in the flange engaging circular ridge 20 in the sphere.

The opposite open end of the sleeve extends outward from the sphere and is secured to one end of flexible elongated plastic member 22. A plastic plug 24 is secured to the other end of member 22 and extends outward at right angles thereto.

The sphere can be inflated by passing air through the sleeve into the sphere and can be deflated by squeezing the air out. When thhe plug is in the sleeve, the air is sealed in the sphere.

When the plug is in the sleeve, member 22 forms a loop which is engaged by knot 26 at the bottom end of tree branch engaging hook 28. The ornament can then be hung from branch 30 as shown.

While I have described my invention with particular reference to the drawings, such is not to be considered as limiting its actual scope.

Having thus described this invention, what is asserted as new is:

l. A Christmas tree ornament comprising:

a suitably shaped and decorated inflatable hollow body having an orifice;

a vertical hollow sleeve open at both ends, one end of the sleeve being secured to the orifice, the sleeve extending out of the body;

a flexible elongated member secured at one end to the other end of the sleeve; and

a plug adapted for removable sealing engagement with the other end of the sleeve and secured to the other end of the member.

2. The ornament of claim 1 wherein said member defines a loop when the plug is disposed in the sleeve.

3. The ornament of claim 2 further including a tree branch engaging hook and means detachably securing said hook to said loop.

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